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Sports at home: horizontal bar and beams

The dream of every lover in sports, of course, is his own gym. Let him be small, in the garage or in the basement, but his own. The optimal solution for those who are not ready to invest a whole fortune in this dream, but at the same time wants to gradually begin to implement it, are the home horizontal bar and bars. Wall variations of these sports equipment can be bought in almost any store. Their cost varies from two to five thousand rubles, depending on the quality, functions and fastening elements.

Wall and wall beams, or the way to pounce at home

One of the most popular questions of young people is: "How to pump up at home?". And let the laughter of the ignorant, but it is indeed possible! Even if your home environment does not allow you to install a Swedish wall, then the wall folding bars can certainly be hung in your room in a can each. But with their help you can pump almost all muscle groups. The bars of the wall allow you to perform exercises on the triceps, chest, back, and also on the press. The turnstile will also provide an opportunity to work also on the biceps, wings, muscles of the shoulders and almost over the entire muscular group of the chest.

Still chuckling at the turnstiles? Read about Denis Minin and take a look at his photos: an ideal strong body with excellent proportions, and in fact he was engaged in street sports! Despite the different opinions, thanks to the craftsmen and their development, houses can accommodate sports equipment such as a barbell, traction expanders, horizontal bar, wall bars with fasteners for ceiling or floor. They will not take up much space, but at the same time training for them will be no less effective than in the hall!

The bars will help to pump your hands. Wall, compact, affordable!

Few people know that stagnation in muscle growth is due to the fact that they are very fast Adapt to the type of load you are subjected to. Even bodybuilders are often advised to change the training of triceps from the French press to the uneven bars at the same frequency, and vice versa. This allows you not only to better work your hands, but also includes those muscle stabilizers that have not previously been subjected to the proper load. Thus, street training not only very well develop muscular endurance and work out the relief of the body, but also allow you to overcome stagnation in the growth of working scales!

But, in addition to everything, it is working in different positions on the uneven bars that you pump the joint of the shoulder and chest, which forms an anatomically correct form of muscles and gives an excellent result to those who train to achieve the aesthetic shape of their body.


Summarizing, we can say that the bars, wall or fixed on the Swedish wall, are not only an inexpensive replacement for classic sports equipment, but also motivate you to home training. After all, what is the first thought that arises when you pass by a horizontal bar? Make the approach a different one! And to stay at home on the couch when you have such a simple and effective tool for pumping your body before you, it's simply impossible!

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