Persistent lipstick from "Max Factor". Lipstick "Max Factor": palette, types, reviews

High quality, well-deserved authority among professionals - all this is about the cosmetics of the famous company "Max Factor". Lipstick is an indispensable cosmetic product for any make-up. And the company has developed the ideal means for the lips - moisturizing and persistent lipsticks "Color Elixir" and "Lipfiniti". Today we learn how these cosmetic products look, and what women think about them.

Moisturizing product

Lipstick "Max Factor. Color Elixir "- an excellent remedy for lip protection against dryness and cracks. On 60% it consists of natural components, vitamins, vegetable oils, antioxidants and extracts of useful plants. This lipstick can be presented even to the most capricious lady. Spectacular gold packaging is the embodiment of luxury, glamor. And the lipstick itself will cause a storm of enthusiasm and positive emotions. The peculiarity of this particular model is a wide range of colors. Any woman can find the right shade for herself.

Color spectrum

If you want to make mom, sister, beloved girl a good gift on March 8, then you need to stop your choice on such a cosmetic product for the lips, like lipstick "Max Factor." Palette "Color Elixir" is so wide that any woman will be lost, seeing a variety of colors.

So, for lovers of dark make-up there are such tones:

  1. Brown foundation. It includes means of such coloring: bronze, brandy, juicy peach, burnt caramel, fruit kiss.
  2. For catchy make-up, you can pick out the colors of red: pomegranate, mother of pearl, chili, scarlet ghost, crimson.
  3. For everyday calm make-up, a pink and purple palette will suit: an English rose, a pink tree, a flame, ice, coral.

Each particular shade has its own number. For example, tender fuchsia was given the tone 09 № 665. That is, so that a woman is not lost in a variety of colors, it is enough for her to know the number of her favorite lipstick and already on it to buy the product of a well-known cosmetic company. In total there are 24 shades.

How to use?

Nothing is easier than painting your lips with a quality gloss from the famous company "Max Factor". Lipstick "Color Elixir" is applied quite easily. For this you need:

  1. Open the bottle, scroll it from below so that the lipstick appears.
  2. Apply the cosmetic product to the lips and spread it over the entire surface.
  3. Get wet with a napkin and apply a second coat.
  4. Cover your lips with a translucent powder between the layers to make the cosmetics last longer.

Positive estimates

Lipstick "Max Factor" reviews the representatives of the fair sex receives mostly positive. The series "Color Elixir" deserves flattering responses on such grounds:

  • Package design. Many women note that the lipstick is in a beautiful gold vial. It closes tight enough, even there is a special lock. It is very convenient, because a woman will know that the lid does not open, the lipstick does not break.
  • An excellent palette. Colors of lipstick from the "Color" series are amazing, they emphasize the natural beauty of the lips.
  • Excellent pigment resistance. Lipstick well holds on the lips and for 6 hours the girl does not need to paint them. At the same time, she can drink and eat anything she wants. Cosmetics will not dry out, but will remain on the lips.
  • Caring lipstick. Many girls note that this cosmetic product perfectly moisturizes and cares for the lips, protects against dryness in windy and cold weather.

Negative responses of girls about lipstick "Max Factor. Color Elixir »

Not all representatives of the weaker sex liked this model of caring cosmetics. There are girls who remained dissatisfied with the moisturizing product of the famous firm "Max Factor". Lipstick "Color Elixir" did not like some women for the following reasons:

  1. Unpleasant smell and smack.
  2. The product dries the lips.
  3. A lot of brilliance. Some girls do not like that lipstick "Max Factor" ("Color") is very shiny. However, this characteristic is for an amateur.

Cosmetic product 2 in 1

Lipstick Max Factor. Lipfiniti "- a revolutionary care for the lips of the product, which gives the mouth a super-strong color, and also gives excellent moisturizing. This model of cosmetic product has a system of special pigments that provide a strong link between lipstick and skin. The set usually includes lip gloss, which is applied last.

If you are already tired of tinting your lips during the day, then with a lipstick "Max Factor. Lipfiniti "does not have to do this. After all, this is a super-resistant product that will not wither even after eating. In order for the lips to look lush and sexy, you need to apply first lipstick, which will give a great color to your lips, and then a balm, thanks to which the make-up will not be washed off or slipped. By the way, you can use shine during the day.

Lipstick is applied easily:

  1. First, you need to degrease your lips using a make-up remover.
  2. Open the applicator with lipstick, apply it on the lips.
  3. Wait for 1 minute until the first layer dries.
  4. Apply gloss.

Positive evaluation of super-resistant cosmetics

Lipstick Max Factor (Lipfiniti) reviews are mostly approved. Here are the advantages of this decorative cosmetics girls:

  • Excellent softening of the lips.
  • Convenient design. Lipstick looks like a lip gloss: the kit includes a small tube with a brush for applying cosmetics.
  • Beautiful colors. Each girl will be able to choose the right shade for herself.
  • The shine included in the package does not stain after it has been applied over the lipstick. That is, aesthetically, everything looks beautiful.
  • Many girls note that lipstick "Max Factor" - resistant, some even compare its effect with the tattoo.
  • Women write that now there is no need to constantly look at yourself in the mirror and tint your lips. With such a lipstick make-up will look perfect all day long.
  • Girls note that with this cosmetic product you can safely kiss the opposite sex. Men also liked this lipstick, because it leaves no traces. Now the guys will not feel that they are eating shine.
  • In summer it is an indispensable thing. If most girls go to the beach without make-up, since lipsticks flow in the sun, then with a permanent shine from Max Factor, the woman will always look perfect, and her lips - juicy and sexy even after bathing.

Negative evaluation of super-resistant cosmetics

Unfortunately, lipstick "Max Factor. Lipfiniti "reviews are not always flattering. There is a small percentage of women who did not like the makeup of this company.

Here are the negative aspects that girls note in using this lipstick:

  1. If you hastily apply a cosmetic product, leaving a little behind the edges of your lips, then it will be almost impossible to wash your lips of paint. Therefore, you need to use this cosmetics very carefully.
  2. Some girls write on the forums that the company "Max Factor" lipstick has an unpleasant chemical taste.
  3. After a few hours, impressions about the product spoil. Representatives of the fair sex say: as soon as you do make-up, everything looks perfect. But after 2 hours the lipstick starts to roll down, and the lips dry. To prevent this from happening, you need to tint the mouth with the glitter that comes in the package.
  4. Unreasoned volume of cosmetic product. Some girls justifiably criticize this lipstick. After all, you can make-up it once a day, but you'll have to use it up to 5 times. It is consumed very quickly. As a result, many people get such a situation: the lipstick is not over yet, and the shine is gone. But without it lips will dry. It is better if the manufacturer made a tube with a gloss more volume than with the lipstick itself.
  5. Additional expenses. Some women are unhappy with this perseverance of lipstick. After all, it does not wash off ordinary water, you have to buy additional funds to remove makeup.


Lipstick "Max Factor", reviews of which were discussed above, is the number one choice for many girls. Because of its durability, this cosmetic product has earned a large number of fans. Lipstick and looks after the dried lips, gives the girl's image extra sexuality and expressiveness. Negative feedback from women about this cosmetics is, however, their number is small. In any case, no lipstick, even super expensive, will not have only positive marks. Anyway, there will be people who for some reason will not get the products from the company "Max Factor". Lipstick "Color Elixir", as well as "Lipfiniti" deserves attention. This is a quality product that does not cause allergies, unlike the brilliance of other manufacturers.

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