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The basic commands of the private in Minecraft

Minecraft's private teams help the player protect their territories and buildings from various disruptions. Thanks to such incantations, other players can not enter doors and buildings, and also equip their buildings. In this case, there are basic and additional options that improve or optimize a certain territory. Despite all the benefits, such teams are quite simple and understandable. And to create them is not difficult.

What is private?

Minecraft is a complex multi-level game that you can not learn at once. But one of the basic tasks for any user is to protect their own territories. This can be done only with the help of private. It gives almost limitless opportunities for self-realization and self-development.

This feature is implemented exclusively in the WorldEdit plugin. Without it, the functioning of any team ceases. Thanks to this plug-in, the team of the private in Minecraft protects the owner's territory from grippers and their destruction and flooding.

You can use two options for creating your own field. Therefore, everyone can choose their own path in terms of capabilities and abilities. The first method is based on the use of a special command and a wooden ax. The second method involves working with the special lags of the WorldEdit platform.

How to privatize a territory

Often in the game there are moments when everything that was created with such difficulty and persistence is destroyed by some envious person or a hooligan. The team for the private area in Minecraft helps to protect themselves from such troubles.

But how can this be done? To begin with it is necessary to be reserved by a special wooden ax. It is with his help that the necessary territory is allocated. To receive such an ax in your inventory, you can use the wand command. It should be entered in the chat.

The received object, pressing the left button of the mouse, it is necessary to allocate the first cube. Now use the right button to click on the next element, located diagonally. This is how the whole territory is protected. In this case, the exact coordinates of this place appear in the chat.

After this, the team of the territory's privatization in Minecraft is applied. To do this, in the same chat you need to register the region claim ... Here you also specify the name of the region. At the same time, you can add here any friend who will have the right to enter the territory. This is done with the help of the region addmember command ... The names of the territory and the player are indicated on the spot of the points.

Additional methods of building private

In addition to the method in which a wooden ax is used, there are two more commonly used. Instead of standard commands, the phrase pos is used here.

For this, as well as in the previous method, you need to set the mouse cursor on the square. After this is done, you should write in the chat: // pos 1. Then we get on the diagonal stone and again type the command: // pos 2. Now your territory is completely private.

Another method uses the same algorithm. The only difference is that other private teams in Minecraft are used here. Instead of // pos 1 and // pos 2, // hpos 1 and // hpos 2 are inserted, respectively.

The main commands of Minecraft version 1.5.2

In addition to being able to protect your playing field, developers have provided users with many other features. The following commands are used for this:

  • To determine the location of the region and assign users: region define or region addmember ... (user names).
  • To replace the territory - the team of the region redefine.
  • To remove previously added users - the word removemember.
  • You can also set your own flag. To do this, use such commands for the private territory in Minecraft 1.5.2: region flag.

If protection of this site is no longer required, you can simply delete it. To do this, just enter the following in the chat field: region delete. After that the region disappears.

Additional commands

No game can do without additional bonuses and awards. Otherwise, it would be simply uninteresting. Here in Minecraft there are special teams with which the player can improve his condition and increase the chances of winning. They can make anyone invulnerable, restore health or just kill. All this can be done on your private territory.

Additional private commands in Minecraft:

  • Using the inscription / god and the player's nickname, you can make it completely invulnerable to any opponent. It is canceled by the prefix un.
  • You can restore your health by using the / heal command. It is enough to add only the user name.
  • To kill any player or yourself, use the / slay command and nickname.
  • You can also increase the number of your own inventory to 64. To do this, the / stack is typed in the chat.
  • To quickly find any player, you need to set the / locate command. Then the arrow will clearly indicate its place on the map.
  • In the game, you can also easily extinguish the fire or cancel the flow of water, lava, etc. You just need to dial the appropriate commands: / stopfire and / stoplag.
  • You can also delete one installed protection in one word. To do this, a special command is entered into the private chat room: / cremove.
  • To set a password for any item, you need to use the word / cpassword. It's enough to add a secret phrase, and no one else will be able to crack this chest, door, etc.

A few tips

Anyone, even experienced, makes a lot of mistakes. Many of them are repeated almost in everyone. Therefore, several universal warnings have been developed. They will save the player's life and greatly simplify the passage:

  • To prevent other users from accessing especially valuable things, you need to protect them correctly. To do this, there are teams of private chests in Minecraft - / cprivate.
  • Building the protection of the territory, you should dig 4-6 blocks down, and put the pole higher. This will greatly increase the height of the imaginary cell.
  • When adding to the private, other players should be especially careful and careful. After all, you can run into the griffin, which will destroy all the built and accumulated good.

In the rest you need to rely only on your own flair and attention. After all, everything comes in due course, and from spiteful griffers it is possible to be easily fenced off with the help of the command of privat. Errors happen to everyone, but only the strong achieves success and recognition.

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