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Figured scissors and their application

Each of us has his own hobby. Someone likes fishing, someone else tries to spend an extra minute at the computer, but someone likes to do all kinds of needlework. In any case, such exercises involve the use of any additional tools. This rod for the same fishing, a computer for games, but as for handicrafts, there are many more options. Now we will talk about such an instrument as a figured scissors.

What are they and what were they created for? About everything in order. So, outwardly figured scissors very much look like simple. That is, they have the same structure - these are the same two standard pens, two blades and an unchanged rivet in the middle. But it's worth noting that the scissors have some differences from their simple counterpart. They are included in the blades. The fact of the matter is that they are figurative. It should be noted that there is a great variety of variations of patterns, as they say, for every taste and color.

As a rule, figured scissors are made in such a way that it would be convenient for them to handle both left-handed and right-handed. But this really solves a number of problems, since once the majority of scissors was created just under the right hand, which significantly complicated the work of lefties. Also worth noting that the pen can have a completely different colors, ranging from light colors and ending with gray and dark. In principle, this is perfectly natural. Now touch the blades. They try to make of high-strength stainless steel. This fact can prolong the life of figured scissors at times. This is especially true if we take into account their scope.

What is so dangerous inherent in the scope of this tool? First of all, it should be said that, as a rule, figured scissors for paper are made. However, they cut not only paper. For example, it can be thin plastic, cardboard, thin metal foil and so on. Yes, and the paper itself can be different. After all, in this case there are varieties that have a particularly high density. With all this, it is worth considering that the figured scissors, because of their non-standard form, experience a somewhat greater strain on their blades. Accordingly, the execution of these very blades of high-strength steel is natural.

The main task of using figured scissors is decorating. That is, with their help you can decorate the edges of photo albums or the same postcards. So to speak, simple and tasteful.

Also there are figured scissors, designed specifically for children. In principle, they almost completely repeat the above described option. Only here the scissors themselves are more colorful (not only the pens, but also the tool blades are painted). Also, the pattern may have the name of an animal or an insect. For example, a crocodile, a worm. This means that the pattern created by them when cutting, will be close to the forms of the animal (insect) to which it corresponds. Although, of course, all this is rather arbitrary.

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