Do you prefer minimalism in everything? Then these 8 nail design ideas for you

Do you belong to the type of girls who prefer beige (sometimes red) nail polish? However, you undoubtedly pay attention to the design of your colleagues' nails, which sometimes represents a real work of art. This makes you think about why not make your nails a bit more original.


Below are the excellent options that will diversify the design of your nails, but will allow you to maintain your style. Especially since this year's minimalism is in fashion.

Do you like French manicure? Then try to play with flowers. It looks both original and classically.

Why not try to separate the strip of your French manicure?

If you are brave enough, try this option.

If you have short nails, then you will ideally use a design with the use of vertical bands, which visually lengthen the nail plate.

Also try to frame your nail with a border, using two contrasting colors.

For a special case, try this method. If your nail art skills are not very good, contact a professional.

For a party, you can try something more abstract.

Excellent also look and horizontal stripes. They can be of very different colors.

These simple ideas will help you make the nail design more diverse.

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