Such a different kiss. Kinds of kisses

A kiss, as a rule, is a harbinger of sexual intimacy. There are so many kinds of kisses that you probably did not even hear about some of them. Many, unfortunately, do not pay enough attention to such a pleasant lesson as a kiss. Kinds of kisses are so diverse that everyone can choose the way that he likes. The main thing to remember is that kisses, like sex, should be such that the spirit captures.

Types of kisses and their description

The purpose of touching the lips of another person may be different. It can be a friendly kiss, a passionate or just a gentle touch.

French Kiss. This species is considered the most popular. Contact with tongues gives lovers a special feeling of intimacy. Lips merge, your tongues meet, and you get an erotic kiss. Its duration, depth and nature of movements - everything will depend only on you. "French Kiss" is often a prelude to intimacy. So people kiss, between which rage passion and erotic feelings.

A biting kiss. It is usually used in sexual games. This method assumes an easy biting of the tip of the partner's ear.

The ice. If Want you want to experiment a little, take a piece of ice in your mouth and kiss your partner, smoothly pushing the ice into the partner's mouth. Agree - this is a very exciting kiss. Kinds of kisses do not end there .

Hot Kiss. Do you want something special? You can try to swallow some hot drink, hold it in your mouth, and then transfer it to your partner during the kiss.

Kiss the feet. This method is considered very intimate and it is practiced only by very close partners. This is very similar to the massage of the feet, but the sensations are not forgotten. Begin this sacred action from the thumb and smoothly pass to all the rest.

Vacuum kiss. Kinds of kisses Between a man and a woman are so diverse that you can experiment every day. Such an unusual method implies that the partners are kissing with open mouths with a suck.

Licking. Lovers should tongue feel each other's lips.

Kiss the forehead. Such a method is very Simple and at the same time very pleasant. Thus, a person expresses tenderness and concern for his "half".

Kiss on my cheek. Touching the lips to the cheek is most often used by close friends at a meeting.

Kiss your hand. In our time, this gesture has practically lost its relevance. If you want to seem a very gallant gentleman, raise the woman's hand and gently touch her lips.

Wavy. The name itself Says that the movements of languages must be wavy.

To tell the truth, how many types of kisses exist, it is quite difficult. Touching lips expresses a huge palette of emotions and feelings of a person. Whichever way you choose, one thing will be clear: between a man and a woman there is romance, love and passion. Do not forget to give your loved one a kiss as often as possible. Kinds of kisses exist so that you can best express your love.

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