What kindness caresses a man: description, recommendations and reviews

Every first popular sexologist wrote an article or published a book on "How to please a woman and get her to run after you with a mattress?" Men, unfortunately, rarely become the central figures of such essays, and the study of their psychological and sexual preferences ends with a list of recommended Gifts for February 23. And in vain ...

The woman is the keeper of the home - this is an axiom. But few people think that fire of passions must be maintained in a man. Your director, teacher, salesman, security guard - yes, whoever he is! - your man always remains a little boy who very much needs women's caresses and love.

Before it is popular to make out what kind of caress the man loves, let's talk a little about male and female psychology.

A gentle woman is a happy man.

Harmony in the house is a clear sign of happiness. Only happy people are able to experience love, and only they can give it. Women's caresses are for men a clear sign that the lady is happy, which means that he is a fine fellow and does everything right! Drawing an analogy, we can say that caresses - this is the encouragement of the male for peace and pleasure. Every woman is important to know what kindness caresses a man to let his partner know: you're the best!

When talking about them, many people in the head pop up lustful pictures of German shorts. However, for a man, unlike women, non-verbal physical contact: embraces, kissing, stroking the wrist, etc. - is already caress.

In this regard, it is quite logical to divide them into "daily", which is appropriate to give a partner in ordinary life, and "intimate", stimulating a man to passionate sex.

What kind of caress does a man like in ordinary life?

A study conducted by the publication of Psychological Science showed that a man willingly exhibits competitive qualities if his partner is present at the games. Emboldened by the women, they show outstanding results, which could not be achieved earlier.

This fact clearly demonstrates: tactile contacts (hugs, kisses), as well as gentle words of support are extremely important for men in everyday life. Do not belittle the value of such simple caresses as:

  • Tying a tie (care plus tactile contact);
  • Farewell embraces and kisses (tactile contact and competitive fuse for the whole working day);
  • Encouraging words that your man is the best, etc.

In order for the blood to flow to the head and he could responsibly approach work, these caresses are enough. Leave the most "yummy" for the evening, namely - coveted intimate caresses.

What kind of caresses do men like in bed?

As John Gray describes in his book "A Man from Mars, a Woman from Venus", sometimes a man and a woman do not understand each other at all, as if they live on different planets. But, despite this, intimate caresses all like the same. Trying to make a man nice in bed, think about what you like.

Men's erogenous zones are found throughout the body:

  • Face.
  • Head.
  • Neck.
  • Chest.
  • Hips.
  • Legs.
  • Arms.
  • Fingers, etc.

This list can be continued indefinitely ... However, in order not to rack your brains, where is your "responsive" erogenous zone, please your partner in accordance with the "recommendations" to his zodiac sign.

Sexy petting on the sign of the zodiac

If you know your partner is not good enough, you can find out what kind of caresses men love in sex, referring to the sign of his zodiac. It's not a secret for anyone that the temperament a person receives from birth, and it directly depends on your lucky star. There is an opinion that the sensitivity of the erogenous zones of the partner also depends on the sign of the zodiac. Is it really? We suggest checking it out.

The passionate men of the elements Fire

Aries prefers to be in bed attacking ... A light scandal, provoking the heat of passion, will be an excellent prelude for passionate love. He always goes "ramming", so caress him with gentle strokes of the head and neck, passionate kisses of the face.

In bed, the king of beasts becomes a mewing kitten. And like any member of the cat family, he adores stroking the back and neck. Suggest a lion to take a bath and make him a gentle massage - your cat will be overjoyed. Gently kiss the back, slightly touch the buttocks - it will be ready for anything for you.

Practical Sagittarius, distinguished by punctuality, do not lose time in vain and like to start caressing from the main thing - the crotch and inner wall of the thigh. Kissing, stroking, biting - it does not matter. When it comes to the area between the scrotum and anus - all means are good. However, do not go "too deep" - a conservative Sagittarius may not understand you.

