The device "Full Shark" - real reviews. Economizer "Full Shark" for the car

Saving on fuel is equally a dream for both the owner of Zaporozhets and the owner of the Range Rover. Experienced drivers can tell how to save a bit on the expense of special "driving techniques" and others, but none of the tips can not reduce the expense at times. And since fuel for the car is a constant waste of large sums, everyone wants to reduce this hole in the budget.

American engineers, perhaps, could finally solve this problem, creating a unique in its kind device "Full Shark." Manufacturers assure - your iron horse will spend in times less fuel, will become more powerful and at times better. The prospect of saving thousands of rubles beckons many, but before you run to the store, you need to learn more about the device "Full Shark" - real feedback, working mechanism, device overview and much more will help you make the right choice.

Be sure to read the material to the end to get all the information about the device and find out if it is necessary for you.


"Full Shark" for a short period of time was able to unwind thanks to the teleshopping. There he stood out from a variety of slimming and food processors, so the male half of the audience was really interested. A large-scale advertising campaign was carried out in many countries to convince drivers that the device would really help everyone. And after the information about the device "Full Shark" for fuel economy appeared on the Internet, it began to be bought very quickly.

According to manufacturers, in the US and Europe this device is highly appreciated, and has been used for many years. Efficiency proved by many documents, "Full Shark" for saving gasoline could save a lot of money to car owners, increased the number of horsepower in the car and even reduced the level of pollution with exhaust fumes. Of course, such a large functionality a little alarming vigilant drivers, but the manufacturers tried to glory and were able to explain all the details of the device.

How does "Full Shark" work?

The device is a small, but powerful electrolytic capacitor that connects to the car's cigarette lighter. When you connect it, it starts immediately to accumulate electricity. And in those moments when the load on the generator of the car rises, the device starts to "help", and to supply additional electric power.

Due to this, many indicators improve, the car does not work "on wear" and in general is not overloaded. Due to the same and reduced fuel consumption. Decrease in "poisonousness" of exhausts occurs because the engine's operation is systematized, it completely burns fuel, and gases become less. This is especially true for diesel cars, in which the CO content in the exhausts is much greater.

The device is completely safe and does not harm either domestic cars or foreign cars. The result is noticeable after the first connection. How Ful Shark works - read on.

What can a miracle device do?

  • Fuel economy is 10-30%.

  • Oil saving.

  • Increase engine power.

  • Reduction of CO content in exhausts.

  • Reducing wear of the engine, battery and consumables.

Explanations of manufacturers

  1. The fuel consumption depends on many indicators. "Full Shark" is able to reduce it by additional supply of electricity at a time when it is consumed the most. This improves the spark in the spark plugs, which causes the fuel to burn completely, and as a result, the consumption of gasoline and oil falls, and the level of CO decreases.

  2. Due to the additional power supply, the load on the battery decreases, which means that it will last longer.

  3. Engine power is increased, since the entire electrical system of the car is not overloaded, and operates in the optimal mode.

Ease of operation

The device "Full Shark" works from the cigarette lighter 12 watts. All you need to do is insert it into the socket. During operation, the indicator lights up, and then the device itself determines when it is necessary to accumulate electricity, and when - to use it to optimize the car. All processes are automated, so the driver does not need to do anything - just connect the device and go.

"Full Shark" can be kept on all the time, even when you do not use the car. It will not discharge the battery, so it is completely safe to use in all types of machines. No need to connect anything extra to work "Full Shark." The instruction is simple: I plug it into the cigarette lighter and go.

The device does not affect the warranty of the car, as it does not change anything irrevocably. According to the manufacturers, when "Full Shark" is turned on - it affects the car for the better, and if you turn it off, everything will be the same as before buying the device.

How much does it cost to save fuel?

Having paid once for "Full Shark", you save all the time. Producers claim that for only 2000 thousand rubles (if it is good to look for "Full Shark", the price can be even lower), you can save from 1000 rubles per fuel per month. Manufacturers warn: it is necessary to beware of counterfeits, so you need to order the device only on the official website.

Mathematics is quite simple: the Economist "Full Shark" reduces consumption by 30%. If the car spends 11 l / 100 km, then the device will spend about 7l / 100km. That is, not 400, but 250 rubles per 100 km, if you count at current prices. Wonderful results, if the car goes all the time.

The device is simply indispensable during long trips, where it can save more than one thousand rubles. With the "Full Shark" you can easily go to travel by car around the country.

Some taxi drivers have already purchased the device, due to which they reduced the consumption, and even lowered the prices for trucking.

Who needs "Full Shark"

There is a category of drivers who need this device:

  • Taxi drivers;

  • Routeers;

  • Truckers;

  • Travelers;

  • Families with children.

Manufacturers assure that the device does not change anything in the device of the car, so if the car is under warranty, then the economist "Full Shark" will not affect it.

The best results the device shows on modern cars in which there is a climate-control, audiosystems and many other features which consume a lot of electricity. For conventional cars, especially with an automatic gearbox, the device is also useful and will reduce fuel consumption.

