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How to put money on the phone from the Sberbank card? Tips and Tricks

With the advent of modern technology, many things have become more convenient to do, even without leaving home. In addition, with the growth of competition in the sphere of banking services, a lot of proposals for clients have appeared. One of them is to replenish the balance of your phone. About how to put money on the phone from the card of the Savings Bank, will be told in this article.

Service Convenience

As it was said above, to replenish the account of a mobile phone, there is even no need to leave the boundaries of your own home. Everyone will agree that it is convenient. But there are other options when you need to seek help from an ATM. There are several ways that help to transfer money from the card to the phone. It is enough to choose the most suitable one, and the subscriber will be again in touch. This option is able to help out in many situations, for example, on a business trip.

The basic ways how to put money on the phone from the card of the Savings Bank

The most busy or advanced users of the Internet can use the service "Sberbank-online". Only first you need to connect the Internet banking system. To do this, you will need to personally travel to the office of the credit institution and receive instructions or advice from the manager. After all the procedures, the client can quickly and easily transfer money to the phone from the card via the Internet.

If it is not possible to replenish the balance via the worldwide network, then you can use an ATM, a special payment device or a mobile phone. In the latter case, the Mobile Bank service should also be activated.


So, to put money on the phone from the card of the Savings Bank, you must first determine the chosen method. In the event that the client decided to choose an ATM or a special payment device, then it is enough for him to insert his card into the office and enter the pin code. Next, you need to select the item "Payments" in the menu and find your mobile carrier. After that, in the window that appears, dial the phone number and the amount that the subscriber wants to put on the account. The transfer of money from the card to the phone is instantaneous, you can make sure of this by receiving an SMS notification about the payment.

To replenish the balance via the Internet, you need to enter your personal account in the Sberbank-online system. After that, enter the login and password issued by the manager in the office. Next, choose the "Payments" menu and your mobile operator. As in the ATM, you will need to enter the phone number and the amount of replenishment.

If neither the Internet nor the ATM is nearby, you can use the phone. To transfer money, you need to activate the Mobile Bank service. How to do this was said above. Next, you need to send a message to number 900, in the text of the letter specify the amount, for example 200. It should be borne in mind that the money will be delivered only to the number whose SIM card was tied to a bank card. If you want to transfer money to another subscriber, you need to send SMS to number 900 with text TELEPHONE 8 ********** 200.

To complete the payment process, you will need to send the code to number 900, received from Sberbank.

Other features

Sberbank provides its customers with a variety of services. For example, you can not only transfer money to your phone from a bank card, but also from a card to a card. This option is very useful and convenient, especially if the owner of another card is on a trip and he ran out of money. To help a person in this situation, it is enough to enter the number of his mobile phone, and the number of the bank card will be determined automatically. The only condition is the availability of the connected Mobile Bank service. So, to send money, you need to dial 900 and the text of the message containing the number in the format 903 *******, and specify the transfer amount, for example, 500 (limit - 8000 rubles). In response SMS from Sberbank it will be necessary to check the data of the recipient, namely his name, patronymic, and also the letter on which the surname begins. The bank must send the code to be entered in the response SMS and send it as a confirmation of the operation. The whole procedure takes less than one minute. That's why this service will save a lot of time for both clients.

Tips for last

Thus, it becomes clear that in putting money on the phone from the card of the Savings Bank, there is nothing complicated. It is enough to connect the necessary packages of services and enjoy the convenience. Already more than five million users rated this quality.

In order not to forget your bank card in the payment terminal or ATM, it is necessary to withdraw it after completing all operations. As a rule, the device itself beeps. It must be done, because cases of fraud increased.

In the event that there is no possibility or time to personally contact the bank to connect any service, then you can do this using a terminal or ATM.

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