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Infrared heaters for home: reviews and features

With the advent of winter, almost every one of us begins to feel the lack of heat. It would seem that the heating is supplied absolutely to every apartment, however, in the old Soviet paneled apartment buildings it still leaves much to be desired. And in new buildings there are cases when the housing office "cheats" with heat, leaving tenants for the winter with hardly warm batteries. Therefore, in order that winter does not catch you unawares, you should take care of purchasing an additional heater in advance. Of course, you can forget about the installation of independent heating (although in general a good option, but expensive to the horror), but it's worth thinking about buying an IR heater. What is special about infrared heaters for home?

Expert Reviews on Alternative Heating Devices

Recently, more and more Russians prefer IR-heaters. Why? The fact is that simple fan heaters and oil heaters are not effective, and sometimes even safe to use. Take, for example, the first device - a fan heater. It consumes energy by kilowatts, and there is not much use for it. Even to heat one room, you need to lock yourself from all sides and wait an hour and a half, until the room warms up. With oil devices, things are not so bad. By their capacity, they heat the house very well, but experts have repeatedly expressed their discontent about the safety. If you cover such a device with a blanket - there can be a fire, do not follow the regulator and do not turn it off in time - a leakage of liquid is possible. But, as practice shows, even with the correct use of oil heaters serve no more than 2-3 years. Then they just start to burst and crack.

Advantages of the IR heater in front of other devices

And now about why it is reasonable to purchase infrared heaters for the home. The experts' comments first of all mention the method of heating, in which a special lamp emitting infrared rays is used. As a rule, after a few seconds of switching on, such a device begins to heat the room. You can even make a small experiment: in the store when you turn on the IR heater, put your hands at a distance of 40-50 centimeters from the lamp. You will immediately feel how your palms will start to heat up. But this is not all the features that are characteristic of infrared heaters for home. Reviews also note the possibility of penetration of their rays through the air into inanimate objects. Invisible infrared rays do not heat the air itself, but objects that are in the room. For example, it could be a wall, a table, a cup or furniture. Due to this characteristic in the room there will be no feeling of stuffiness, as it would happen with oil heaters or fan heaters.


Finally, we note that the Russian market has infrared heaters for home wall and floor. Both options are very suitable for small apartments. For example, infrared heaters for home flooring can easily be installed in any corner of the room or in the center so that they radiate heat with maximum benefit to you. In any case, the purchase of an IR heater will bring only warmth and coziness to your home.

Infrared heaters for home, reviews of which speak for themselves - an excellent alternative to the heating of the room.

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