The savings are so significant that the Ful Shark devices have already acquired several companies for passenger transportation, which are informed by customers on their official pages. This allows you to significantly reduce the price of transportation of people in taxis and minibuses. In the future, if the device becomes popular all over the world, land passenger transport will become cheaper at times.

Does the consumption of electricity affect fuel consumption?

The first grain of doubt appears even among people ignorant of the structure of the car. Why in modern cars there is no built-in device of type "Full Shark"? After all, if there is an opportunity to reduce electricity consumption, then why not give it to everyone?

The answer is simple - in fact, the consumption of electrical appliances in a car does not affect fuel consumption. On cars of the middle class, without special devices, alarms, a good audio system and other things, the consumption of electronics in general will not be affected at all. Even for the "coolest" cars, in which the so-called "full stuffing", electronics increases consumption by a maximum of 10%. Since the "Full Shark" allegedly saves 30% of fuel, in fact, the maximum save 10%. And then, if the car is always working stove, radio, alarm, lights and stuff. Minus 1 liter per 100 km, minus 10 liters per 1000 km. At least not what is stated by the manufacturer.

The fact that electrical appliances affect the car's performance is a little exaggerated information, a "myth" among motorists. Their influence is so small that there is no need to correct anything. Even if you compensate the accumulator for the spent electricity, the driver will not feel a special difference in fuel consumption.

Does Ful Shark really work?

Those who already had time to test the car on their car, know exactly about the "Full Shark" - divorce or not. And they say fuel is not saved. Someone has determined this by experience, but many knowledgeable people decided to disassemble the device and check what is inside. And were unpleasantly surprised by the device "Full Shark" - the scheme was horrified simple.

Inside the device - a capacitor, LED and LED resistance. The condenser is not one of the most powerful - about 1000 microfarads. Its power is not enough in any case, and there is practically no efficiency. Even if the capacitor is changed to a more powerful one, this will not affect any characteristic of the car.

In addition, the device "Full Shark" scheme is not considered in the sense that the capacitors are used in the AC circuit, while the cigarette lighter gives a direct current. This makes it clear that the device does not save 30% or 10%, and even 1% of fuel will not save. At best, it will work in "zero" and irritate people in the salon with a bright LED. And you can not call an attractive device "Full Shark" - real customer testimonials confirm this.

How much does the device really cost?

Even if the Internet can find the "Full Shark", the price of which will be less than 1000 rubles, for such stuffing in any case, the driver will overpay. The capacitor costs about 10 rubles, the LED - less than 5, the resistor - 1 ruble. The body of the device "Full Shark" - low-quality smelly plastic, the price of which is 50 rubles.

And that: 70 rubles against 700 rubles (the minimum cost on the Internet). Moreover, there are options for 7 hundred, and for 1000 and for 2000 rubles.

The opinion of those who have already bought the device

It's no wonder that many drivers bought into the trick of the economizer - you want to save at least a couple of liters all. On the Internet, many discuss the device "Full Shark" - real reviews are difficult to find because of the effective work of advertisers. In addition, not all admit that they "bought" into such a stupid trick.

It is necessary to build on the opinions of physicists, engineers or car mechanics who have already criticized the device for everything, disassembled it and issued their verdict - the device will not save even a milliliter of fuel.

Agree and those who tried the device on their car, and are ready to say with certainty about "Full Shark" - divorce or not. This device - a cruel divorce, which was bought by thousands of people around the world. "Full Shark" does not help either old or new cars, regardless of what type of fuel they drive.


A successful advertising company and "profitable" prices gave their - many drivers bought and bought a trick. Manufacturers pressed on the most sore point of car owners - fuel consumption, and safely earned on gullible people. Many bought into the device "Full Shark" - real testimonials to that proof.

Of course, there are those people who supposedly helped the device. This is exceptionally good luck, because in fact the only thing that can "Full Shark" - to illuminate the LED interior of the car. Neither fuel consumption, nor battery power, it does not affect at all.

The verdict is obvious: "Full Shark" for saving gasoline to use is inexpedient. In addition, it is very inconvenient, since many use a cigarette lighter for charging phones and other devices. Moreover - powering the cigarette lighter, once for that matter - it's the same waste of battery power.

How to really save on fuel?

There are several effective methods that can slightly reduce fuel consumption by car. Huge results can not be obtained in this way, but several liters a month will save:

  • Drive smoothly, do not brake abruptly.

  • Use high-quality engine oil.

  • Regularly send the car for inspection.

  • Drive slowly.

  • Do not overload the car (in terms of weight).

  • Do not warm up the machine for long, do not use idle speed.

  • Keep an eye on the sensors of your car.

You can also save money by taking someone else on a trip, and throw off the fuel. Today there are even special applications for smartphones that can help find such companions anywhere in the world.

To save fuel it is necessary to approach with mind. To reduce the expense on the car is very difficult, and magic rescue because of some device to wait it is not necessary. The well-coordinated work of the car and the absence of any problems with it are an opportunity to create comfortable conditions for the operation of the system and to use the least amount of fuel during operation.

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