Eyeliner: how to paint beautiful and smooth arrows

One type of cosmetics - eyeliner

Intricate, expressive, deep, penetrating ... This may be the look of a girl who knows how to use eyeliner. This cosmetic means allows you to change the shape of the eyes, highlight them, significantly change their image. How to use eyeliner? How to give your eyes a shade of mystery and magic using a pencil? Of course, patience and practice will help to achieve success.

The main types of cosmetics for highlighting and emphasizing the eyes - this is a contour pencil and eyeliner. The most popular colors for them are black, brown and gray. It is these shades that blend well with the eyes of any color and are suitable for all kinds of makeup. Our tips will help you to find out how to choose eyeliner , how to paint arrows with it.

The eyeliner differs in consistency, color and shape. They can be similar in composition to the cream, gel (liquid eyeliner) or act as an alternative kind of pencil - a felt-tip pen. When choosing such a cosmetic product as podvodka, you should pay attention to a lot of nuances, among which the shape of the eyes and face, the type of skin. It is also necessary to decide with which brush is most convenient to be painted. As a liner, you can use and shadows for the eyelids.

What to choose from

The eyeliner should be chosen accordingly with the color of the makeup. If it is difficult to determine immediately, you should take the lining to a darker tone than the eye shadow, but in no case should the shades coincide. An excellent result can be obtained if you can correctly choose the color ink and eyeliner. Then from shadows it is better to refuse.

Types of leaks

What is liquid eyeliner? This is a small bottle filled with paint. A pointed brush is attached to its lid. This cosmetic product has a number of advantages: it holds well to the skin of the eyelids, has several degrees of water resistance. In addition, in the arsenal of this type of brood, a large selection of colors.

How is liquid eyeliner applied, how to paint with its help neat and smooth arrows?

First, it is better to try to draw straight lines on the hand, in order to learn how to work with a brush and determine the required amount of paint. If everything suits you, boldly approach the eyes.

Liquid podviku it is better to use for the upper eyelid. Her lines around the eye will look rough and unnatural. Well-applied eyeliner helps to make the look more penetrating and deep.

Often, in order to make the eyes expressive, women use a pencil. With its help it is convenient, and most importantly, you can quickly and accurately outline the contours of the eyelids. Different colors, composition, hardness allow women to make a choice of such a pencil, which will be convenient to use. What is a pencil like eyeliner, how to paint them contours? First of all, it should be well sharpened, otherwise the lines will turn out to be uneven and thick. Never look around completely - it will make them narrower and smaller.

An alternative to a pencil is the markers. Their disadvantage is that not all manufacturers of cosmetic products produce them. Among the advantages it can be noted that they do not need to be sharpened, they fall well on the eyelids, quickly dry out and last long.

There is also a dry liner, which resembles powder in its consistency. What is this eyeliner, how to paint with its help contours? This cosmetic product is much easier to use than liquid liner. The only problem is that when applying lines, the brush should be wetted in water, otherwise the piping will not hold.

Oily, or creamy, eyeliner is also often used to separate the eyes. How to use eyeliner for this kind of eye? Apply it with a brush dipped in water. This cosmetic means is difficult to draw arrows, and the colors are not that diverse. Among the positive qualities can be called that this podvodka quickly dries up and long keeps.

It is difficult to say exactly which pods of which firms and what type it is better to purchase. Ideally - it is better to use all kinds, and only then decide on the choice. Let your search be successful, and makeup irreproachable!

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