"Adidas": T-shirts for all occasions

T-shirts probably are in the closet for everyone. This is one of the most universal, convenient and practical things. It has become an integral part of the wardrobe of men, women and children and is used both in everyday life and for sports.

There are many sportswear manufacturers today, but the most popular, trustworthy millions of people are Nike (Nike), Kappa (Kappa), Lotto (Lotto), Puma (Puma), Reebok ) And, of course, Adidas (Adidas). T-shirts produced by the latter firm will be discussed in detail today. They are distinguished by excellent quality, competent design, which attracts customers all over the world.

Presented in the modern market of goods a variety of styles and colors of T-shirts will satisfy even the most demanding buyer. You can choose a classic model, not pretending to be original, but you can buy a trendy T-shirt with a bright print or 3D effect, and then you will not be able to stay undetected exactly. Such models are offered to us in the new season by the well-known company "Adidas".

T-shirts we wear almost daily. And what were the first such things? Have you ever thought about the history of creating this element of the wardrobe?

History of the T-shirt appearance

The official year of the appearance of T-shirts is the 1913th. Initially, they were created for the Navy. Such a thing did not hinder movements, quickly dried up after washing, allowed to "breathe" the body in hot seasons and warmed in winter.

During the Second World War, T-shirts began to wear American soldiers as underwear.

The first T-shirt with the image appeared in 1948 in a single copy as an element of the election campaign of presidential candidate Thomas Dewey. Unfortunately, To defeat this did not help him.

Maximally popularized T-shirts Hollywood actors. They were shot in them in various films, serials, TV programs.

But sportswear T-shirt was the last. And today the sport without this element of the wardrobe is almost impossible to imagine.

Adidas: T-shirts of our time

Very few people know that, to some extent, the manufacturer has won its popularity thanks to the idea of producing the same t-shirts (and kits with shorts), like those of famous football players.

Now T-shirts "Adidas" (women's, men's and even children's) are presented in a wide range. The price range varies from 100 rubles to 1000 dollars. Therefore, almost everyone can choose their own version. Every year the collection is supplemented with new ideas Designers of the firm "Adidas". T-shirts can be purchased both in specialized stores of sportswear and equipment, as well as in branded outlets of the manufacturer around the world.

But it is worth considering the moment that not everywhere you can find a really high-quality thing, especially if its price is less than 1000 rubles. It is necessary to focus on the average price range when choosing so as not to fall for a fake. If you choose a new outfit in the market, and you are offered, for example, Adidas mens shirts (photos in the article show how they are concise and beautiful at the same time) at a very low price, do not take it for granted - this is definitely not the original. Also pay attention to the seams - they should be neat and durable. Successful shopping for you!

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