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Easy vacuum exercise will help remove fat from the abdomen

Very effective is the vacuum exercise for a flat stomach. For a month with its help you can significantly reduce the volume of your waist and turn the press into an ideal one. The figure will become slim with morning and evening lessons. The most important thing is not to miss them. Exercise vacuum is very simple in execution, so it is suitable for both women and men.

The benefit and effect of the exercises

Many decide to do fitness in order to remove a large belly that hinders and looks ugly. There can be many reasons: great love in a foam drink, poor nutrition or the birth of a child. To put in order the figure, using the vacuum exercise, is very simple. In addition to vacuum, you can try other physical exercises that will help you lose weight. An excellent option - aerobics classes. It must be remembered that the exercise vacuum is not a power exercise, which helps to get rid of excess fat and build up the mass of the topic. This is primarily a respiratory system, which will allow you to lose weight and strengthen muscles. Due to the fact that all exercises are based on breathing, active enrichment of internal organs with oxygen and their massage in the vacuum space occurs.

How to properly perform an exercise vacuum

Before you start the exercise, you need to understand that it's difficult to learn how to do it at once. Do not despair and throw. Only constant training will teach you how to do it effectively. To perform the exercise you need to stand upright, put your feet on the width of your shoulders. Then you need to bend forward as if you want to sit on a stool. In this case, the legs should be slightly bent, and the hands on the knees. To look it is necessary forward. This position is the most ideal for vacuum exercises. After that, you can try the exercise by lying and sitting down.

The most important thing is breathing

1. Complete exhalation. It is necessary to slowly let out air, it should not remain inside.

2. Quick breath. As soon as the air exhale, you need to compress your lips with all the force and eagerly to inhale, trying to completely fill the lungs in one breath. This is the basis of the whole exercise. Taking the air into the lungs, you need to slightly raise your head, press your lips and be ready to breathe out the air. He must come out abruptly. This is the most difficult moment of the exercise, which will not happen immediately. At exhalation there should be a strong sound, such as "groin"!

3. Delayed breathing and retraction of the abdomen. Take care not to get air into the lungs. The head should be tilted, and the stomach should be retracted. Thus there is a vacuum inside. In this position it is necessary to stand and count down to ten. You can start with eight.

After that you can relax and take a quiet breath. In the beginning, the exercise may seem complicated. Nevertheless, it is necessary to try and do the vacuum exercise. The reviews of the achieved result on this technique are simply amazing. Following the recommendations listed, you can quickly bring the body in order.

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