How to visually enlarge the eyes: a set of tips

Find a woman, completely satisfied with her own appearance, is quite difficult. The representatives of the fair sex in the blood of the desire for constant improvement itself. If a lady is carefully considering her reflection in the mirror, rest assured, she will certainly find some defects in her appearance. Too snub nose, small eyes, and others. However, some really do have some drawback. Next, we will talk about how to visually enlarge the eyes. Several means can be used for this.

How to visually enlarge the eyes using cosmetics

If the make-up is applied skillfully, it allows you to make the eyes much more expressive and larger. You can use the advice of professionals to achieve the desired result. First of all, you need to use shadows. The darkest shades need to be applied at the outer corner of the eyes. The maximum light shade should be located directly under the eyebrow, and the middle tone is used on the mobile eyelid and the crease behind it. In dark pencil it is necessary to draw a line along the edge of the eyelid, very close to the place of growth of the eyelashes. Now it was the turn of giving the eyelashes a curved shape. When using a solid carcase, it is worth combing them with a brush. Now it is necessary to put a blush from the top of the cheekbones to the temples, choosing the color depending on the fashion trends and skin color. Lip makeup is the final touch. It is necessary to draw a contour with a white or light pencil. When staining the lips, it is important to remember that the middle should get a little lighter.

This option is classic, but all have a certain appearance of the individual features, so this scheme is to make certain adjustments. If the eyes are widely spaced, then it is worthwhile to draw the inner corner as carefully as possible, without having to draw the outer corner. Eyebrows should be brought closer to the bridge of the nose. On the inner part of the eye in this case it is necessary to put as much dark shadows, which then must be blurred to the eyebrows. So you can not only fix a wide landing, but also visually increase your eyes. If the widely planted everything is clear, then what to do with closely planted?

How to visually enlarge the eyes, planted closely

This will help a dark pencil. It is necessary to draw a line from the middle of the upper and lower eyelids to the outer corner. The most light shadows should be applied to the inner corner, and from the middle of the century it is necessary to use darker colors. The distance between the eyebrows you should do as much as possible. It is worth using the tweezers, if your eyebrows grow too close or even fused.

How to visually enlarge the eyes, if they are narrow

Here you can use a simple recommendation. It is worthwhile to draw a line not at the line of growth of eyelashes, but at some distance from them. The resulting contour must be slightly shaded.

When choosing a make-up, color and shape are important. If you want to increase your eyes visually, then you should remember that the full cheeks will look harmonious only with a one-color dark ink. Mother-of-pearl contour is an excellent assistant for increasing the incision of eyes with swarthy skin. In fashion again, false eyelashes, which will help not only to make the eyes more expressive, but also perfectly suited for evening make-up.

Another useful "focus" that allows somehow to increase the eyes, are colored lenses. This became possible due to the fact that now produced lenses with a coal contour. The combination of a smooth transition from the color zone to the transparent, as well as spectacular contour, gives the eyes a natural look and makes them more expressive. It is important to choose lenses that will fully match your type of face.

From all the above it is clear that you can make your image perfect by using simple techniques.

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