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Want to know how to make a "Corn" card?

Plastic cards are tightly integrated into our lives. Many with them do not part - the same as with mobile phones. And there are a lot of varieties of the mentioned cards. Not so long ago Euroset offered its customers a new card with the original name "Corn". She has an interesting design, but this is not the most important thing. Before answering the question of how to make a map of "Corn", let's consider its features.

Main advantages

1. To receive the mentioned card it is possible in the salon of the company "Euroset" free of charge and very quickly (for a couple of minutes).

2. A debit card easily turns into a credit card if desired. To do this, it is enough to issue a loan in any bank that cooperates with the company "Euroset".

3. Lack of maintenance fees during the year. Naturally, many owners like it very much.

4. To improve the security of all operations performed via the Internet, 3-D Secure security is applied. By the way, many become interested in how to issue a map of "Corn", just after they learn about this feature. After all, online shopping is gaining momentum these days.

5. The card can be used for a long time (up to 10 years).

6. There are free informing SMS about the operations that are being carried out.

All of the above suggests that the plastic card in question is a fairly profitable financial instrument. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to learn how to make a "Corn" card.

In which cases can I use the "Corn" card

With the help of the card in question, you can perform the following operations:

  • Refill the account on the phone;
  • To make utility payments;
  • Pay traffic police fines;
  • Cash out funds through an ATM;
  • Make various purchases, including on the Internet.

So, how to make a map of "Corn", and what is needed for this?

Note, if there is a desire to use borrowed funds, it is necessary to open a limit loan on the card. But first you need to get it. This process will not take you much time and will not cause any particular trouble, since it is not difficult to draw up a map of "Corn" in Euroset. Go to the nearest salon of the company. Present your passport and state your desire to use their service. Employees will fill out the agreement on servicing the card and will immediately give it to you. For release it is required to pay 100 rubles. However, they will be transferred to your account, so you can consider this procedure to be free.

Some people ask how you can get the actual credit card "Corn". In fact, it is universal - it combines bonus, debit and settlement.

By the way, it will not be possible to issue a "Corn" card via the Internet, but there is an opportunity to make an online application for a loan. And after approval, go to the nearest branch of the company "Euroset" to pick it up.

After you get a card, ask to open a limit, if you want it. You will need to fill out an application, then the bank officer will ask you to wait a bit. The approved limit is 300 thousand rubles, and it can be used immediately after approval.

Where to replenish the account?

You can do it without commission in the salons of Euroset, taking your passport with you. You can also replenish your account through the payment terminal. Commission in this case, the usual - 2% of the amount. You can also use the purses of domestic payment systems. Only preliminary find out the size of the commission.

Important specification: citizens of over 18 years can apply for this card, and the credit limit is available only to those who are older than 24 but younger than 57 years.

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