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Water pipes: varieties and applications

Until recently, the main pipes used in water supply systems were black cast iron materials. Despite its apparent reliability, these products have many disadvantages, the main one of which is rust. Due to corrosion in metal pipes , rust forms and accumulates over time, which settles on the internal walls of the water pipe.

It is almost impossible to eliminate these negative consequences. If the water pipes provide low pressure due to corrosion, they can only be replaced.

However, today the use of such products is a thing of the past. New materials appear on the market, characterized by high reliability and durability.

During installation, several types of water pipes are used. At the device of systems of movement of water the galvanized steel pipes, copper products, металлопластиковые, plastic and pipes from polyethylene (sewed) are applied .

All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Steel water pipes, coated with zinc, have increased resistance to corrosion. However, communications from this type of products are costly, but also the most reliable.

Metal-plastic water pipes have a multilayered construction, consisting of a thin aluminum base, covered on the outside and inside with cross-linked polyethylene. The service life of such materials is half a century. Pipes can be used in conditions where the temperature of the passing liquid varies from minus 40 to plus 90, and the working pressure reaches 10 atmospheres. This fact makes it possible to apply materials when replacing drinking water pipes and heating pipes.

The most qualitative material for creating communications are copper pipes. These products are practically non-corrosive. When connecting pipes with welding, connection leakage is prevented. All these qualities make copper water pipes ideal for water supply systems. However, high cost of products does not allow to do this.

Probably, because of this factor, many plumbers recommend using PVC water pipes when replacing old communications. These products are fully suitable for the creation of hot and cold water supply systems, and from the service life is 50 years. Materials are capable of operating at temperatures from minus 10 to plus 95 degrees. The joining of the products is carried out by means of fittings which are mounted on the adhesive or using diffusion welding. The last version of the connection is more reliable.

Water pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene are an economical modern variant of replacement of old materials. Products have great prospects for use. They are not afraid of kinks, which can not be said about metal plastic, are not subject to corrosion, have a low roughness value, low heat loss, do not conduct electricity. The pipes are used for fifty years.

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