"Furniture-Via": customer reviews

Good furniture should meet many consumer needs, but there are basic indicators, without which the manufacturer will not be able to sell their products. They include: quality, current design, compliance with the "price / quality" ratio and after-sales service. Manufacture of furniture is a multi-stage process. Companies that rely only on the production and wholesale of products often win more than manufacturers who decide to cover all the stages: from production to the assembly of furniture from the final buyer. "Furniture-Via" - a company in which produce, sell, deliver and collect furniture.

About company

The company "Furniture-Via" is positioned as a factory that produces furniture. The shops, warehouses of finished products and administrative resources are located in the Moscow region. This allows the company to be close enough to its main target audience, to respond flexibly to consumer requests and the challenges of retail chains.

The main difference between the TM "Furniture-Via" and the competitors of the furniture market is that the factory sells its products exclusively through the online store. There are no salons in the physical dimension, which makes the selling price of finished furniture cheaper. The cost of the final product does not include an additional amount to cover the content of exhibition space, the wages of sales personnel, intermediary services, etc.

All products are certified and hygienic registration in accordance with Russian and world standards. Own service constantly monitors the quality of finished products. In total, the enterprise produces more than 80 items of furniture of different categories.


All product assortment is divided into categories produced by the "Mebel-Via" factory.

Description of products on the main sections is as follows:

  • Cushioned furniture. In the category there are sofas of straight and angular shapes, armchairs - beds, compact couches, sofas. The entire range of upholstered furniture is equipped with folding mechanisms.
  • Cabinet furniture. The most extensive category of goods. Here are sets of furniture for the bedroom, living room, hallway, cabinet, nursery. You can buy both a set and individual items, making a set for your own taste and discretion.
  • Kitchens and dining rooms. The buyer is offered a large selection of kitchen sets, dining groups and individual positions of tables, chairs, stools, kitchen sofas and corners.
  • Bedroom furniture. Following the consumer demand, the company "Mebel-Via" offers bedrooms for beds of several sizes (double, single, children's, frame, with different length of the sleeper), separate bed bases and mattresses. When choosing a bed, you can pick up the rest of the furniture for the room.
  • Cabinets. Storage systems are offered with swing doors, coupe, shelving. Focusing on the standard dimensions of the furniture, you can choose a wardrobe for the apartments, arrange individual modules in a single composition, choose your own unique wardrobe that will fully match the design of the room.
  • Sale of commercial balances. This section contains different furniture that has not yet found its buyer. It is just as good as the rest. The remains are an impressive discount.

The manufacturer is interested in the rapid sale of products, so there are always discounts on "Furniture-Via". Consumer testimonials say that their availability was often the decisive factor when buying.

Negative about upholstered furniture

Soft furniture always has a demand, and consumers often look for sofas, beds and armchairs. These items are presented in a wide range in the company that produces "Furniture-Via." Customers' reviews were divided in terms of quality, delivery and assembly. In negative reviews warn that couches can have upholstery of poor quality, although when ordering it was specified exactly what it should be. Some buyers point to the subsidence of seats after operation in just a few days. Many did not like the smell of furniture brought in, which did not erode for several days.

Also, a large number of buyers had to take their own measures to improve the assembly of the structure, otherwise the sofa or bed threatened to break up into constituent elements. There are indications that in some cases when assembling furniture were superfluous details, and someone complained about the incomplete assembly kit. Those who could not get a full sofa because of the missing detail, sometimes expected her appearance in her house for several weeks, trying unsuccessfully to get through to the company "Mebel-Via."

Reviews with a plus sign

Feedback from the positive direction is full of gratitude to the manufacturer for a successful acquisition. Many in this company managed to buy a sofa of a compact size for an affordable price. There is a fast and high-quality work of the collectors, there are positive responses about the delivery made in the specified terms. Almost all the reviews point out that the cost of furniture, in particular sofas and beds, is very pleasant, which made it possible for buyers to buy from the manufacturer not one position, but several at once.

What did not like in the furniture

A large number of offers of cabinet furniture makes the store popular. "Furniture-Via" reviews about their products is multidirectional. Buyers who left reviews about their acquisitions and impressions of the company's work indicate that a large number of shares and discounts put the Furniture-Via factory one of the first places in the priority of consideration of proposals. But, faced with the work of the company and the delivery service, everyone has to participate in a lottery with two lots - lucky or unlucky.

Those who are unlucky with furniture, talk about the incomplete delivery of furniture, the frequent lack of many fittings. There are cases when the facade and interior parts of the furniture sets were of different colors, often furniture was not delivered on time, and delivery delays were several weeks. Loyal responses about marriage concern internal surfaces of tables, cases, poor-quality accessories from ТМ "Furniture-Via".

