What a good car compressor: market review and reviews

Most owners of motor vehicles sometimes face such problems as wheel swapping. Especially it is unpleasant when there is no technical assistance station nearby and this process needs to be carried out with one's own hands. That is why in the trunk of each car there must be a device for inflating the wheel chambers. Not so long ago these devices were pumps of manual and foot type, but with the development of the automotive industry, automotive compressors electromechanical replaced them.

The device has become an indispensable assistant to the motorist, since the ease of operation allows the pump to be pumped in a short time, without using large physical costs. It is because of its practicality and reliability that the car compressor, reviews of which from drivers are only of a positive nature, are used by most car owners on a daily basis.


Depending on the method of technical execution, the apparatuses are divided into two types: membrane and piston. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and also differ significantly in the way they reproduce air pressure.

In a piston-type device, the moment of compression is effected by moving the piston in the cylinder. In turn, the element is driven by a crank mechanism and a reducer from a DC motor.

It is known that such pumping devices are more efficient than membrane analogs and can reproduce more pressure. Although this concept is relatively, since everything depends on the working chamber of the device itself and the power of the electric motor. Therefore, it is impossible to judge whether a good automotive compressor is piston or diaphragm compressor , this matter is purely personal and depends on personal needs.

The main disadvantages of devices

The piston unit is not designed for long-term use. The fact is that at the time of its operation, the piston group of the device and the drive parts are heated. And if the temperature becomes critical, the mechanism may be damaged. Often this happens when the compressor is used to pump the wheels with a large volume of the chamber. Typically, the normal time mode of operation of this type of apparatus is fifteen minutes, after which it needs to cool down. Otherwise, the device may break down and its further repair is not feasible.

The compressor for car tires of the membrane type has a different device and operates in a different way. Air injection occurs due to the reciprocating motion of a plastic membrane of high strength. Therefore, the mechanism of this device is less susceptible to high temperatures, and only two bearings fall into the risk zone of the mechanism.

Due to the properties of the rubber membrane in the cold season, the operation of the membrane type compressors is more difficult than the piston ones. Another drawback of the membrane apparatus is the maximum pressure that they can pump. The peak value is four atmospheres. But this is enough to pump the wheel on a car. But already as a compressor for heavy vehicles with a large volume of the wheel chamber, they can not be used. The optimal option for truck tires is the car compressor Berkut.


This indicator is expressed in the ability of the compressor to pump a certain volume of air, which is considered as liters per minute. The performance of the device, equal to 30 liters per minute, provides a fast pumping of a balloon wheel measuring fourteen inches. But for SUVs and trucks with a carrying capacity of up to three tons this will not be enough. It is necessary to use the device with a capacity of up to seventy liters per minute.

Air injection pressure

Typically, the maximum operating value is eight atmospheres. But according to the feedback of the owners of such devices, you should not trust the specified parameters in the technical passport. What a good car compressor it would be, because of its compact dimensions, this parameter does not always correspond to reality.

All units are equipped with pressure gauges, digital or arrows. On the scale of the pointer mechanism, several pressure measuring systems are indicated, which is very convenient for determining the degree of air compression.


Usually, motorists, before deciding on what a good car compressor is good for their vehicle, pay attention to what the device works from. In general, all injection devices are able to operate from the vehicle's network. The exception is more advanced models that can work either from auto battery or from built-in rechargeable battery. Compressors of lower capacity, as a rule, are connected through the cigarette lighter socket. The more powerful ones are equipped with additional wires to connect directly to the car battery. The charge of the built-in battery is enough to pump four wheels.

Price category

Among consumers there is an unspecified separation of devices at a cost. The automobile compressor, the price of which does not exceed 1.5 thousand rubles, is considered a household appliance capable of inflating passenger car tires, inflatable mattresses and balls, as well as fishing boats. More expensive analogs can be used to inflate the wheels of jeeps and minibuses. At the same time, their price reaches three thousand rubles. The quality of such devices is higher, and the application of such devices has a greater range. For more than three thousand, you can buy a professional compressor that can work for a long time, and, as a rule, these devices have a high degree of reliability and durability. The use of such is possible both for inflating any size of car cameras, and for other operations. For example, the device can be used as a compressor for an atomizer.

Market Review

The car compressor "Kachok" has several modifications and can be both professional and for domestic use. Consider the model K90LED. This is the best choice for owners of cars, cars with increased cross-country capacity and small trucks. The capacity of the device is forty liters per minute, and the maximum pressure is ten atmospheres.

Compressor series K90N - this is the most powerful device among the segment of this company. Its capacity is fifty liters, and the pressure of air injection is ten atmospheres. Great for cars with a large radius of wheels.

Another popular partner of this brand is the Kachok K50LED car compressor. The maximum performance is slightly less than the previous ones (30 l / min). But it has an excellent price-quality ratio, has high reliability and low noise at work.

Car compressor "Tornado"

This is another trademark, which has proved itself as a manufacturer of reliable devices for inflating the wheels. The car compressor "Tornado" model AC58 can be rightfully considered the leader in sales, as it has high production performance and stable reliability. Despite the small size, the unit is able to quickly pump the wheels of cars and SUVs. The maximum air supply pressure is seven atmospheres.

Composition of the compressor may be slightly different. Sometimes those are completed with a hose in two meters, but with a short power cord (up to 1.5 m). But it also happens on the contrary: the hose is 1 m, and the electrical line is more than two meters, which is more convenient at the time of operation. In addition, the kit includes a bag of durable material and several nozzles for the hose, for example for inflating the boat or for performing certain operations to clean the compressed air parts. The car compressor "Kachok" has a lot of positive feedback from their owners. But there are motorists who did not like the device. Most often this is due to the fact that a device of doubtful origin was purchased. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase devices only in proven points with a guarantee of high quality.


The Hyundai HY 2024 automobile compressor can be used both at home and at the professional level. It has high reliability and performance, as well as multifunctional. 250 liters per minute - quite impressive power. The compressor is equipped with a receiver with a volume of 24 liters, and is powered by an electric motor with a power of 1.8 kW. Even without looking at the impressive size and weight (24 kilograms), it can be easily moved from place to place thanks to special wheels. At this compressor car prices are set different, they can vary from 10 to 15 thousand rubles, depending on the model and its technical indicators.

Survey findings

In the end, it should be noted that only the brand product is able to meet all needs and serve for a long time. For a certain type of vehicle, you need to select the device so that it can fully perform the duties assigned to it. Therefore, what a good car compressor specifically for your car, you must decide for yourself, when choosing it is important only to rely on the technical parameters of the car and individual needs.

So, we found out what points to look for when buying such an apparatus as an automobile compressor.

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