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SOG. Knives: brief description

The desire to master masterfully a knife in men is indestructible. Blade can be useful everywhere - in the city and in nature. The models of knives that can satisfy the wishes of lovers of cold weapons are produced by SOG. Knives fully meet the requirements of the buyer: in shape resemble combat and perfectly cope with their functional duties - they cut, prick, and plan.


The Vietnam war gave impetus to the modernization of military developments from weapons to equipment. In military operations, elite subversive units-reconnaissance and special forces-played an important role. In 1964, a research and observation group of the Studies and Observation Group (SOG) was established in the US Army. Knives were designed directly for its participants under the leadership of Conrad Baker. In SOG served as Spencer Fraser, the founder of the world-famous company SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, Inc.

The release of knives Fraser began in 1986. He himself developed models, acting as a designer. Many years of experience in the production of children's toys helped Fraser organize profitable production.


The modern range of the company offers three main types of knives :

  • Folding;
  • Multitools;
  • With a fixed blade.

The company carries out state orders for the supply of reserve models of army and tactical combat (SOG Pentagon) knives for special services.

An impressive line of samples with a fixed blade for tourists and hunters has been developed. The multitools are also popular. Usually the standard set of tools includes:

  • Flat screwdrivers (set);
  • Curved screwdriver;
  • file;
  • Pliers (nippers or crimping pliers);
  • scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Can openers for cans and bottles;
  • Saw (on a tree);
  • awl;
  • Semi-serrated knife.

The set of devices may vary depending on the modification. Knives come complete with a sheath, clip and cord to wear around your neck.

The folding knife SOG enjoys no less popularity. Several dozens of models are available for every taste. Compact size, light weight, reliable locking mechanisms, convenient clamps for fastening are ideal for daily wearing. The company applies the most advanced technologies and materials:

  • The blade uses steel grade 440, AUS-8, VG-6, coating with titanium sodium at times improves the characteristics of the blade and its durability;
  • Lock mechanism Arc-Lock eliminates the possibility of spontaneous opening and has a smooth opening mechanism;
  • Ergonomic handle with a notch under the fingers is made with the use of aluminum, craton, thermoplastic and flaky skin, glued with epoxy resins;
  • A sheath made of strong artificial materials and a special inner insert allows you to instantly remove the knife, and the fasteners for fixing the shrouded blade in the vertical (with the handle down or up) or the horizontal positions prevent the blade from falling out.

Successful model

SOG Pentagon S-14 is designed to help the fighter in hand-to-hand combat. It was developed for power structures: police, special forces, the army is a tactical universal knife. The issue was launched in Japan and the US in the early 1990s. Currently, SOG combat knives of this model are produced in Taiwan. Description:

  • Blade. Two-sided sharpening (serritornaya and plain), both end up 3 cm from the guard. The shaving descent provides a high penetrating power. The spear-shaped form of the blade suggests its use for stabbing and chopping strokes. Has good cutting performance. Steel - AUS-8 with a hardness of 58 units (according to the Rockwell scale) was invented in Japan. It is distinguished by its high strength, wear resistance, anti-corrosion properties, it holds well sharpening.
  • Handle. Oval in cross section, made of craton. The grooved surface and ergonomic thoughtful form of the handle ensure a reliable comfortable grip. Hole under the caliber of a decent diameter.

The civilian population appreciated the successful development of SOG. Knives belong to the products of universal use. They will help out on a hunt or in a hike, will serve as a reliable means of self-defense.


SOG Pentagon S-14 is the most successful development of the company in the line of tactical knives. They do not belong to the throwing weapon, the center of gravity is markedly shifted towards the handle from the guard. Knife characteristic:

  • The total length is 27.3 cm;
  • Length of the blade - 12,7 mm;
  • Thickness of the blade - 0.32 cm;
  • Steel grade - AUS 8;
  • Weight - 159 g;
  • Sheath - nylon with a pocket for grindstone.

Careful study of the design, attention to detail and strict quality control distinguish among others and make SOG products recognizable. Knives are well-deservedly popular both among ordinary consumers and collectors of cold steel.

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