About good

The positive moments and characteristics of cabinet furniture are no less than negative. They are the story of a quality product, praise the delivery service, a lot of attention is paid to the assemblers who skillfully and quickly do their work. A large number of buyers note that a successfully made purchase helped to save finances, nerves and time. I did not have to go shopping and talk to a lot of sellers, trying to find a table, a cot in the hallway or a children's corner.

"Furniture-Via" (soft, case) from buyers evokes a lively response, as the manufacturer promises good quality, and low cost explains the absence of overhead. Delivery is carried out by the partner company, it is possible for the manufacturer to pay attention to the work of the logistics group or to establish its own.

Bedroom sets

The factory produces a large line of bedroom sets. Their size, configuration, color scheme make it possible to choose an option that meets all the requirements of the buyer. You do not need to buy all the items offered at once from any bundle. You can select individual pieces of furniture from different sets and make up your own composition. Natural colors and actual design characterize the furniture of Lucia.

Reviews ("Via-Mebel" has certificates for all of its products) for complete sets are not available. Most assessments are given to individual bedroom furniture items: beds, cabinets, pedestals. Good reviews are given about orthopedic mattresses, choice of bed length and variety of design options.

Negatively respond about the delivery, often cases of incomplete configuration of accessories, lamellas and substandard materials used in production. Many complaints come about the unstable legs of the beds, which can lead to injuries.

Pros and cons of kitchen sets

Kitchen sets of furniture in the factory are produced in large quantities, the assortment is diverse in size, colors, filling and completing. For consumers to decide in one fell swoop the issue of kitchen furniture is very important, especially in urban conditions, the lack of time for a long choice. Kitchen set, dining room, stools, corners, benches offer to buy on the site "Furniture-VIA.ru".

Buyers' comments say that the opportunity to purchase interior items in this way is convenient, simple and fast. A positive aspect is called a variety of sizes and designs, the ability to select a kit, a system of discounts and promotions for goods.

Negative responses describe the ordeals with the delivery, assembly and poor-quality fittings of drawers. Also there is not always a complete set of kitchen cabinets: there may not be enough internal shelves from the company "Mebel-Via". The reviews are also full of customer dissatisfaction with the failure to deliver and assemble. According to the arrangements, delivery and assembly of furniture should take place within one or two days, in fact the process dragged on for weeks, and buyers had to side with the impressive boxes of disassembled furniture.

Cabinets and shelving: reviews

The closed-type and open-type storage systems are offered by Mebel-Via. Reviews with a plus sign are given to a large assortment, design, choice of colors. Cabinets are also available for those who like the "closet-coupe" system, and for those who prefer to use the swinging doors. The shelves and racks have a modern design and will fit any room in color and size. These advantages were noted in the positive assessments of consumers.

Faced with the implementation of the transaction, some buyers have discovered and the negative side of working with the company "Furniture-Via." The technical specifications of the cabinet or rack, declared in the product passport, did not always correspond to the real state of affairs. Quite often, the doors of the sliding-door wardrobes slipped poorly along the rails, and the racks were unstable and could not withstand sufficient load. Also, a lot of indignation was expressed in the address of consultation, delivery, bundling and assembly services.


The delivery service for most buyers was a field for testing the strength reserves of the nervous system. And the indignation concerns both the consultant operators, and directly people delivering "Furniture-Via." Feedback negative tone prevail over positive assessments. Consumers note a poor communication between the manufacturer and the logistics service, which causes inconveniences to fall on the buyer's shoulders. Often, in response to questions about the arrival of long-purchased furniture in the house, consumers in response heard frank rudeness or a complete lack of any response, and sometimes a blatant lie.

But there are also positive assessments of the work, some users give a warm response to individual employees of the delivery service, telling them "thank you" by name. Point out the work of employees, thanks to which they managed to quickly get furniture, to assemble high quality and at the same time to preserve positive emotions and express their gratitude to both the manufacturer and the logistician.


The complaints service deserved only negative assessments among the clients of the company "Mebel-Via". Customers' reviews tell that in this service it is impossible to get an answer to simple questions: when the refund will be made, the quality products will be replaced, where you can pick up the missing parts, etc. If you solve these problems in a short time and perform high quality work at all stages The number of complaints could be significantly reduced.

In the domestic market, the problem of service is one of the unsolved. In Russia they know how to do well, but often poorly accompany production processes on the way to the final consumer. The service industry has not yet emerged from its rudimentary state, and in fact during the crisis it is her job that helps the manufacturer to remain competitive even at a high cost of the goods.

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