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How to stop a hiccup, without tormenting Fedot?

"Well, who remembers me there again?" - we grumble, after being attacked by hiccups. Sensation is not pleasant, probably, that's why we suspect the cause of hiccups in the intrigues of ill-wishers or perceive it as "a greeting from my mother-in-law". In fact, the usual cause of hiccups lies in the irritation of the nerve endings located in the diaphragm - the muscle located between the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The answer to irritation is a spasmodic contraction of the muscle, in which air is quickly absorbed into the lungs, releasing the very sound of ik in the vocal cracks.

As a rule, irritation of the diaphragmatic nerve occurs due to ingestion of air in excessively hasty absorption of liquid or food, although the cause may be a hypothermia, and alcohol abuse, and fright. In general, the reasons for irritation diaphragm finds it easy, but it calms down with difficulty. Hiccups can last for hours and even days, gradually turning life into a nightmare. It is not difficult to imagine, after all, in a few minutes after this attack is attached to us, we are already obsessed with the idea: how to stop the hiccup?

Fortunately, in most cases this phenomenon is quite harmless and easily passes by itself. And still, I always want to get rid of an unpleasant sensation as soon as possible. People have always thought about how to stop hiccoughs. Since that time, we have heard the well-known spell "Hiccups-hiccups, go to Fedot ...". The method is not the most effective, but sometimes, oddly enough, it works. Perhaps, this method is from a series of psychological devices based on the power of persuasion. In a similar way, you can stop a person's hiccough, arguing with him for a large amount that he immediately stops hiccupping. If you do not mind the money, try it - it stops! It seems that his body simply switches to another stressful stimulus and "forgets" about the hiccup. This same motif is also used in the method of sudden fright, but here there is a risk that the hiccups will only increase, because in itself it can be a reaction to fright.

There are many tips on how to stop hiccoughs in less radical ways. Sometimes it is enough just to drink water, preferably - cold or sweetened. You can eat a spoonful of sugar, or slowly chew on a piece of stale bread, or suck a slice of lemon, or swallow a bit of crushed ice. Holding the breath after a deep breath is also an effective method. Some people are helped by caulking with the forefingers of the ears, and by the little fingers - by the nose. There are generally difficult methods to explain. For example, mixing the tips of the thumb and the little finger of the left hand, or bending the ring fingers to the middle fingers on both hands. In general, many people have their own recipes, how to stop hiccups.

Effective, although not entirely pleasant and certainly not at all aesthetic, is the way in which a teaspoon, or even a clean finger, is stimulated by the larynx of the larynx, as they do, trying to induce vomiting. Just the urge to vomit and exit with it "excess" air perfectly stops the hiccup. Of the manipulations performed on themselves, massage with the thumb of the arm of the hard palate is also advised, pressing on the pit at the bottom of the neck, grasping with the thumb and forefinger of the tongue and sipping it forward. In general, all these methods are from the same series.

But how to stop a child's hiccough? You will not expose your child to such cruel ordeals! But babies often hiccup. As a rule, hiccups overwhelm them after feeding, when, uncomfortably grabbing the nipple of the breast or due to too large a hole in the nipple, the baby swallows the air. Help in this case can literally two sips of water or a couple drops of lemon juice under the tongue. Hiccups can also indicate that the baby is frozen. Well, here the recommendation is obvious - the baby needs to be warmed.

In short, there are many ways to stop hiccups, and do not necessarily redirect it to anyone. And then, after all, parents stopped calling their children Fedotami, in order to save them from the unenviable fate.

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