Tablet with a navigator: model selection, settings, reviews

Today, thanks to the development of operating systems and navigation technologies that are offered along with them, those faces that were earlier between navigators and tablet computers (or telephones) have been erased. Today, every gadget can be called universal - one that solves several problems at once.

In this article we will talk about how to find and select the correct tablet with the navigator. Also tell you if there are any differences between it and a simple tablet computer, as well as how to find an affordable solution: save money and at the same time have at hand a reliable assistant who can correctly tell the road.

Tablets today

To begin with, what was previously known as a navigator was a separate electronic gadget that was responsible for tracking the location and providing information about a further traffic route. Given such functionality, it is not surprising that navigators are most often used by drivers to know how to shorten the path where traffic jams are now being formed, how to get to the desired destination and so on. Other functions, except those described above, they did not.

Today the situation has changed. Any smartphone or tablet, controlled by the operating system, can perform this task equally effectively. Most importantly, you do not need to search for a tablet with a navigator separately, since any gadget is equipped with the latest one by default. It turns out that you can only find for yourself the optimal (by cost and technical parameters) tablet computer in order to enjoy the delights of navigation without special restrictions. Taking into account the widest range of such devices in stores, it is very easy to do it today.

Navigation Tools

There is a question about how a simple smartphone or tablet can replace a specialized navigator. After all, he does not have any special means for this. We answer: the tablet with the navigator is just a mobile device that is equipped with a GPS-module and software that allows you to "synchronize" the first data with the data of the terrain maps. Thus, on a pre-installed Google Map, the user sees a "point" (himself) in real time. For more accurate reconciliation, you only need to connect a mobile Internet (for this purpose, to work away from civilization, we need a tablet-navigator with a SIM card). And all - you have in your hands a full tool for determining the location and for driving along the route you need.


If you bought a navigator and want to expand its "knowledge base" to be able to navigate the new terrain, you will need to download a package of specialized maps (pre-connecting the device with a PC and downloading them to its memory card). In the event that you have a tablet with a navigator, things are simpler. It's enough to download the application you need (from a directory like Google Play or the AppStore), after which more features will appear on your device: new maps, convenient position tracking tools and more. The list of various software solutions facilitating interaction with the device is quite wide. Their advantage lies in the fact that among them there are a lot of free solutions, unlike maps for navigators.

We find the optimal solution

Since almost all modern tablets have GPS, it is not difficult to find the best option (the best ratio of the cost / quality of this gadget). It's enough just to think about what functions (besides navigation) you need. Or do you want to work with such a computer as a full-fledged mobile device (and you want this electronic assistant to be equipped with a powerful processor, a high-quality camera, a battery with additional capacity, and so on?). Combining all these characteristics, we get a really suitable option.

In this article we will focus on the "minimum". Our tablet should be a navigator on the road and, in addition, it should be a tablet-navigator inexpensive (because why, it is asked, pay more).

Cheap Tablets

Of course, speaking of the available devices, first of all, various Chinese gadgets come to mind. It can be a computer of Haier Hit 3G (with 4 GB of memory, 7-inch display and 2-core processor) worth 3 thousand rubles. By purchasing such a device with the startup package of any of the operators (with the mobile Internet function enabled), you will receive a ready-made navigator.

Another example is the Digma Optima tablet. The screen here has the same dimensions as the model described above, but the cost reaches 4590 rubles at the expense of increased to 8 GB of memory and a quad-core processor. Of course, in practice such a device will work more "smartly" and stably.

If you want anything more functional, we bring to your attention the Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20. This device will cost 7500 rubles, but bundled with it, in addition to navigational capabilities, will provide a better screen and superior in performance level processor.

For those who would like to see the traffic route more accurately, there is an option to order the same at a cost, but a somewhat worse performance computer Digma Plane 10.7. It can also become a full-fledged assistant on the road, but with a 10.1-inch screen, it will be even more convenient in daily work. Remember that this is just another tablet with GPS.

"Specialized" devices

However, there are gadgets on the market that are positioned as computers for navigation. Thus, if you search purposefully the tablet with the navigator for the car, very quickly you will find products of company Explay. These are inexpensive devices that are simply equipped with a software package for orientation and routeing. In particular, we are talking about a special application of Navitel Navigator. It is designed specifically for motorists, since it takes into account such details as road junctions, information about certain features of the route. This means that working with them is not less convenient than with Google Maps or Yandex.Maps. But in the case of the latter you can also get up-to-date information about traffic jams. On the other hand, what prevents you from installing the Navitel package on a simple tablet by purchasing this application on Google Play?


Tips for motorists who are discussing what to buy a tablet with a navigator (the price, however, in such forums is not always relevant, so we will not mention it), note that it is best to have a separate gadget that is constantly present in your car. If you want to "share" your smartphone, you will have to constantly open the cards after you start the traffic, and if there is a second device, everything will be configured "by default". However, there is another nuance.

Many write that one tablet-navigator with a SIM card can serve you as a personal assistant not only in cars, but also in everyday life. And why buy a bunch of equipment, which then only takes place? From the standpoint of this position, of course, it is best to have one device that is universal for all tasks.

Therefore, perhaps, it is impossible to state unambiguously how to act in this situation. In some cases, a tablet with a navigator, the price of which is minimal, will be more convenient than your smartphone, which will need to be constantly configured, and in some, on the contrary. Therefore, you yourself must make a decision, as it will be most convenient for you.


A tablet with a navigator for a car you can buy any, since their absolute majority is equipped with special GPS-modules. Therefore, the need for a separate navigator disappears.

Separately, after purchasing such a device, we recommend viewing apps from Google Play. They have different interfaces, features and functions, so you will need to figure out how to use the tablet as a navigator. Believe me, there is nothing complicated in this, especially if you already use an Android-based device.

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