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Honey souffle Peroni Honey: reviews. Where is Peroni Honey made?

On the shelves of domestic stores not so many products that can boast an ideal, absolutely natural composition. Preservatives, stabilizers, flavor enhancers have become an indispensable component of most of them, especially confectionery products and sweet desserts. Favorably different from them is a relatively new product for the Russian market - honey souffle Peroni Honey. What is this dessert, where is it produced and what are its main advantages?

Peroni Honey: where is the production? Product Description

Products of the Peroni Honey trademark are produced in the Voronezh region of the Russian Federation. This is a small private family company that produces and sells delicious and healthy honey desserts.

Each jar of delicacies from Peroni Honey is filled with a delicate air souffle. Do it with a special technology of natural honey with the addition of berries, nuts, fruits and other natural ingredients. The result is not only a delicious, but also a useful dessert that does not leave anyone indifferent, especially sweeties.

Peroni Honey souffle honey is a perfect variant of a unique gift for close people, a good alternative to a traditional bottle of wine or cognac. Each jar has an interesting design that distinguishes brand products from other brands.

Technology of preparation

The success of Peroni Honey was largely ensured by the quality of the products. In the premises where the souffle is beaten and packed, ideal conditions for the embodiment of the most daring culinary ideas. Modern equipment is installed here, certified specialists work, and the products are constantly checked for compliance with the declared quality.

The technology of dessert was borrowed from European producers. Their customers have long appreciated the tender taste, which has an air cream-honey. Unusual mousse structure of dessert is obtained as a result of long beating of flower honey. The product is then cooled slowly to fix the resulting consistency. An important condition for whipping is low temperature. This is the only way to preserve the beneficial properties of honey, and fruits, berries and nuts, which are added to the dessert, make it taste more rich.

Thanks to the special technology of preparation of honey-soufflé, Peroni Honey is never sugared. A special jar of 250 ml has a special lid that protects the dessert from accessing oxygen. It can be stored in the refrigerator for about a year.

Product range

Each Peroni Honey dessert, thanks to the addition of new ingredients in the composition, is a unique delicacy. Many components are medicines of traditional medicine. Thanks to them honey-souffle is enriched with useful vitamins, exerts on the body anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating action. Such desserts include:

  • "Lipa Amurskaya" - as part of the product, medicinal Far Eastern honey, which is effective in treating colds.
  • "White cotton" - this honey comes from Kazakhstan. It is distinguished by a special vitamin composition, promotes rapid recovery in respiratory diseases in children and adults.
  • "With pine nuts" - is in great demand among vegetarians and athletes due to the large content of proteins in the composition.
  • "Cosmopolitan with cranberries" - rich in vitamins, helps to increase immunity in the period of increasing number of colds.
  • "Buckwheat honey" is a useful buckwheat honey, whipped to a creamy state, combined with a real walnut.

Delicate honey-souffle Peroni is obtained from fruits. The resulting desserts have a tender taste and a light consistency. Such products include honey-soufflé "Banana", "Paradise with apricot", "Margarita with strawberries", "Raspberry sorbet" and others.

The interesting taste of the filling has the dessert "Milk flower", it will refresh the honey cocktail "Mojito with Melissa" during the summer heat, and "Imbirika" will give a little bit of spicy and piquant aftertaste.

Honeymoon series

Several jars of exquisite dessert were created together with the chefs of the cooking studio of Yulia Vysotskaya. The TV presenter often brings new tastes from her travels, and it is her ideas that formed the basis of this series. So there were the following exquisite desserts:

  • "Sicilian orange" - orange air cream in the morning will give a charge of vivacity and a good mood for the upcoming day.
  • "Bourbon Vanilla" - a delicate souffle with a pleasant aroma of real vanilla.
  • "Viennese coffee" - a unique taste of strong espresso with foam and honey cream.
  • "Apple with cinnamon" - a win-win combination of ingredients makes an airy delicacy truly homely and "cozy."

All products from the "Honeymoon" series are natural, quality desserts that are delicious in themselves and perfectly combined with yoghurts, waffles, pancakes and other pastries.

Honey Sets

Everyone who wants to make an interesting gift to their relatives, but can not decide which dessert to give preference to, will like the new offer from Peroni Honey. These are special honey sets, consisting of several jars with a volume of 30 ml. So you can try different desserts, and select from them the most favorite.

Each set is a separate series with its own name:

  • "Honeymoon" - these are four independent delicious desserts created with the direct participation of Julia Vysotskaya.
  • Naturel - this includes the most delicate desserts: "Lipa Amur", "Milk Flower", "White Cotton", "Banana".
  • "Cocktail" - an opportunity to try four delicious cocktails: "Margarita with strawberries", "Mojito with Melissa", "Cosmopolitan with Cranberry" and "Paradise with Apricot".

There are other equally interesting series, consisting of three and even 12 jars. Each buyer of the product will pick up a Peroni honey-souffle for every taste. A convenient novelty from the company is a portioned dik-pot of 25 grams each. This is how every sweetheart will be able to get acquainted with the exquisite European dessert made in Russia.

Peroni honey souffle Honey: customer reviews

To determine the purchase of this or that dessert will help buyers' comments. Most of them like the honey-soufflé Peroni Honey. They leave positive comments. Desserts of the trade mark have:

  • Natural ingredients in the composition;
  • Tender taste;
  • A homogeneous consistency similar to mousse;
  • A wide range of flavors and useful additives;
  • Original packaging;
  • Delicacies are not as sugary as honey, but not less useful.

Peroni Honey souffle honey does not suit buyers only at the price. Many of them consider it too overstated.

Where to buy honey souffle? Product prices

Unfortunately, for today exquisite desserts are not for everyone's pocket. Therefore, you can not buy a honey-souffle Peroni Honey in all stores and supermarkets. Beautiful jars with airy delicacy are exactly sold in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and some regional centers of the Russian Federation. The ability to order products without leaving home offers the official online store of the company.

The price of one jar of 250 ml dessert is 550 rubles, of the series "Honeymoon" from Julia Vysotskaya - 650 rubles, a volume of 30 ml - 100 rubles. Sets will cost more. Four jars of 30 ml in a beautiful cardboard box cost 650 rubles, 3 servings in a plastic box - 400 rubles. A honey set of 12 desserts will cost 2 thousand rubles.

Uniqueness of Peroni Honey products

Peroni Honey - these are desserts that turned the idea of Russian consumers into what a real treat should be. They can be called truly unique.

Honey Peroni Honey, reviews about which buyers leave only positive, has a number of advantages over other desserts:

  • Absolutely natural composition without stabilizers and preservatives;
  • Has a pleasant consistency;
  • Does not become sugar-coated with time;
  • Tastier and more useful than other sweets;
  • Can be given to children;
  • Combined with yogurt and pastry;
  • It is easily smeared on bread;
  • A perfect gift option;
  • Domestic manufacturer.

Honey desserts from Peroni Honey must definitely try all the sweet tooth, and this delicacy will definitely become one of the most favorite for them.

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