Teenage Fashion or Beauty of Transitional Age

Teenage fashion is the area in which bans are meaningless. It is appropriate and everything is allowed. Clothing for teenagers is self-expression, the formation of their own style, the transition from childhood to adult.

Fashion for children often uses classic styles and silhouettes. For teenagers, such ensembles should be "diluted" with a tendency to multilayeredness. For example, you can wear dresses over narrow trousers, you can combine skirts with colored leggings, you can safely wear kimono and tunics with jeans. While preserving the clothes in children's clothes, you can preserve the image of innocence, but to bring into it an adult and conscious style. Tunics, blouses and T-shirts can be decorated with embroidery, paillettes, appliqués, which the teenager can perform as he pleases.

Teenage fashion is betting on athletic shoes. Sneakers, sneakers - all these teenagers can safely wear with dresses and skirts. At this age, this method is appropriate and original, and most importantly - it is convenient and not harmful to health. At teenagers today in a fashion wide trousers. They can be worn by both boys and girls. Wide trousers hide the fragility of teenage legs, but at the same time emphasize the slenderness of the silhouette. Wide trousers are also relevant for those who are experiencing a period of teenage fullness. In general, wide pants will suit any teenager.

If the pants are wide, the top teen fashion is recommended to make tight-fitting. But the sleeves and shoulders should remain bulky at the same time. Look good at teens all kinds of knitwear products, as well as warm sweaters and sweaters.

Classics in the wardrobe of a teenage boy should be diluted with sports elements and street clothes. For mods the retro style will suit.

Teenage fashion loves brilliance and brilliance. Therefore, classical ensembles can be easily supplemented with sequins, fluorescent elements or color details. Thus, you can decorate boots or boots, as well as bags, belts and other accessories.

As for fabrics, then you need to make a choice in favor of a dense cashmere of high quality for practical daily wear, jersey, warm, but light cotton. Teenage fashion approves of sateen, as well as artificial fur due to its multicolor - both in natural colors and in a painted form. Often for the creation of teenage clothes Denim, mostly blue or gray, leather, including lacquered, is used.

Clothes for teenagers should be comfortable, not constraining movements, so you need to choose elastic materials. As for colors, all natural colors are actively used, which are diluted with bright details. A cage, a strip, peas, flower patterns - all this is liked by teenagers. Both girls and boys are happy to wear clothes with prints. Also do not lose relevance of ethno-patterns and drawings with the effect of aging.

Fashion for teens offers for the street traditional outfits in the urban style, made of modern comfortable materials. Long skirts-maxi combined with a free top are perfect for girls. Things of teenagers should be beautiful, and practical, and functional. Let it be a hip-hop style, colorful comfortable leggings with a t-shirt with a vintage pattern - the main thing is that it was appropriate, liked the teenager and it was convenient.

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