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Liquid nails: technical specifications. How to use glue "liquid nails"?

Liquid nails, the technical characteristics of which you must know before purchasing this glue, are used today for repair and construction works.


If we compare the described composition with a conventional glue, the first contains a fine fractional filler, this allows to achieve a sufficiently tight bonding of parts that will be subjected to significant loads during operation. Synthetic rubber is used as the basis of the mixture , to which polymers are added. In the role of filler in the classical version of this glue a certain type of clay is used, which has an increased plasticity. Due to the use of chalk, the producers receive a white color of the finished composition. In the classical version , titanium dioxide is used to achieve the appropriate color .

Customer Reviews

Liquid nails, the technical characteristics of which will be presented in this article, are used for internal works. They are elastic, which is very popular with buyers. Home masters note that the composition can be used in the presence of seams, the thickness of which reaches 9.5 millimeters. Specialists choose this glue for the reason that it allows you to change and correct the position of the surfaces to be bonded for another 10 minutes before setting.

Scope of use

Liquid nails, technical characteristics of which it is important to know before buying a product, is recommended for outdoor use, as well as for gluing of artificial granite and marble. Specialists do not recommend buying liquid nails for floors in shower cabins and bathrooms.

Instructions for use

Before applying the described composition it is necessary to make sure that the surface is clean, smooth and dry. The purchased cartridge must be installed in the sealant gun, only after cutting the tip at an angle of 45 degrees. Do this in accordance with the desired thickness of the adhesive layer being formed. Marking will help in this, it is contained on the tip. Before use, pierce the protective membrane of the cartridge. And then the composition can be applied, it must be done in a zigzag manner, so that a layer thickness of 6.5 millimeters is formed. The application should be carried out on both surfaces, which after being pressed against each other for a few seconds, they must be held in this state for a while. Only if the parts are severely deformed, additional fixation may be required.

Liquid nails, the technical characteristics of which allow for a sufficiently tight gluing, should be used taking into account the application of glue with an interval between zigzags of 30 cm. From the edge, it is necessary to retreat 3.5 cm. In order to achieve rapid gluing, it is necessary first to press the surfaces firmly to each other, After disconnecting them for 5 minutes, and then pressing again.

Consumption and packaging

It is important to find out what their consumption is before acquiring materials. If the diameter of the formed layer is 6.5 millimeters, then one cartridge will be sufficient for 10 linear meters. If it is necessary to clean the surface of liquid nails, use mineral based solvents. By purchasing nails, you get a cartridge that contains 310 milliliters of the mixture. In one box there will be 24 cartridges.

What else does the master need to know?

Before you start gluing, you need to know how to use liquid nails. Application temperature varies from -7 to +30 degrees. The operating temperature is in a fairly wide range and varies from -30 to +90 degrees. After 24 hours, the flexural strength is within 250 psi. After 48 hours, this figure already becomes equal to 350 psi, whereas in 7 days the figure reaches the limit of 400 psi. The manufacturer guarantees excellent durability, so the glue composition will retain its quality characteristics for 20 years.

Additional features

Liquid nails, reviews about which are often only only positive, have a viscosity within 30 000 ° C PS. They have excellent water resistance, and do not freeze when exposed to cold. There is no sweating either. During application, a slight odor will be produced, which is possessed by the solvent. After the adhesive composition can be painted.

Quite often masters and professional builders are interested in the question of the possibility of the formation of spots on the surface. What probability exists only in the case of marble. Complete drying of the composition takes place in 2 weeks. It must be remembered that the mixture is flammable, when exposed to high temperatures it can ignite. During the drying phase, the composition does not ignite.

Acrylic liquid nails

Before gluing with liquid nails, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the assortment presented on the market of building materials. For example, on the market you can find water-soluble mixtures made on the basis of acrylic. The main component is absolutely not dangerous to health, it is an environmentally friendly material. Such nails can be used to glue porous materials. Exposure to high humidity for the formulation is contraindicated. Such mixtures can be operated only at plus temperatures. If before you there is a question on how to use liquid nails, it is necessary to remember that in the market it is possible to find highly specialized and universal compounds. Some of them are intended only for gluing plastic, while others can glue almost everything. It is important before purchasing to take into account the loads that the composition will undergo.


If you decide to buy glue "liquid nails", technical characteristics can be read in this article. This will allow you to make the right choice and not overpay for those compounds that have a higher value due to impressive quality characteristics.

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