How it is possible to inexpensively improve the engine VAZ-2110

Probably, every car owner dreams that his car was always fast, powerful and maneuverable. But this does not always happen, especially for the VAZ-2110. It can be fixed only by tuning. Many drivers mean by this characteristic the installation of various spoilers, clumsy skirts and bumpers, which allegedly increase aerodynamics. It is worth noting that the whole procedure for installing plastic body kits practically does not affect the technical characteristics of the car. Most likely, this is just an element of styling, which affects only the appearance of the machine. And if you really want to get the most out of your iron friend (in terms of speed), it's best to proc engine the VAZ-2110. This process allows to increase the engine power by several tens of horsepower. But at the same time you need to be prepared for a large cash outlay, which can not afford to every car owner. Therefore, in this article we will consider the budget method of tuning the most important part of each car.

With what it is better to begin? Carburetor VAZ-2110

Due to the carburetor, you can do a lot, including increasing the power of the motor. The main thing to know is how to do it right. In addition, to adjust the carburetor you do not need to purchase any additional spare parts VAZ-2110 and suffer with their installation. But here it is worth noting one important detail: with increasing power the engine will absorb more gasoline on average by 5-10 percent. Therefore, after adjustment, do not be surprised at the increased fuel consumption.

Increase of air supply to the VAZ-2110 engine

This is another way to increase power, but without the increased fuel consumption. In this case, the staff air filter of zero pressure is better to be replaced by another option - a low-pressure filter. Such a spare part will significantly reduce air resistance, thereby adding up to 7-8 percent of the power to the VAZ-2110 engine.

An exhaust manifold

Few people know that this detail also significantly affects the performance of the engine. All the exhaust gases from the cylinders rush to leave the working medium through the silencer. And their exit should not interfere with anything. In the event of the slightest gas retardation, the car starts to go weakly and slowly gain speed. In order to eliminate this problem, it is necessary to replace the regular exhaust manifold with a smaller resistance. The optimal option is a collector with a double flow. That is, the exhaust gases first fall into two pipes (instead of one, as it was before), and then again merge into one.


As you can see, thanks to this method it is possible to increase the power of "tens" to about 120 horsepower. And the cost of this tuning is 10 times less than forcing, which, in addition to locksmith work, still requires replacement of the crankshaft. You can go further, replacing the throttle to a larger one, giving the motor an additional 15-20 horsepower. Budget ways how to improve the engine VAZ-2110, a lot, most importantly - take the initiative.

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