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"Aviation" is a cocktail with a hundred-year history. Recipe and Cooking

Interest in club culture leads to interest in beverages served at parties. On the expanses of the country there were professional bartenders, able to do without peeping in the recipient of any of the hundreds of cocktails. There were also aesthetes in drinks, knowing well what they should include, and to taste determining the accuracy of the prescription. Both categories of specialists did not pass by "Aviation" - a cocktail, which has a festive look, delicate taste and exquisite aroma. Fans of these drinks certainly tried it and agree with this opinion.

Aviation: cocktail with history

Composition five years ago celebrated its centenary. For the first time he was served by clients Hugo Enslin in 1911; He also described the preparation and indicated the ratio of ingredients five years later in the collection of cocktail recipes.

However, in 1930 the "Aviation" -cocktail underwent a change: because the violet liquor was on the list of scarce goods, it was deleted from the list of components in the new recipient by Harry Craddock. At the same time, the drink lost a huge part of its charm: the sky-blue color, for which the name was given, and the harmony of taste - the cocktail became sourish.

In the fortieth year, another bartender, Patrick Duffy, returned the liquor to the team, but this did not fix the situation, as it was still impossible to get Crème de Violette. So until 2007, when it was re-launched, this "Aviation" -cocktail was unrealistic.

By the way, in its original form it is on the list of drinks of the International Bar Association (IBA).

Formulation and preparation

When it comes to cocktail "Aviation", the recipe can be offered in two types: modern and correct. Violet liqueur with the romantic name Crème de Violette is still hard to buy, even in the States and advanced Europe. But for the persistent lucky ones, we first give the development of Hugo Enslin:

  1. Two pieces of good gin.
  2. One part of freshly squeezed juice of liquor and liquor "Maraschino".
  3. Half dose of the coveted Crème de Violette.
  4. Cocktail-cherry or lemon twist for decoration.

However, a modern cocktail "Aviation" is more available for execution. The recipe in this case will look like this:

  1. Jin (again quality) - 3 \ 5 of the total.
  2. "Maraschino" is one part.
  3. Lemon juice is one part.

Preparation in both cases is the same: the ice is poured into the shaker with pieces, drinks are poured, citrus is squeezed out. The cocktail is shaken, poured into a glass with filtering and is decorated.

In some cases, people are trying to prepare "Aviation" -cocktail, replacing the gin with vodka. In our opinion, this is a mockery of the recipe, and the output turns out anything, except what Hugo Enslin intended in his time.

Assemblies by components

If you are so lucky that you managed to get Crème de Violette, you get to be not only cocktail "Aviation". The composition of the components included in it allows you to prepare and other drinks - with small changes in the recipe.

  1. The cocktail "Luna" is prepared in the same way as "Aviation", only the brackets are taken out by the "Maraschino".
  2. "Moonlight" has a similar composition, but the "Marcino" is changing the orange "Cointreau".
  3. "Cream Yvette" exactly repeats the composition of "Aviation", but supplemented with spices.

Have a nice evening with tempting drinks!

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