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The old river is ... The peculiarities and the process of the formation of river old people

Radiation, sleeve, meander, old man ... All these are names of various elements of the river bed. And in this article we will talk about one of them. The old river is what? How does it look and how it is formed?

Staritsa: the meaning of the word

Immediately it is worth mentioning that this word is used not only in science. And it was not invented by scientists-hydrologists. So, the word is found in a number of popular sayings. A vivid example: "Hunting the old man to the flicker."

In the Orthodox culture this term was used to refer to elderly nuns or hermits who lead a solitary lifestyle. But most often elderly women were called women of advanced age. And the word itself, obviously, comes from a similar in value noun masculine gender: the elder.

However, more often and broadly this term is used in science. In particular, in geography. The old river is the former part of its riverbed, which eventually turned into a separate drainless pond. The term has successfully migrated to toponymy. So, in some Slavic countries one can find a number of geographical names with this word. For example, in Russia there is the city of Staritsa (within the Tver region), as well as a railway station and five villages with the same name.

The old river is ...

The depression developed in water currents in the earth's surface is usually called a bed. The old river is one of its elements. What is he like?

Staritsa (old people, chicken) is a fragment of the old riverbed. In terms of most often it has the form of a loop or sickle. In rare cases, the old people are stretched parallel to the main riverbed. The terrain in the immediate vicinity of such a site, as a rule, is waterlogged and swampy. The very same old lady can look like a small lake. Over time, it can turn into a meadow or even dry up.

The largest star on the planet is located in Central Asia. This Uzboi is the old channel of the Amudarya River, the length of which is about 500 kilometers.

The Origin of River Vintage

How are the old people formed? Their occurrence is directly related to the process of meandering of watercourses. In simple words, this is the tortuosity of the river bed, which is most strongly manifested in the conditions of lowland rivers with slow currents. The meander (or the bend of the river) is precisely the first stage in the formation of the old man.

When the shape of the river meander becomes too steep, the water flow can one day break through its isthmus, washing for itself a shorter path. This usually occurs during high water or high water. Over time, the riverbed is straightened, and the river water flows along a new route. Places of meandering with the river are gradually "closed" due to the lateral deposition of solid particles (mud, sand, etc.). This moment can be considered the final stage of the formation of the classical old man.

Still some time the old man will be preserved in the form of an independent reservoir isolated from the main river. Later it will turn into a swamp or completely dry. More clearly, the process of forming an old man can be seen in the following pictures.

The Moscow River and its old people

Moscow-river is a legendary watercourse, on the banks of which the largest metropolis of Europe has grown. In its length, it receives the waters of hundreds of smaller streams and streams. The river bed of the Moscow River is rather twisty and includes several deep meanders and old men.

The most famous old town of the Moscow River is located near the village of Arkhangelsk, east of the capital. It is clearly visible on satellite images and large-scale maps. The average diameter of this old man is about 2 km. Inside it is a natural monument - Lohin Island. Staritsa is a favorite place for fishermen. According to them, here it is perfectly caught perch, roach and even pike.

Small old people of the Moscow River can be found within the capital. So, all the famous Novodevichy pond near the monastery of the same name is nothing more than an old man. Its total length is only 500 meters.

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