How to check the balance on the tablet to Beeline, MTS and Megafon subscribers?

Tablets now occupy a leading position in the market, as many people want to have a fashionable device in their use .

The computer in your pocket

At any time, wherever you are, the mobility and compactness of the tablet allow you to browse sites, edit documents, read presentations, read books, play and even draw. So many functions, such a rich menu! Internet spaces are available, but not everyone knows how to check the balance on the tablet. The article explains what options exist for this function.

How do I check the balance on my tablet?

This question interests every owner of a fashionable device. Well-known providers offer a wide range of options. How to check the balance? On the tablet, which is equipped with a 3G-module (which allows them to use as a phone), it is enough to use the USSD-commands of the company whose services you use. You can call the hotline to the operator, who will give competent answers to all your questions. There is also a somewhat original way - the SIM card of the tablet can be tied to the mobile phone number, and view the balance through it. So do many users.

If the tablet does not have a GSM-module, then using the Internet, you need to go to the provider's website, register and create a "personal cabinet". To do this, you need to remove your SIM card from your device and insert it into your phone to receive a password. Then you need to go to the site, enter the code. You can replace it with another password, which you will be more convenient to remember. At the end of the manipulations, you need to insert the sim card back. On the tablet, you need to add a bookmark to the site was always at hand. For convenience, choose "remember login and password", then they do not need to be entered continuously.

Some devices have a built-in self-detection function. To do this, select "cellular data" - "my balance" or "account management" in the "settings" menu. You can use various kinds of widgets that independently solve the problem of how to check the balance on the tablet. If this option suits you most, you need to select and install one of the offered programs in the "market", which will automatically display the balance of money and the remaining megabytes on the desktop.

What does Beeline provide?

Beeline offers its subscribers to check the balance in several ways. For example, you can get full information about the state of funds by typing the command "* 102 #". Sometimes when you enter this number, the information is received: "The code is invalid". In this case, the other team will help: # 102 #. Another, always available, method is to call a consultant for a toll-free number - 0697, 0611, 0622. The employee will politely and patiently answer all your questions. If the call function is not installed, then you can check the balance on the "Beeline" tablet by using the SIM-menu application or using the service: * 111 #. Information on the state of the account is presented on the first page of the "personal cabinet". Also the provider offers the service "Balance on the screen", which can be obtained by requesting the command: * 110 * 9 #. But not all devices support this format. This check is easy, just type the combination: * 110 * 902 #. If everything is in order, then the code for connecting this function will be sent.

Account status of MTS

MTS offers a service for checking the balance by calling from the tablet to a free single number - 0890 (or 0897, by pressing the extra digit "0"). The Customer Support Center consultant will provide you with all the necessary information. You can also check the balance of funds by typing the combination: * 100 #, then you need to press the "call" button. If it does not work out, you can try calling the second number: * 111 * 217 # and "call". You can also send SMS to the short number 5340. By means of the settings menu you have to choose "SIM-programs", find the command "My balance", then "Main balance". Another convenient way to check the balance of the MTS (on the tablet) is to go to the official website of the operator of the communication with the help of the browser, in the upper right corner enter the login and password of your Personal Cabinet. Here you will find comprehensive information about the current balance of funds, as well as settings for managing your account, favorable rates and services.

Request a balance in Megafon

What does the communication provider offer to its customers? The operator of cellular communication "Megaphone" check the balance on the tablet offers several convenient ways. In order to display the current balance on your device, you need to dial the combination: * 100 # and the call button. After a few seconds, the account information will be displayed on the screen. You can send an SMS with the text about the balance request to the short number 000100. The text can be entered in both Russian and English. Or, you can call the contact center at 0501. For subscribers in roaming: +7 (922) 111-05-01.

The company "Megafon" offers its subscribers to connect the offer "Live Balance". The service is paid, works online, no additional requests are required. After the completion of any action (which provides for costs) from your device, information on the status of the personal account appears on the screen . Check the balance on the tablet without the function of making calls Megafon offers in your account on the official website. The account status information is at the top of the page.

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