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Quotes, statements of great people about women

Have you ever thought about how much the statements of great people about women are not similar to the ideas of women themselves about being, essence and their own nature? Of course, poets, writers, public figures subtly capture the essence of the female character. However, men and women look at the ladies' world, as if from different poles. This is fully confirmed by the statements of famous women of our era.

Woman as the root cause of vice

Even beginning with the biblical writings, representatives of the beautiful half of mankind were identified with vice and low desires, they were attributed falsity and calculation of self-interest. But without beautiful ladies, no man thought of his existence. In the times of ancient culture, the statements of great men about women fully confirm the inner struggle of the male ego. This fully confirms the words of King Solomon that "a woman is sweeter than life and worse than death" at the same time. A lot of judgments boiled down to the fact that the lady's soul was sold to the devil himself, and only then is given to the god, when the devil turns away from her.

Beautiful ladies as an object of lust

Years passed, men continued to lose their heads from love and more and more often began to chant unearthly beauty. Sayings of great people about women in verse amazingly convey the whole sensual component of the relationship between the sexes. Until now, the great works with inspiration and ecstasy re-read the lovers, and many lines of poems have become winged phrases and aphorisms. The most subtle female essence was caught by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin with his imperishable phrase "the less a woman we love, the more we like her." And the French philosopher Voltaire claimed that "all opposites converge in the heart of a woman." Despite the fact that the woman was still identified with vice and was primarily an object of lust, men did not think their life without a vivid sense of love. So, Victor Hugo said that love is akin to salt for meat, it fuels the heart, thus protecting it from spoilage.

"They demand the biggest and smallest ..."

Also, among the ancient sayings, the craving of great people to point out women's shortcomings is increasingly being traced, among which foolishness and the desire to manipulate husbands and lovers, eternal feminine inconstancy, stand apart. Sayings of great people about women seem to reveal all the problems of an incomprehensible female soul. However, the advanced judgments of that era have already begun to be reduced to the fact that even the most mediocre ugly woman can be made a beautiful young lady, it is only necessary ... to love her. To all this, many wise people have noticed how nice the ladies are to the diamonds, which are capable of clouding the mind.

Sayings of great people about women and flowers, fruits and enjoyment

No wonder that beautiful ladies from ancient times were compared with nature itself, with the earth proceeding from the holy destiny to be a mother. Female beauty is usually compared to the beauty of a beautiful flower. And this beauty can be unobtrusive and modest, like a field flower, or bright and refined, like a rose or an orchid. Many tried to unravel a woman the way you can recognize the nature of a flower, when you tear a petal from the bud behind a petal.

Janusz Gaudin vividly described the obstinacy and the eternal desire to subdue a man, saying that it is not enough for other women to present a bouquet of beautiful roses, they want a man to change the water in a vase. And despite the notorious thorns, roses, like women with their incomprehensible mysterious character, it is customary to admire, comparing the beauty and tenderness of buds with the very love. And without love for a woman, a man does not think of his existence, comparing this feeling with an inner cleansing. Therefore, the statements of great people about women-mothers are filled with deep feelings of affection and gratitude, tenderness, warmth of mother's hands.

Our contemporaries

Since the end of the 19th century, women have been taking more and more participation in public affairs, developing, training and achieving universal recognition. Now the ladies themselves have become too emancipated and independent. And more and more often the statements about women change. There are not so many great people, but every intelligent and wise man can become famous for his judgments. Women themselves, public figures, politicians and public persons speak of themselves as the keeper of the home, the mother who forgot her interests for the sake of the younger generation.

The most progressive views are our contemporary, actress, director, goodwill ambassador of the United Nations, mother of six children, three of whom are reception rooms. It's about a genius man, a loving and beloved woman, Angelina Jolie. The actress calls to keep in thoughts disinterestedness. According to her, when a person does good deeds without regard to reward, in the future it will return a hundredfold. Speaking about the fact that the modern way of life makes a woman strong, the actress notes that any, even the most emancipated and independent woman, accustomed to "pulling" parents, brothers and sisters, children alone, subconsciously wants to be weak. That's why she chooses a strong man for her companions.

Sayings about women of great people: Coco Chanel

Changed not only the fashion look, but also the consciousness of the beautiful half of humanity, the famous Coco Chanel was not used to practicing self-flagellation and looking for her own oddities, she was not used to explaining anything. Here and the statements of the Frenchwoman are not reduced to a description of women's qualities and traits, but rather resemble a call to action. That there is only a winged phrase, sounded like a bolt from the blue: "There are no ugly women, there are lazy." The ladies listened, took the aphorism for armament and simply changed their way of life.


Sayings of great people about women basically boil down to admiration for the beauty and forgiveness of stupidity. Our great compatriot Faina Ranevskaya said somehow that the Lord created women beautiful, so that they could be loved by men. But stupidity is given to women as a counterbalance, otherwise they will not be able to love a man.

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