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The "Pecheneg" machine gun is the best in Russia

Until now, the undeniable advantages of domestic small arms were the following: simplicity, reliability and low price. In its combat characteristics, although it did not lag behind foreign competitors, it did not have advantages over them, and even lost ground in such positions as accuracy and accuracy of combat. All this was the result of a fundamentally different approach to the design of weapons.

Western weapons schools, as a rule, first create a new design with specified characteristics, and after that they try to reduce it and simplify it, and even then it happens only under the pressure of the customer. Domestic masters created the trunks almost all the time in the conditions of lack of funds, materials or the necessary equipment, which affected the design of weapons, and it always had no equal in the ratio of "price-efficiency."

The single machine gun "Pecheneg" is an attempt to achieve excellent combat qualities while maintaining high reliability and simplicity of design. The creation of the machine gun was preceded by a deep analysis of the factors affecting the characteristics of weapons, conducted at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering. In the course of the study it was revealed that the accuracy of the shooting depends strongly on the eigenmodes of the barrel and its thermal properties. Moreover, uneven heating of the barrel causes not only an increase in its own oscillations, but also deformation, which leads to a significant decrease in the accuracy of the fire and reduces the resource of the weapon. In addition, already with the shooting of fifty rounds of ammunition above the barrel begins to rise hot air, which distorts the outlines of the target and prevents accurate targeting.

It was concluded that the elimination of these shortcomings can greatly improve the accuracy of fire, improve the aiming and extend its life, and there is no need to change the well-proven automation of the PC.

As a result, measures to create a single machine gun were reduced to the development of a new trunk group under the Kalashnikov machine gun. And its result was "Pecheneg" - a machine gun, which almost twice exceeds the accuracy of fire PC, while it does not require the replacement of the barrel and allows you to fire intensively for a long time without losing accuracy of shooting. According to the developers, the "Pecheneg" machine gun is able to fire 1000 rounds with one burst, while maintaining the initial accuracy and claimed barrel resource.

Such results were achieved through the use of a new trunk (with specially designed finning) and the original air cooling system. Under the influence of low pressure, which appears before the barrel of a shooting machine gun, a thrust is created - the air flow passing under the barrel casing and cooling it. In addition, the casing and the handle attached to it carry the warm air from the aiming line, thus providing good visibility to the arrow. Since the "Pecheneg" machine gun does not require the replacement of the trunk, the designers moved its bipods to the muzzle part, which made the shooting more stable and accurate.

The "Pecheneg" machine gun was tested by fighting in the Caucasian conflicts and received positive reviews. However, there were also revealed some shortcomings that the gunsmiths tried to eliminate in their new version of their brainchild - Pecheneg-2. The disadvantages of development include a strong muzzle flame, unmasking firing position, uncomfortable carrying handle located in front of the center of gravity, and the inability to install a machine gun on some types of armored vehicles.

Despite these shortcomings, which should be eliminated in the new version of Pechenega, this weapon is the most advanced single machine gun in Russia and one of the best in the world. The machine gun retained the dignity of its predecessor, the PC, while it overtook the fire efficiency of infantry machine guns of foreign manufacturers. Thanks to the national weapons school, Russia's machine guns remain among the best.

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