Strawberry Moscow delicacy: description, features of the variety

One of the popular varieties of early remontant strawberries is the Moscow delicacy. The bushes of this plant can bear fruit until the end of September.

Strawberry Moscow delicacy is a two-year-old hybrid, derived specifically for Russia. A distinctive feature of the variety is that the bulk of the harvest is collected at the end of the fruiting period. At this time, up to 70% of berries. When creating the optimal conditions to grow a plant and get a harvest from it, you can all year round.


Strawberry Moscow delicacy has medium-sized bushes covered with abundant foliage. The pedicels are long and moderately thin. Inflorescences are located under the leaves. They are multiflorous, semilattice type. Berries are large, conical with a blunt tip. They look shiny, bright red in appearance. Strawberry Moscow delicacy has a juicy pulp of sweet and sour taste. After ripening, the berry gives a lot of seeds. The variety has a pronounced taste and strong strawberry flavor.

Features of the variety

Variety of strawberries The Moscow delicacy is characterized by an average resistance to frosts, but it tolerates drought and various vagaries of the weather well. Berries can be used not only for fresh consumption, but also for canning. The plant has a high resistance to various diseases and most pests. Harvest can be transported.

Description of the strawberry variety Moscow delicacy allows you to refer it to large-bodied crops. However, some gardeners argue that the plant gives small berries. This may be due to improper care, planting and top dressing, excessive watering. In the latter case strawberries can give bitterness.

The variety is quite demanding to the soil, so before planting it is necessary to properly prepare the soil. In the area where the plant will be planted, make humus and sand in a ratio of 2: 1.

Reproduction, sowing

A peculiarity of the variety is a small amount of whiskers, up to their absence. Seeds are usually used to obtain seedlings. They are sown in a fertile soil, which must be decontaminated by heating in the oven for three hours (a temperature of about 120 degrees). Such work is better done in early March, so that the seedlings can get enough light for normal growth and development.

In three weeks there are shoots. As soon as three real leaflets are dissolved, the plants dive. On a permanent place, strawberries are planted with five real leaves. It is important that the weather is warm, and there was no frost.

Peculiarities of growing

Strawberry variety Moscow delicacy requires more careful care, when compared with other crops. This is due to the special requirements of the plant to the soil. That bushes grow faster and develop, it is necessary to carry out periodic fertilizing. It is best to use complex mineral fertilizers, designed specifically for strawberries. They are sold in summer cottages.

When growing, it is important to follow the rules of watering. The plant does not tolerate overmoistening. That the bushes are not lost, it is necessary to control watering. Here for each site its recommendations: for sandy soil it is recommended to water at least twice a week. On a loamy soil, this procedure is performed approximately every 10 days. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to check each time the depth to which the ground has dried up.

Reviews of gardeners

Strawberry Moscow delicacy refers to quite interesting, unusual and very tasty varieties. With all the rules of planting, the plant gives large berries. However, some gardeners argue that this culture yields a small crop.

According to reviews, the variety grows easily from seeds and is able to give up to 1.5 kg of delicious, fragrant berries from the bush. Some people use the Moscow delicacy as a room culture. It is ideal for industrial cultivation, because bushes can bear fruit all year round if they are provided with proper maintenance and proper care.

After planting the plant on a permanent place about a month later it starts to bloom and actively bear fruit. The first berry, obtained from the bush, leaves the best memories. After all, this strawberry has an unusual aroma and an extraordinary aftertaste of sweet cherry.

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