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Meditation on attracting a loved one: technique of performing

If in the last century meditations and mantras were the lot of the adherents of the New Age movement, today very many meditate.

For this it is not necessary to attend any special places or go to some teachers, because you can meditate right at home. Is there a meditation to attract a loved one? Yes, and how to properly conduct such a session, we'll talk in this article.

Interest in the spiritual

Despite the senseless wars that are still on Earth, since the beginning of 2000 there has been a great surge of interest in spirituality. In 2012, many expected the end of the world, according to the predictions of the Mayan calendar, but this did not happen. On the contrary, the proximity of such an event, as a possible apocalypse, made even more people interested in enlightenment and finding oneself. There is a version that in fact the calendar was talking about the end of the Dark Age and the transition to the Golden time for humanity.

Meditation is the way to achieve awareness. People who are considered enlightened in society say that prayer, as we are accustomed to presenting it in the form of endless monologues to God with complaints and requests, is wrong. A person should pray, without thinking about anything and certainly not asking - and then he will hear the answer in the form of fulfilling his desire. This is meditation. There is a meditation on attraction of happy events, for finding harmony or love.

Scammers on the Internet and life

As usual, just a few people start to take an interest in a large number of people, then scammers appear who want to earn money on this. Meditations are no exception. Do you think that you are just so, just wanting this, you can not get close to God? Well, at your service a lot of paid seminars, trainings, Internet lessons, the creators of which promise to teach you everything. Well, of course, the one who earns you a tidy sum, knows exactly what the right meditations for attracting a loved one or good health look like. So do not rush to pay for ephemeral promises! Remember that such knowledge is owned by people who are really conscious.

Such persons perfectly understand that happiness is not in money, and therefore they write free books and give free lessons. If you decide to pay for the knowledge, this is your decision, but do not try to make obligatory cash payments or payments.

Factors of proper meditation

If you want to learn meditation, then take note of such rules:

  1. You need to meditate in a place where you can relax the fastest. Perhaps the ideal place for you will be your room with curtains drawn to create a pleasant semi-darkness.
  2. It is best to meditate alone. It is for this reason that group sessions are not exactly suitable for sessions.
  3. If you are doing meditation on attracting a loved one or on health, then visualizations will help you. Try before starting the session to draw such an image in your head - you are happy, loved, here you put your head on someone's shoulder, laugh .. These are the images you will use during the session.
  4. Some people are helped to concentrate sound images, special flavors. If you are not distracted by such factors, then include a pleasant quiet melody in the style of the lounge or smoke incense.

What will meditation give?

Meditation will allow you to relax, rest as if you had a good night's sleep. If you are worried about something, your thoughts are distracted by some problem, meditation will give you an opportunity to look at the problem from a completely different angle.

Does meditation work to attract men or to attract health? Of course, you will not see the effect immediately after the session or after two. But if you work to fulfill your desire and believe in luck, you will achieve the goal.

Let's move on to the technique

After reading the next paragraph, you will be amazed how easy it is to meditate! Someone asks for money for lessons, someone comes up with complicated techniques .. Why? Meditation is simple and natural.

So, take a comfortable pose. It does not have to be such a popular lotus pose. Sit as you like. Lie down is not recommended for the reason that you can fall asleep. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing. Just focus on how you breathe in the air, how it fills the lungs, lingers in your body, and after you release it. Of course, out of habit, thoughts will come into your head, but do not be distracted, do not try to restrain them or "do not think."

Continue to focus on breathing, watching how thoughts come and go. That's all. So your first meditation will pass.

Meditation on attracting a loved one

If you are not meditating for the first time, then thoughts come less and less, and the mind remains pure. Just when you have little experience in concentration, try this way of fulfilling your desires, like meditation to attract a loved one.

First of all, it should be noted that you will not be able to meditate on something bad. That is, if you think that your enemy is unlucky, then you will simply lose concentration. Meanwhile, bright, good desires that do not affect the will of others, can calmly co-exist with our "pure" mind without thoughts.

So, you are still focused on your breath and at the same time draw in your imagination an image of yourself, happy and beloved with someone. Let these pictures be in golden light colors.

Meditate several times a week, for ten to twenty minutes, and you will certainly meet your love.

Is it possible to "draw" a particular person through meditation?

One of the basic principles of meditation is freedom of your own and others' will. Will you be happy if someone "pulls" you and your feelings? Vedas you want to fall in love yourself, choosing your chosen one. Therefore, it is not necessary to represent a particular person during the "meditation relaxation" session. Attracting love will be much more effective if you represent your happiness, feel during the session your love, harmony, happiness.

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