"Azov" - a boarding house on the Azov Sea. Location, description

The Sea of Azov is the warmest and shallowest in the entire globe. Rest on Azov is perfect for a family holiday. Gentle beaches, soft sand, wide beaches, lack of stones, very warm water in summer - all these attract a huge number of tourists on the coast of the Azov Sea both from Ukraine and from Russia. The air here is very useful for the human body, as it is rich in iodine, bromine and calcium.

Pensions of the Sea of Azov

Since the Soviet times, the Azov Sea resorts have been actively developing. A huge number of boarding houses, recreation centers and children's camps were built, which still operate today. All resort complexes were given their own names, but very often the same name of the boarding house was found in different parts of the coast. One of the most common names is "Azov". A boarding house with this name can be found very often.

Pension "Azov", Urzuf, Ukraine

In the Donetsk region in Ukraine there is a resort village Urzuf. This small quiet resort village was founded more than two hundred years ago by the Greek-settlers. In winter the village is very quiet and empty, and in the summer Urzuf comes to life. Numerous recreation centers, boarding houses, guest houses and children's camps are filled with holidaymakers, many cafes and restaurants, an amusement park, beach activities start working.

In the center of the village, at the very shore of the sea, in a minute walk from the beach is located "Azov" - a boarding house with developed infrastructure, occupying a large territory.
The total area is about 4 hectares. The resort complex includes two three-story residential buildings, a two-storey cottage, an administrative and medical building, a dining room, a cinema, a beauty salon, several cafes, playgrounds and a huge park area with avenues, flower beds, benches and gazebos. The territory of the boarding house is very green, residential buildings are in the shade of large trees in a cozy coolness.

"Azov" - a boarding house with three meals a day, which is carried out in a cozy spacious dining room. On the territory of the complex there is a cafe "Italian courtyard" and a pizzeria where you can have a good time.

To get to the boarding house is very simple, as it is located directly at the bus station of the village. In Urzuf, fixed-route taxis run from many cities of Ukraine. Also it is possible to arrive by train to Mariupol, and from there already by bus to the village. The journey takes about an hour. The distance is about fifty kilometers.

Accommodation of holidaymakers

Pension "Azov" (Urzuf) offers double, triple and quadruple rooms, which are located in three-story buildings and in a two-story cottage. At the same time, "Azov" can accommodate three hundred people having a rest.

Standard rooms are all single rooms. Room facilities. Each room has a balcony with sea views, a refrigerator and necessary furniture. There is no air conditioning in these rooms, a fan and TV can be rented. Also there are rooms of increased comfort and deluxe rooms.

Pension "Azov", Schastlivtsevo

In the Genichesky district of the Kherson region on the spit Arabatskaya arrow there is the quietest resort village with the positive name Schastlivtsevo.

You can get here from Genichesk by bus or taxi. The distance from the city to the village is about twenty kilometers.

At the entrance to the village there is the namesake of the Urzufsky resort complex - Azov (boarding house, Schastlivtsevo).

The Arabat arrow is distinguished by the crystal clearness of the sea water. The sea in this place is very different from the Azov coast of the Donetsk region in that it is cleaner and more transparent.

The village is very calm and quiet, it comes to life in summer and is filled with vacationers.

"Azov" is a boarding house in Schastlivtsevo, which was built in Soviet times and to this day has not undergone a global restoration, so its condition is somewhat neglected. Sovedepovskiy service in combination with economy-numbers - it's like traveling with the help of a "time machine" that takes vacationers in the days of our parents. The only plus of rest in the boarding house is a low price. And, of course, the sea and the beach.

"Azov", Peresyp (Russia)

Pension "Azov" is also on the Russian coast of the Azov Sea. Namely in the village of Peresyp, which is located twenty kilometers from Temryuk in the Krasnodar Territory on the Taman Peninsula. The nearest railway station is at a distance of about fifty kilometers from the village in Taman. From the airport in Anapa - about seventy kilometers. Between these points in the summer there is a bus service.

Pension «Azov» (Peresyp) - has a large well-groomed territory and developed infrastructure, modern equipped with all necessary facilities, a swimming pool and a private beach.

The resort complex is quite new and refined. It differs from others in that it is located on a hill. In order to descend to the sea, you need to overcome many steps.

"Azov" is a boarding house in Peresyp, which looks like a small town, with everything necessary for a proper rest.

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