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"FinRostBank", reviews in a positive vein about which to find today is problematic in connection with the liquidation of the financial institution, is registered as the national bank of Ukraine on January 29, 1993. Activity of the Institute was conducted on the basis of license number 143 dated November 7, 2011. Prior to the beginning of problems in 2014, the reliability of the institution was provided by its long-term experience in the financial market. The network of branches actively developed, and the enterprise itself was an honorary member of the Fund of Guaranteed Deposits of Individuals, starting from 2005.

Some of the history of the bank

Since its inception, the main focus of the bank's activity was partnership with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Active cooperation with corporate clients was active , currency exchange operations were conducted. Prosperity in the interbank sector. There was attraction of deposits from both legal entities and individuals. Departments and offices worked throughout Ukraine. "FinRostBank" (Donetsk and Lugansk, Kiev and Odessa, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv and Nikolaev, Khmelnitsky and Simferopol, Zaporizhzhya and Kirov) equally qualitatively and professionally served its customers in different parts of Ukraine. The largest shareholder of the financial institution was Alexander Bondarev. He owned about 50% of the shares. By the size of regulatory capital in the best of times the bank belonged to the 4th group.

When did the problems start?

FinRostBank, which is rarely seen on the positive side due to the liquidation of the latter, became the 12th bank in Ukraine, which terminated its full-fledged operations during 2014. According to the decision of the Guaranteed Deposits Fund and the National Bank of Ukraine, a temporary administration was introduced in the financial institute. Initially, the duration of its work should be about 3 months. Her term expired on October 16, 2014. Insolvency of the bank is related to the limited liquidity of the latter. Since the bank belonged to the category of small financial institutions, the assets of the institution in the last stages of the work amounted to less than 2 billion hryvnia, which provided 81st place in the Ukrainian rating of banks, which numbered 181.

More details about the liquidation procedure

FinRustBank, whose testimonies clearly indicate the insolvency of the institution, already on July 16 worked under the leadership of the provisional administration. During the period of the latter's management, attempts were made to attract investors or to realize by means of an auction a loan portfolio and an investment portfolio. The history of Ukraine's financial sector suggests that the provisional administration rarely accompanies the restoration of the working capacity of financial institutions. It is called primarily to begin and implement the liquidation procedure. As a result of the work of FinRustBank, the interim administration issued its verdict, according to which, in October 2014, it was decided to deprive the financial institution of a license. At the head of the provisional government was Alexander Volkov.

What was the prerequisite for the introduction of the provisional administration?

The prerequisite for the introduction of temporary management was a sharp reduction in the assets of the financial institution. If in April 2014, the total assets of the latter corresponded to 1.947 billion hryvnia, then by July the figure was reduced to 1.555 billion hryvnia. On July 21, FGVFL set the amount that the Deposit Insurance Fund can reimburse at UAH 523.5 million. As of January 13, 2015, FinRostBank recorded 76 million UAH of enterprise funds, 821 million UAH, belonging to citizens of the country, of which only 523 million UAH were guaranteed for return. The remaining 298 million hryvnias belonged to the category of non-guaranteed deposits.

The first negative reviews

According to the customers of the bank "FinRostBank", whose problems began in the second quarter of 2014, it is not always qualitatively and professionally served customers. So, in 2013, quite often there were reviews that when you contacted the support service in response to a question you could hear rudeness. With this trend, there were constant customers. Repeatedly received signals of dishonest service directly in offices and offices. Are these complaints a reality, to judge problematically, but the fact of their presence on the Internet in huge numbers makes you think.

What do investors say?

The first signal beacons about failures in the bank began to appear in January 2014. It was then that the reviews fell on "FinRostBank", according to which the institution stopped the payment of deposits for which the term expired. Some clients of the bank indignantly said that the financial institution does not issue deposits even in the hryvnia in small parts, which is practiced by numerous banks in the country, faced with the problem of a shortage of capital. There was information that in some cities the offices of the bank "FinRostBank" (Odessa and Nikolaev) were completely closed without warning. Attempts by citizens to contact the leadership resulted in failure. Public resentment is also due to the fact that the Deposit Insurance Fund is committed to partially liquidate losses only to those persons who have no more than 200 thousand hryvnas on their deposit account .

Official Statement and Rescue of Deposits

According to the official statement of the fund, the payment of funds in accordance with the contracts, was to be carried out during the period of the interim administration, however, no feedback from the bank's customers about the satisfaction of their interests is yet available. To submit specialized applications to the fund in accordance with contracts that have already ended before the introduction of the interim administration and in the process of its administration, there was no need. Payments of this category of depositors were to be carried out according to special lists formed by the authorized person of the fund. Background information on any issues was provided by the hotline of the Deposit Insurance Fund and the contact center of FinRustBank. There was a personal reception of depositors by the head of the provisional administration.

Payment of compensation

According to the official information, compensation payments to the investors of FinRustBank began on August 19. The clients of the financial institution could receive not only the body of the deposit themselves, but also the interest that was placed on it in accordance with the contract until the institute began to withdraw from the market. Compensations were registered through the offices of UkrSibbank and ImexBank. Recent feedback on "FinRostBank", including the payment of compensation, are very rare. This indicates that the procedure for the return of deposits takes place after the fact, and disgruntled depositors become less. Payment of compensation to depositors who, due to certain reasons, did not apply for help to an agent bank of the fund, was carried out after consideration of their individual written appeals to the fund until the time when the financial institution was included in the list of organizations subject to liquidation. Payments are possible only if you have a passport and a taxpayer's card.

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