Makeup for the impending age: all the subtleties

Professionals can easily hide any shortcomings. Makeup for the impending age is carried out according to special rules. However, they do not limit the owner of such age in anything, she can safely use any shades and try on a variety of images. The main thing is to observe the basic principles, but otherwise you can show your imagination.

What do you need to do, doing makeup for the impending age?

There are a number of rules that, in this age structure, must be fulfilled.

1. If you do not have much experience, always paint your eyes without closing them. This is the most common mistake: girls, even knowing this rule, still paint their closed eyes. So you can do it, but only if you have good practice.

2. You do not need to apply dark shadows on the mobile eyelid . This is very important: dark shadows are applied only higher, and the mobile eyelid should be brightened.

Make-up for the impending age: instruction

1. When adjusting the eyebrows, if possible, make them a little higher. Eyebrows should be as thin and neat as possible, it will open and refresh the look. Sometimes enough professional eyebrow adjustments to almost completely rid the woman of the problem of the impending age.

2. Apply eyelid base to the eyelid. This can be a specially designed tool for this purpose. Professionals often use just light matte shadows of suitable density or even powder. But such means must be carefully selected, not each of them is suitable for these purposes, so it is better to purchase a primer. It is applied to the entire mobile and immovable upper eyelid.

3. Under the eyebrows must be applied light shadows, can be matte, but preferably with a slight natural shine (not pearly!). Our goal is to visually increase the distance from the eye to the eyebrow.

4. Now turn the light and dark shadows. Luminous are applied to the inner corner of the eye, the middle part of the mobile and a small part of the immobile eyelid.

5. The most important step is applying a corrective dark spot. The figure below shows where it should be located. But keep in mind that it will change on different centuries. Some girls with a strongly impending eyelid are forced to make its middle part thicker, the lower line of this "spot" is higher, while completely ignoring the natural fold of the century.

As you can see, there is no need to darken the outer corner. In the next photo, this is clearly visible: the lower border of dark shadows is much higher than the natural fold, and the mobile eyelid and part of the immobile are covered with very light shadows.

For the impending eyelids, it is very convenient to use a pencil technique: pick up a soft, well extinguished pencil. With your eyes open, draw a line on the upper still eyelid that will represent the crease. Gently shade it.

Thus, the rule is simple: dark shadows are applied where the hanging eyelids are pronounced . Makeup can be anything. You can even make smokey eyes, beginning to shade with dark shadows with a pencil-drawn fold and highlighting a mobile eyelid.

Makeup for the impending age: subtlety

Spend some time looking for your perfect eyelid toning. The facial structure of all is different, as is the degree of overhanging of the eyelids. Work with shadows, as with paints, composing dark and light spots, but on the face.

Do not use eyeliner - it's something that almost never goes to eyes with impending eyelids. A clear graphic line along the edge will eat an already narrow visible part of the rolling eyelid and visually make the eyes smaller. The model in the photo above makeup is made using eyeliner, but it does not have an impending age. This option is given as an example, which is quite suitable for girls with a special structure of the eyelids: a brightened moving part and a neatly shaded high loop.

The same applies to pencil cabling, but still it has wider possibilities: it can be applied very thinly and shaded, looped for later shading. The prohibition concerns only thick, clear lines along the ciliary edge.

It is desirable to tweeze eyelashes: this too can hide the features of the structure of the eye. The first photo shows a model with almost no make-up, but with eyelashes that partially compensate for overhanging eyelids. To paint eyelashes with ink is necessary, achieving a natural effect. In this case, the drama is not suitable, if you want more aggression in the make-up, it is better to make a more intensive corrective spot. Lower eyelashes are better not to paint at all or cover with one layer of carcass.

Beginners are not recommended to use mother-of-pearl shades. They are permissible, but it is more difficult to work with them than with matte ones.

So, performing makeup for the impending eyelids, pay special attention to the eyebrows and to carefully draw the darkening, which will correct the defect.

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