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Have you ever seen these rare exotic fruits?

Bananas, oranges and kiwi often fall on our dining table. But in the world there are fruits, about the existence of which many people do not even suspect.


The flesh of this fruit to taste and consistency strongly resembles ice cream. Eat it with a spoon, enjoying a delicate sweetness, also add to fruit salads, desserts and soft drinks. The only drawback of the fruit is that its seeds are poisonous.


The biggest feature of durian is its terrible smell combined with its delicious taste. Exotic fruits contain organic sulfur, which explains the unpleasant odor, but the taste of the pulp resembles a combination of nuts, cheese and various fruits. Durian can not be eaten by those who suffer from hypertension, as it causes a sharp increase in blood pressure.


These amazing fruits, weight of which reaches 30-32 kg, are removed from Indian breadfruit. Their yellow flesh is very juicy and sweet, and the fragrance is a mixture of bananas, pineapples and mangoes. Fried jackfruit seeds resemble chocolate.


Such an icky name has the rare fruits of a Brazilian grape tree. And large "grapes" grow right on the trunk and main branches. Jabotikaba is used for the production of jelly, wine and liqueurs. The dried skin of fruits is an effective remedy for asthma and diarrhea.

Miracle berry

This amazing African fruit has a magical property: after its use for an hour, all acidic foods will seem sweeter than honey.

Red bananas

These sweet fruits have the taste of raspberries or mangoes and contain much more potassium, beta-carotene and vitamin C than conventional bananas.

Kivano (main photo)

It is also known as horned melon and African horned cucumber. Ripe fruit tastes like a mixture of cucumber, kiwi and bananas.


Tamarillo is a relative of a tomato, aubergine and chili peppers. Has a sweet and sour taste. It is suitable for both dessert and garnish.

Hand of Buddha

This fruit is valued for its fragrant peel, which smells of violets and a little lemon. Flesh contains very few fruits, it has a specific sweet-bittersweet taste. In the food is mainly used zest.


Pear-shaped fruits because of the tawny scaly skin are sometimes called snake fruits. The herring is fragrant, but unusual to taste: it resembles a mix of pineapples, bananas and nuts.

Black Sapot

Other names are a black apple or a chocolate persimmon. The black color of the fruit indicates their maturity, to taste they are no different from chocolate pudding, but much more useful.

Melotry rough

The fruit looks like a tiny watermelon, but it tastes like a cucumber with a lemon note.


This fruit with a juicy transparent or white mucous pulp. To taste like a lemon-apple pie.


The taste of ripe fruits resemble figs and dates. Exotic sapodillas have a rich sweet taste and a delicate aroma.


The plant fructifies almost all year round, bringing a large number of large fruits. Green fruit to taste like a loaf, as they mature, they become sweeter.

Australian finger lime

More exotic fruits are difficult to find. Their flesh is similar to fish eggs, has a characteristic sourish taste. Finger lime is very rich in vitamin C.


A close relative of cocoa. An interesting alternative to chocolate with a more complex taste.


A very tasty fruit that is fresh. Also from it prepare various desserts. This fruit contains a lot of sugar, vitamin C, calcium, iron and phosphorus.


It is a fragrant and sweet fruit with a fleshy pulp, the taste of which is similar to raspberry. Their peel is used as a vegetable.


The fruit has a sweet tart taste. Widely used in cooking. The most popular dish from the chal - custard.

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