The program iTunes. Upgrade to the latest version easily!

The fact that without a special program to transfer files from the iPad and iPhone to the computer and from the computer can not be known to every user of these gadgets. But not everyone knows how to update this iTunes. And there is nothing complicated about this, by the way.


Unfortunately, this much needed program takes up a lot of space on the hard drive of a personal computer, and even spends a lot of RAM at work. That's why many users and are thinking about why you need to update iTunes to the latest version. First, the updated interface is usually much simpler than in the older versions. Secondly, to use the program usually becomes more convenient, and the functionality is expanded. In addition, at some point the old version simply stops recognizing the connected gadget. Therefore, you need to update iTunes in a timely manner so that at any time it is ready to work.

Mac and updates

First you need to run the program. In the Mac system, it is usually located in the working area at the bottom or side of the screen. The icon is similar to a note. Depending on the version, this is either a red, or a blue, or a multicolor icon. Usually, after launching, a prompt appears for installing the new version of the program. It's enough just to agree that iTunes should be updated in a matter of seconds. The Mac system is noteworthy in that it does not usually ask the user's opinion at all, promptly and independently installing new versions of Apple's programs. Provided that the owner of the personal computer has not disabled this useful option.

Windows and Apple software

Here too, there are no special difficulties. You must enable the program on your computer. If it is not fixed in the taskbar and there is no icon on the desktop, you need to go to "Start", "Programs", "All Programs". From the list, select iTunes. Update it is not difficult. If the "Apple Software Update" window does not appear right away, you need to go to the "Help" section in the upper left corner of the working panel. This concerns version, which is already quite outdated. In the section you need to find the "Update" button. The program will automatically start searching for available new versions. If they are available, the user will be prompted to install them. Of course, the person himself has the right to decide whether he needs it or not. However, it is worth remembering that a timely update allows the program to work without interruptions. But ignoring these simple rules can lead to the problems described above.

Gadgets and Updates

To update iTunes to the latest version on the mobile device of the "apple" company, not much manipulation is required. Although there are a number of features. First, the application is not quite normal. It works smoothly, clearly and without failures. Because it is controlled by the company, not by the user. Delete, move, change, update it yourself can not. Secondly, it is the company who decides when the application needs to be updated. And a new product is released, usually simultaneously with the release of a new version of the operating system - iOs. Therefore, the installation is inextricably linked with it.

To update the system and the "tuna" at the same time, you need to go into the settings of the "apple" gadget. In the "Basic" section there is a sub-item "Software Update". It is necessary to check for new versions, read the terms of the agreement and agree with them if an update is available. After the device boots up, the device automatically restarts, the new one takes effect. Most often in the mobile version of iTunes the functional and some elements of the interface are updated. At the same time, everything remains the same workable, stable and convenient. The main updates are not visible to the user (this is the compatibility of the program with the new version of the operating system). Therefore, gadgets must also be updated in a timely manner.

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