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What is an alpha state? Alpha state: how to enter?

Tell me, would you like to become more effective: faster thinking, learning information, remembering everything? Sounds tempting, does not it? If this is of interest to you, it is not superfluous to learn about such a concept as the state of alpha. This is not a fictional innovation for making money or another fraudulent scheme. Everything is completely scientific, legal, free of charge and, most importantly, effectively. From this post you will learn all about these waves, on which the brain "works". We'll talk about how to enter the alpha state, and most importantly, why you might need it.

Who and why discovered the alpha state of the brain?

Fulfillment of desires, phenomenal memory, fast recovery after work - similar to the plot of the film "Areas of Darkness", if you watched it. If not, the main line of the picture lies in the fact that the protagonist drinks a magic pill that allows you to use the ability of the brain for one hundred percent. Of course, free cheese does not happen, and soon the hero faces a bunch of side effects. So, of course, it happens only in the movie. But what if you can really expand the possibilities of using the brain? What if you can become more effective in all areas of life through a new way of thinking that is easy to learn?

It is the state of the alpha (brain) that will allow you all this. As usual, inventors create and discover something new quite by accident. And this state of the brain is no exception. However, he was not introduced to the world by a neurosurgeon or a world-famous medical luminary. The alpha state was discovered and described by a radio technician named Jose Silva.

When his offspring were enrolled in school, Jose faced a problem familiar to every parent: children are not plodding, learn some subjects not as successfully as one would like, they are not happy with the marks. Parallel to this, Jose researched the electrical pulses and frequencies at which the brain works, and decided to test some of his guesses. His research turned into a discovery that, after a little practice, can change your life.

Brain states

So, our brain can be in several states, under the names alpha, beta, delta and theta. They are very easy to describe in real life, as they differ in levels of activity. You do not have enough research by Jose Silva? Encephalogram of the brain, when eventually it was learned to do, proved the absolute accuracy and reliability of the discovery of radio engineering.

The brain is constantly in a state of work, activity is measured in Hertz. The alpha state is characterized by values from eight to twelve Hz.

Alpha, beta, theta and delta

When we are awake, solve daily tasks and conduct the usual activities for us, the brain is in a beta state. When we sleep, the brain is in a state of delta and theta. These levels of activity differ depending on the stage of sleep. And, finally, the state of alpha. This level of activity is characteristic of the brain when it is in a borderline state, that is, between sleep and wakefulness. Do you remember this feeling when you are already falling asleep, but are aware of this and are able to perceive reality? The body is completely relaxed, there are no thoughts in my head, and we almost sleep, but not yet fully.

For whom the alpha state is natural

Interestingly, in this state, children almost always stay up to 5-6 years old. Therefore, they can devote themselves to one thing (for example, to completely withdraw into themselves, playing with a toy), concentrating only on this activity. After school begins at school, where everyone should be all the same, children from a permanent location in the state of alpha gradually move into beta.

Try to remember yourself at the preschool age. It is very likely that you could see little elves, fairies, gnomes or goblins small. Now all these memories seem ridiculous to you and children. But do not try to compare yourself with the child whose brain works differently, and the perception of the world is totally different from that seen by adults. Who knows what an adult can see if his brain is relaxed and at the same time concentrates on the perception of the world.

When we are in the alpha state

Every person experiences an alpha state on a daily basis, but, as a rule, it lasts only a short time - only a few minutes. It is unlikely that someone will naturally want to hold this state longer, to study themselves in it. And in vain! It is in the state of alpha that we can use the brain's capabilities much wider than in the beta state that we are used to. Next we will describe what a conscious transition is. Alpha-state can be called specifically, but what is it for?

A little about SPA procedures

You will be surprised, but the owners of beauty salons have long learned to use this state of the brain for the prosperity of their business. So, let's describe the easiest way to enter the alpha state. You probably noticed that after visiting the beauty salons as if you come to life, the skin starts to glow from the inside, and the eyes are filled with brilliance. It's not about expensive miracle creams, masks and balms. When we are given a massage, various wraps, rubs and other such pleasant procedures, we relax and automatically get into the state of alpha. Our body is capable of self-regeneration and rejuvenation, but only if it works together with the brain. So if in the alpha state you are wrapped with the simplest cream - the effect will be incredible. So relax and have fun!

