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Energy-saving mosquito nets: reviews

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes are very annoying to a person, especially in a damp area. Their bites are not only painful, they can also be dangerous. And today, many means of fighting biting insects are known. But not all of them are harmless for people. Therefore, mosquito lanterns and are popular primarily because of the lack of danger for young children and pregnant women.

Classification of mosquito nets

Mosquito energy-saving lamps on the effect on insects can be divided into two groups.

Intoxicidal lamps belong to the first. The principle of operation of such an electric mosquito lamp is based on the use of long ultraviolet waves that attract insects. The ultraviolet lamp is surrounded by a live contact network , and insects that come in contact with it from an electrical discharge are killed. The action of such devices is directed not only at mosquitoes, but also on flies, wasps and other smaller gnats.

The second group includes quite new energy-saving mosquito nets, which are designed to repel insects through a special color coating.

A common advantage for both groups is safety for humans and animals, so manufacturers recommend using them in places that are associated with food.

Electric mosquito nets

In electric energy-saving lamps, a spectrum of light is specially selected, which should entice insects from a fairly large area. Moss, mosquitoes and flies close the bars of the grate under high tension, die and fall into the tray, which must be shaken out from time to time. However, the pallet can not be installed.

The power of such a lamp is not more than two to four watts, and it can work round the clock.

The metal grid is under voltage up to 800V DC, as, for example, in the Irit IR-800 lamp. True, the manufacturers stipulate that the device needs to be selected depending on the area of the room, and the larger the room, the larger and more powerful the lamp should be in the device.

And it is also important to observe precautionary measures - this is a feature that distinguishes such an mosquito lamp. Reviews note that children and flammable items working device must be removed. Perhaps, from here and follows the recommendation that the lamp is better to hang at an altitude of about two meters.

Customer Reviews of Electric Mosquito Lamps

If we do not talk about the negative influence of ultraviolet radiation on the retina of the eye, a serious shortcoming, which differs any lamp mosquito electric, reviews about this kind of devices are more optimistic. Moshkara is dying, as promised by manufacturers, but not all, cunning domestic mosquitoes it successfully fly. And those that still get on the grid, burn with a bang, which draws the attention of many users. There were even people who hung such a device without a pallet on the tree, under which they drank tea at the dacha, and complained that the remains of midges were showered with plates and cups.

However, this reaction can be considered positive, because even it was not awarded with an IR 800 mosquito lamp. Reviews about it are often negative and mostly sarcastic.

Recommendations of manufacturers

With the similarity of the principle of operation, the materials used and even the design of mosquito luminaires, the recommendations of the manufacturers on their use differ sharply at some points, and sometimes do not make sense.

For example, for the effectiveness of the device it must be installed in the farthest and darkest corner of the room, close the windows and doors tightly. It is not difficult to imagine how and where such an mosquito lamp works in the summer. The responses to it can be very "poetic", and indeed it serves. But claims can not be presented. Once you could not sleep in a stuffy tightly sealed room, the operating conditions were not respected, so the manufacturer is not to blame.

All manufacturers are unanimous in that there should not be other light sources, including daylight sources. But because of the ghostly blue glow, such a lamp as a lamp or chandelier can not be used. Although here all users show loyalty and believe that an electric mosquito lamp is a wonderful night light.

Positive feedback on energy-saving mosquito nets

More or less satisfactory was estimated by users of the lamp mosquito Oxion. Reviews note that mosquitoes do not fly to its light, but at least the majority.

At the same time, it is necessary to locate the device correctly between the places of mosquito congestion and the room that is supposed to be protected, for example, on the windowsill, and not in the far dark corner.

Not that security measures are negatively assessed, but users note that we have to ensure that the lamp does not get caught in the open window and that the curious kids do not stick the pens to the blue light, and even after some time after the shutdown. Buyers checked the electrical discharge. Naturally, when and who trusted the manufacturer - it is not enough that there is written on the packaging!

Mosquito nets ASV

Reviews and evaluations of manufacturers of energy-saving lamps ASV are somewhat enthusiastic. "For the first time in the world", "revolution in the field of protection", "the latest scientific and technological achievements" and other epithets praise the new tool with a tremendous effect of action.

The principle of the ASB lamp is based on the use of a multicomponent fluorescent coating protected by an exclusive international patent, because of which the spectrum of glow causes a feeling of danger in mosquitoes and midges and, probably, the desire to be from its source as far as possible.

Also, to the advantages of manufacturers include economy (power consumption is five times less than that of a conventional light bulb), cozy and soft lighting. That is, it is assumed that the lamp simultaneously performs two functions: illuminates the room and drives away the pesky midges.

Test results

Since 2010, mosquito energy-saving lamps have been produced by ASV. The company's website has links to research by specialists from the Shanghai Academy of Disease Prevention (China) and the Faculty of Biological Sciences of Universiti Sains (Malaysia) and presents test results for energy-saving lamps coated with a special wavelength that repels insects.

The manufacturer claims that it has been tested by life on the Volga, Akhtuba, in the forest near Moscow its mosquito lamp, the reviews are the most optimistic.

But, perhaps, in this barrel of tar, not one spoon ...

The reaction of buyers to the mosquito nets lamp ASV

The only advantage of the energy-saving mosquito-lamp ASV, the reviews unanimously call it cost-effective, if you divide its cost by the declared service life and compare it with the costs for the number of anti-mosquito plates and other repellents during the same time. More positive moments are not. Even the high price of reasoning is not. It's just that we are disappointed by the hopes that were deceived.

Actually, there are few negative reactions, more precisely, they do not differ in variety. The lamp does not work as an anti-mosquito, firstly, and secondly, for lighting it is questionable, because it gives light yellow-green. And what do I do at night? Do not leave the same light turned on until the morning, to scare off mosquitoes, which before dawn are especially intrusive.

Most reviews end up with the fact that a good old vacuum cleaner is still better.

It is unclear why such an unambiguous reaction is caused by an energy-saving mosquito lamp. Reviews, as a rule, do not describe exactly how it was applied. After all, manufacturers specify both the area and the distance on which the lamp should be located, and the absence of other lighting devices. But the fact remains - the efficiency of these devices is extremely low. Maybe it's the fault of the notorious Chinese quality, because most of the devices come from the Middle Kingdom, or maybe the problem is not fully understood.

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