How to make an expeditionary boot with your own hands?

Probably, every motorist who loves distant travel, faced with the problem of a small luggage compartment. Sometimes all the necessary things just do not fit into the luggage compartment. But what then? Put everything in the salon? It is crowded, and for passengers it is not very comfortable. And then comes to the rescue a time-tested option - an iron trunk on the roof. Such a device has already been appreciated by many travelers. However, not only they are using this invention of mankind. Summer residents use such a luggage carrier to transport everything from small things to TVs and mini-refrigerators. On the universality of this part can talk for hours, another thing - the installation. Here you need to be very careful, especially if you do an expeditionary trunk with your own hands. In this article, we describe the process of manufacturing this device in garage conditions.

Preparation for work

Before you do the expeditionary trunk with your own hands, you need to carefully prepare all the necessary tools and material. As a basis, you can take the steel pipes and weld them according to the drawing. It should be prepared before you buy all the materials. Welding machine and roulette are indispensable tools for such work. As for the length of the pipes, it must correspond to the dimensions of the roof. The dimensions of each car are different, so measure everything yourself and make precise calculations, especially if you are doing an expeditionary trunk on the Niva. In this case, you have to work a lot more with your own hands. Loads on the future design will clearly be colossal.

Expedition box with your own hands - a step-by-step process

For work we need an accurate calculation. In order to make an expeditionary trunk with your own hands, you need to weld together the corner posts in the size of 28 by 25 centimeters, as well as vertical (15 by 15). Do not forget about the installation of stiffeners, otherwise with additional loads, all the pipes will simply bend under the force of gravity. They should be placed evenly around the perimeter of the product. The optimal interval for them is 20-22 centimeters. On the edges of the corner posts you need to weld the nuts. This is done so that in the future it is possible to fix the tent on the roof, as shown in the photo below.

If you are not sure of the strength of your design and do not want to redo everything, weld the amplifiers apart from the stiffeners. Then your trunk is expeditionary, made with your own hands, as if you will not be afraid of additional loads.

In addition to the finished product, you can fix the front headlamp block (chandelier of four or six headlights), and the LED stop light repeaters do not interfere. By the way, the trunk, made personally, is universal in that it is possible to fix a lot of additional "gadgets" on it. This can be a pipe and a pneumatic signal, and an antenna, and even bump branches. And finally, we note that all these "gadgets" consist of wires, so take care of in advance to drill holes in the roof to connect the lamps and antenna.

Now the question of how to make an expeditionary luggage carrier with your own hands can be considered closed.

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