There is no money for an expensive spa salon, but meanwhile it's interesting how to enter the alpha state in this way? Go to a friend of a hairdresser, manicurist, professional, in whose skillful hands you do not doubt. You can also ask a loved one to give you a massage. There is a very high probability that when you relax, you immerse the brain in a nap.

The state of the brain during meditation

Another category of people who are in a state of alpha not only before bedtime, are those who practice meditation. Calming the "inner dialogue" (a constant conversation that we are carrying on with ourselves in our heads), freeing ourselves from thoughts brings us into the state of alpha while we are awake. If the word "meditation" sounds dull to you, and the yogi appears immediately in the lotus position, then know that this is not the only way to learn this state. We will tell you about practical exercises for entering a relaxed state.

What is ineffective beta status before alpha?

You may have a very reasonable question about why you need to be in some other state of the brain than in the one in which we are hourly during wakefulness? After all, thinking, a person can achieve something or realize his ideas. In fact, everything is not quite so.

Try a simple experiment. For half an hour, write down everything that you think about. The results will surprise you: you circle "drive" the same thoughts. Records will not differ in variety, because instead of giving the brain real work, you load it with pseudoactivity. Our brain is an incredibly complex and completely unexplored machine. It can not be compared with a computer, because compared to the brain, the latter is just a piece of stone in the hands of a primitive man.

This body is just hungry for real work, but since we can not give it to him, we load with simple ideas like "what does a colleague think about me", "do not forget to buy porridge today after work" or "curious to watch the evening news release." Having answered yourself to these questions and not finding new food for thought, you will think again and again about these "most important" things, assuming that you are working hard with the brain. Meanwhile, it is entering into the alpha state that really allows your brain to work, discover, or invent something new.

The beta state is by no means natural for us. It is forced due to the rhythm of modern life, and we come to it with growing up. Meanwhile, there is no one among adults who would behave as naturally as children. We do not encourage you to behave like a child. On the contrary, knowing your life experience and learning to use the brain rationally, you can achieve extraordinary efficiency in all areas of life.

The Silva Method

The book with the same name was written back in the last century, but it gained the greatest popularity in this. Jose Silva came up with ways that his children could use, so they are not complicated. So, how can your first entry be? The alpha state of a person is characterized by a lack of thoughts, and for this we will need to "podzagruz" the left hemisphere of the brain to distract it and balance the work with the right. What do we have to do? Lay down more comfortably, close your eyes, rolling your pupils as if you are looking at something that is above your head. Thus, it will be more difficult for you to fall asleep, because we are used to falling into a dream, when we do not think about anything.

Begin to count from one hundred to one, slowly, but also slowly, with an interval of about half a second. What will happen? With a probability of 90% for the first time you do not count to fifty and fall asleep. If you have any business, then get an alarm clock. When you wake up, do not try again, take a break in five to eight hours. The second time, you will most likely also fall asleep, but you will be able to count further. Quite normal is the failure to sleep during the first five attempts. But later you can count to one and not fall asleep. You are surprised to realize that you are relaxed, do not think about anything, your head is incredibly light. Now you can solve any problem! Think about a problem that bothers you, and an easy and logical solution will come to your mind. Can not remember where they left the keys to the apartment? Think about it, and you'll see where they put it.

Execute the desired

Does the alpha state of the brain fulfill desires? The testimonies indicate that in this state you can create a new reality for yourself. Since you are opening up for creative ideas, then, of course, this is true. What are you dreaming about? About meeting your soul mate, about an apartment, or getting a job? Think about it using the alpha state of the brain. The practitioners' comments indicate that new thoughts are coming up about how to bring the desired, and images from the imagination come alive very soon. In this there is no miracle as such. He could not be studied more than ten percent - it was the mechanism of his work, and not anatomy. We do not know what exactly happens when we let this body work really, without loading useless follies.

