The drug "Posterizan" - analogues. Instructions for use

There are problems that are difficult to share even with a doctor. One of these "delicate" topics is hemorrhoids. Because of their shyness, some bring this ailment to terrible neglect, leading at times to irreversible consequences. But the doctor would have found a way out and suggested treatment, having prescribed the medicinal preparation "Posterizan", analogues of which, the means of "Proctosan", "Heparin ointment" and "Hemorol", are also saved from hemorrhoids.

It is quite effective in postnatal hemorrhoids and promotes healing of anal fissures, reduces inflammation and normalizes the tone and permeability of blood vessels. The drug "Posterizan" (analogs have the same pharmacological properties) refers to anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and immunostimulating preparations of local action. When applied to affected surfaces, it reduces swelling and relieves itching. The medicine has a quick action and is well tolerated. Most often it is used in the form of suppositories (suppositories) or ointments in tubes of 25 grams.

For example, the ointment "Posterizan" (its analogue also) can be prescribed for genital itching or allergic lesions, as well as for painful cracks and postoperative wounds. Its thin layer twice a day, and also every time after bowel movement is applied to the affected area. For a deeper introduction of the ointment, a screw applicator is used. The course of treatment is usually up to 7 days, but with continuous use no longer than two weeks.

In the persistent course of hemorrhoids and anopapillitis, they usually designate "Posterizan" - candles. Analogue or the medicine itself is used no more than two weeks, a day for 2-3 pieces. After the subjective symptoms of the disease have been eliminated, it is advisable to continue the lubricated area for several days with "Posterizan" ointment at least once a day.

It is also possible to combine the use of suppositories and ointments. Before using the drug must necessarily carry out the toilet skin of the anal area. During the treatment, doctors advise to refrain from eating spicy food (adzhika, pepper, etc.), as it causes irritation of the mucous membrane of the rectum. To aggravate the disease may also be untimely emptying of the intestine, therefore it is necessary to prevent constipation.

In the absence of "Posterizan", it is advisable to use analogues only after consulting a doctor. Both they and this remedy are contraindicated in case of increased susceptibility to the components of the preparations, in particular, to phenol. They can not be used for specific lesions of the rectum and genital area - such as tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, all kinds of fungal infections. The drug "Posterizan" and preparations of a similar action are not prescribed for viral diseases. With caution, it should be used during pregnancy (especially in the first trimester), as well as when breastfeeding.

With prolonged use of the drug or applying it to large areas of the skin, various allergic reactions can occur. There are also side effects similar to those that cause adrenal hormones and their synthetic analogues. Use of the drug in elevated doses can lead to the emergence of reactions characteristic of an overdose of glucocorticosteroids, so they can not be abused.

The drug "Posterizan", its analogs, also can not be used on its own. To monitor the course of the disease should be shown regularly to the proctologist.

The drug is stored at normal room temperature, in a place protected from light, moisture and inaccessible to children. It can not be kept in the refrigerator and should not be allowed to freeze. The medicine after the expiry date can not be used.

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