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Lust is the indulgence of low-minded desires

Christianity does not deny either love or sexual relations, but in the understanding of anyone, even a weakly believing person, lust is a sin. Why? What is the difference between a normal sexual relationship and lust? In this we will try to understand further.

What does lust mean?

In order to more accurately understand the biblical view of sex, it is worthwhile clearly realizing exactly where the very fine line that separates blessed relationships from low, sinful takes place.

Love between a man and a woman means light feelings toward the object of his interest. And the main components of these feelings - respect and the desire to do something nice partner, without demanding anything in return. Love does not accept selfishness, as it is deliberately aimed at sacrifice.

While lust is the desire to use a person for their own purposes, namely, to satisfy a low passions, sexual needs, immediate desires. What kind of respectful and reverent attitude towards a partner can there be?

The person following lust sucks his desires, not knowing how or simply rejecting any attempt to keep them. Lust is selfish, and therefore destructive. She eats the soul, accustoming the person to the fact that all his desires must be fulfilled.

What distinguishes lust from normal sexual desire?

Often, lust is the result of sexual dissatisfaction and the inability, due to complexes or objective reasons, to realize their sexual desire. But sex drive itself is not lust.

This is a natural, genetically embedded psychological and physiological process, serving as a component of that very light feeling, which we call love. No, of course, it is not the main or determining one in love, but without it, you will agree, it would not make sense.

After all, the love between a man and a woman is not only mutual respect and the desire to make the life of a loved one more beautiful, but also the desire to leave behind posterity. And without this, humanity would simply disappear from the face of the Earth.

So what is lust?

Lustful people always remember about sexual desire, it does not leave it. It constantly makes him want someone he does not really need, and if necessary, then the same passion will drive him away, in search of new pleasures, while trampling, humiliating the partner's feelings. After all, lust is based only on sexual desire, rejecting the respect and sanctity of the senses.

And in order to better understand lust, the meaning of this state for the human soul can be conveyed by the following statement: the torment from temptation is always insignificant in comparison with the tortures from the consequences of sin itself. After all, a man who is at the mercy of the sin of lust is unable to think sensibly, is not in a position to control himself, and therefore he commits acts, which he himself will then be ashamed of.

By and large, lust can be attributed to lust of everything that at the moment does not belong to a particular person, and it is, as a rule, so great that it does not matter to him how he will achieve the fulfillment of his desire. So lust turns a man into his slave.

And if to be very precise, for this feeling, the very process of desire, which pushes to the increasingly insane acts of a man who has dissolved in low-minded impulses, is a real pleasure, and he gradually turns into a kind of drug addict, dependent on his needs that do not know the measure.

When sexual attraction takes perverse forms

Normally, any person has an innate sexual attraction to a representative of the opposite sex. But lust is lust that can pervert it, turning it into a constant need for sex, which does not recognize any conditions and barriers.

By allowing this to develop, a person gets stuck in the opportunity to receive momentary pleasures, gradually sinking to perverted needs and sometimes even not understanding why he is so drawn to minors, old men, dead people, animals and other endless list that can interest a psychiatrist. But it all begins with self-indulgence!

How to get rid of lust?

Lust can overcome everyone, but not all of them make them slaves. And if a person realizes that his desires have ceased to be innocent, that he is possessed by a low desire, it is important to be able to get rid of him. In order not to become a slave of lust, one should decide once and for all and firmly adhere to it. Even if you fail, start again and again - and this eternal itch will leave you.

Try to distract yourself with a lesson that will not give you time for low-minded reflections and aspirations. After all, in psychology, it is not for nothing that it is considered that suppressed sexual desires are the strongest stimulus for the realization of a person in another kind of activity.

It was in this state that most of the discoveries in science were made, a huge number of masterpieces were created in art - so, maybe, this same, suppressed and righteous channel will raise you?

Test your feelings

Love and lust are states of the soul, located on different sides of the border, conducted by generally accepted concepts of spirituality, morality, and culture. And they contradict each other.

So ask yourself a question to check: your feeling is love or only lust. The main thing, weigh, whether you can give yourself to a partner. Are you ready to read it? Do you value him as a person? Or maybe he's just an object that should (please note - should) satisfy your desire for sexual intimacy?

And if you agree with the statement that God gave us sexual relations and related pleasant impressions, then to use such a gift for the sake of lust is a dangerous deception, behind which there is a lot of sinful.

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