From practice to action

Ten days from the start of training, you can go from one hundred to one and not fall asleep at the same time. With each time you can stay in the alpha state all the longer and use it more efficiently. But you will agree that it is tedious and long to count from one hundred to one every time. Therefore, from the 11th day, say to yourself before the countdown, the following: "Now I will count from fifty to one and will enter the alpha state, not falling asleep at the same time." Meanwhile, do not be surprised if you fall asleep, because your subconscious mind is not yet ready to obey you. In two or three days you will be able to enter from the report to fifty in the alpha state. Reviews say that if you continue to fall asleep, then this is not an excuse to return to one hundred. Just practice further.

When you learn to get into the right state from fifty, learn to move from thirty, then from ten. The result of practice will be the ability to enter the alpha state from the countdown from five. I can not believe it? And you try!

What will you encounter in practice?

The complexity with which you come across in the first time, trying to enter the alpha state, is, first of all, "falling through" into a dream. Over the years, you have become accustomed to the fact that freeing the brain from all thoughts inevitably leads to falling asleep. But do not worry - after a couple of weeks of daily practice you can not fall asleep and stay in the alpha state for as long as you want.

Another problem that causes many to retreat at the very beginning of the journey is the impossibility of not thinking about anything. It's really difficult, because we have been told since childhood that when there are no thoughts in my head, it's bad. So, most likely, a person is stupid, if he does not think about anything. As a result, the state when we talk to ourselves all day, from the moment when we wake up from the morning, and till the moment of falling asleep, became habitual for us. A few minutes of a random alpha state are not taken seriously, and we often do not use it consciously.

If you do not think - the problem

It happens that you again and again lose the account and are distracted. Or here's another possible situation: you counted to one, but the brain works, and you are absolutely not relaxed. Do not be scared! This does not mean that the output to the alpha state is not for you. There is a small practical lesson that will allow you to control thoughts without making any effort.

Relax and take a comfortable sitting or lying position. Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting in a movie theater, and in front of you (about five meters away) a large bright screen. You sit and look at this screen (of course, mentally). Very soon different thoughts will start to enter my head. Do not try to escape from them, because it is impossible to conquer forcibly. Let them in your head, projecting onto the screen. Do not try to respond to these thoughts with a reaction, but just watch them. Without an answer from your side, if you are only an observer, thoughts will go away. Your task is to practice this way two or three days four to five times. The result will be the ability to easily present the screen, without thinking about anything and not forcing yourself to it.

Another workshop

To facilitate and accelerate the output to the alpha-state, one more lesson will help you, which you can switch to when you master the work with a white screen. Imagine on the screen an object that is familiar to you and does not look very difficult. For example, let it be an apple or a strawberry. Imagine a texture, sensations, if you touch, smell, taste. Imagine that you are inside the fruit. How do you like it there?

It is the white screen that will become your desktop while the brain is in alpha state. On it you will imagine yourself happy, famous or secured. However, some people come to him intuitively, while others need to be trained. Do not be afraid if you do not get it right away. We are so used to thinking in the usual way for us that the transition to a new level of thinking may seem very difficult. The most important thing is not to give up practical training.

Fiction about the alpha state

Since this topic is more than popular today, one can find a lot of fictitious information about the alpha state. We spread some myths.

1. "Not everyone can enter." In fact, neurosurgeons have proven that 96% of adults can easily enter their brains into this state. If you do not succeed, then do not rush to sin on what you think of these 4%. Practice, and you will certainly succeed.

2. "There are people with a congenital alpha-state." Any state of the brain is not something permanent because of the way this organ works. Almost all people can enter the alpha state and eventually learn to visit it as much as possible.

3. "Many sources state that it is necessary to be in the alpha state for at least 20 minutes." In fact, there are no time limits, either limiting the stay. Practice, and every day your time in this state of brain activity will only increase.

4. "The most effective way of entering is meditation." The alpha state is a natural state of the brain. It is believed that the easiest way is to immerse him in a person, if you put him in a warm dark room. The only drawback is that you will quickly fall asleep, while meditation allows you to be conscious enough for a long time. Use practices with a white screen, visualization of objects on it and step-by-step entry into the alpha state.

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