Temperamental men of the Earth elements

Capricorn in love is a connoisseur, in sex - too. The partner will have more than one meeting to prove that it is she who is the "priestess of love". However, the difficulties will not end there. Capricorn loves gentle touches throughout the body, so the partner will need to try, if she wants to please him. Kisses of the face, chest, abdomen, neck, back - Capricorn loves when no part of his body is left unattended. A grateful man will not remain in debt and will reward the partner with passionate sex.

Practical Taurus do not like impromptu, they prefer to adhere to a strictly defined scenario. Lovers of experiments need to turn to Gemini, and the powerlifting Taurus can please you with tenderness and considerable diligence in bed. What kind of affection does the Taurus male love? You can easily answer this question yourself. Remember the calf and the way he loves stroking your neck. Soft and gentle caresses of the neck and chest - that's what caresses like men-Taurus most.

Fixated on the purity of the Virgin to enjoy pleasure, too, in a sterile environment. The ideal place for caresses will be the bathroom. Unlike other representatives of the horoscope, the erogenous zones of men born under the sign of the Virgin are located on the face and on the stomach. Therefore, start with light kisses on the cheek and finish with strokes of the abdomen. Stimulation with the help of the shower can add to the prelude of contrasting sensations.

The inquisitive men of the elements Air

Creative Libra love art. Even in bed, they do not change their preferences. A passionate prelude will be for Libra an erotic dance performed by you. The second weakness is the buttocks. They will be equally excited if you show them your charms in the dance, and also, if you go on the offensive, start stroking and nibbling the buttocks of Libra yourself.

The weakness of Aquarius is water. They like to lie in the bathroom for hours. Add passionate feelings - dilute his dull pastime during water procedures. Men-Aquarians love foot and ankle massage. However, do not forget about the inner surface of the thigh - first make a gentle massage, and after water procedures excite him with kisses of the hips and buttocks.

To the question: "What kindness caresses a man-Gemini?" - You can answer: "Everything!" Twins are very eccentric natures, they are ready to realize even the most sophisticated fantasy. For them, a new sensation is a fresh sip of water in a stuffy desert. Most of all, Gemini is susceptible to caresses of the hands. Kiss his wrist, lick the palm, suck a finger - excitement will come to the partner from the first touch.

Affectionate men of the elements Water

Delicate and vulnerable Cancers love soft touches. Stroke Cancer in the solar plexus area - the exciting energy will cover it. Kiss the nipples - the partner will immediately start. That's what caresses the man-Cancer - a little strange, but extremely exciting.

Scorpions are the most impatient. Their favorite caresses are the stimulation of the sex organs. If your man is born under the sign of Scorpio, then, without hesitation, go to dessert, namely - start oral caresses. The area of the perineum, anus and penis - pay attention to each of its organs.

Pisces, surprisingly, is the most sensitive organ - the legs. Cold and slippery Fishes will fulfill your every desire, including the most secret fantasy, if you make them a foot massage. Your Fish will turn into gold if you add to the massage the weasels of the back and waist.

The most loved caresses for men: the opinions of partners

But it's not a secret for anyone, what kind of affection is more loved by men. Whether your partner is a tender Cancer, a pedantic Taurus or an eccentric Gemini, the caresses of intimate organs will become the most desired of all! Reviews of girls and men confirm this truth.

As practice shows, not one male refuses soft strokes of the penis, gentle touches to it with hands or mouth. As for the "technique of holding" caresses, opinions differ here - many like quick movements, and someone likes to savor under slow and languorous touches. The main thing is that they are gentle, there are no jerks and rough movements.

Extremely useful for male health is the caress of the "G" point, which is 5 cm from the sphincter. If the partner is relaxed and your relationship is up to standard, massage his prostate and point "G" with his finger, penetrating into the anus. For shy young people, stimulation of "G" from the outside is suitable - massage, gently pressing with your finger, the perineum between the scrotum and anus. As practice shows, the second way is more acceptable for the stronger sex.

But do not get hung up on other people's opinions and recommendations. Talk with a partner, be interested in his desires, try different caresses. And be sure - for an attentive and affectionate woman a man is ready for much, even for a new mink coat in the hot summer!

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