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How to Craft a Piston in Meincraft, and What It Is for

In "Maynkraft" you are given almost unlimited power over the world around you - you can change it, extract resources and from them create something new. This and this project stands out - it does not have a specific story, there are no quests or quests. You just need to survive by all possible means, and in the game you will not be prompted - you will simply find yourself with your bare hands in the middle of a dangerous world, and from now on everything will be in your own hands. What exactly can you create? Weapons, armor, potions, gears, traps and much more. This article will describe the procedure for creating a piston, as well as the principles of its use. You will find out what materials you will need, how they should be placed on a workbench, get other useful information. So, the main question: "How to craft the piston in the Maincrafter?"

Ingredients for crafting

The first thing that begins the creation of any object in the game is the collection of the necessary ingredients. If you want to learn how to craft a piston in Meincraft , then you will need quite a few items. But do not worry - almost all of them are quite common, so you do not have to search them around the world to collect at least one piston. Firstly, you need three boards that can be made from wood, and secondly, you will need four cobblestones that can be found in nature. Also you need one iron bar, for which you will have to create an oven, and red dust (it is better to stock it as much as possible, because with it, then you need to activate the ready mechanism). So, you have collected all the necessary ingredients, but what to do next? How to craft a piston in a Maincrafter? To do this, you need a recipe, which will show how to place the items on the workbench.


Each item in the "Maynkraft", which can not be found in nature, has its own recipe. To make a piston or some other thing, you will need to place all the ingredients in the correct order. How to craft a piston in a Maincrafter without a workbench? Unfortunately, this is impossible, because in the inventory you can craft only those items, the number of ingredients of which does not exceed four. In the case of the piston there are nine, so you will need a workbench in any case. In the central cage place the iron ingot, beneath it place the red dust. The entire upper row must be filled with boards, and the remaining place will be occupied by cobblestones. That's all, now you have a ready-made piston, which you can use.

Using the piston for crafting

Some items in the game can be used as an ingredient for crafting other things. In the case of a piston, this is the case - if you have wondered about how to craft a sticky piston, then you will need the result of your previous crafting. You need to add slime to it and start the process again, after which you will have what you wanted so much in your inventory. Now you know how to craft a sticky piston, and you can easily make an ordinary version.

How to use the piston?

Knowledge of the crafting of the subject is obtained - it remains only to find out what you need it for. The piston in Minecraft is a special mechanism that serves to influence other blocks, mobs and characters. When the block or entity is opposite the working part of the piston, it can be activated, and it pushes what will be in front of it, a rather large distance. Push can be in all directions, as well as up, so that the applications of the piston can be very much. Therefore, if you show a little ingenuity and creativity, you will have an incredibly useful, effective and multifunctional tool.

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