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How to remove the name "VKontakte" and some other questions about the social network

"VKontakte" is the most visited social network in Russia. It's not strange that users of such a huge project from time to time have various questions. Today we will consider how to remove the name "VKontakte", and why it is necessary.


If you want to hide your own name and name on the social network, in general, remain incognito, on the long-working profile nothing will come of it. The short answer to the question on how to remove the name "VKontakte" is this: this trick is only available once during the registration of the account on the site.

So, create a new profile. When registering, fill out all the fields, only leave a blank field of first and last name. Without pressing any buttons, after filling in the information about the person, we paste into the address line a special script: [removed] this.disabled = true; Document.regMe.submit (). Press the "Enter" button. From now on, you are an anonymous user of a social network.

How to remove the name "VKontakte" and replace it with a more original one?

It happens that you have been registered as "VKontakte", then changed your mind, deciding to use a pseudonym instead of real data. But here's the ill luck, how to change the name "VKontakte"? It's very simple, and in its place can stand the nickname of an animal, the name of the movie, anything.

How to delete a surname in "VKontakte", replacing the new one: the instruction

We go to the personal page in the social network, in the panel at the bottom left we find the line "My settings", click on it. We go down a little lower, find a line called "Change name". We also need a dedicated "Edit page" line, click on it. We make all the changes, save them with the "Save" button, which is located at the bottom of the window.

Note that personal data can be changed for free, and voices are not needed for this. You can also add any word between the name and surname (such will be your nickname).

Perhaps you have already heard that nikneim is a reflection of the state of the soul, emotions, mood at a given time, a description of your appearance, its features or characteristics. The reason for changing the name and surname can be any. You can change the data on mood, and perhaps this is the first step to the cardinal changes in life that you have been waiting for.

But do not rush to rejoice, here - as in any barrel of honey. VKontakte company gradually tightens requirements to its customers (users), so when changing personal data, your profile can be checked by the site's employees.

In this case, you will be asked to indicate the reason why you decided to correct the questionnaire. If this happens, we recommend writing the truth, probably then approval will be received faster.

check in

We have just reviewed how to remove the name "VKontakte", and found out that the most effective way is to create a new account. However, for novice users, the registration process can cause certain difficulties, so consider it in more detail. Go to the main page of the social network. Next, specify the name and name (if "incognito" is not for you).

We press the button "Register". The first step in creating an account is "Search for classmates." Here you can specify your school. You can skip this action if you do not want to specify the data at this time. The next stage is "Search for classmates". You can indicate your higher education institution or skip a step. The last level is called "Completion of registration".

Here it remains for us to specify a personal phone number, it is to you that you receive a text message with a code (all absolutely free). After completing the form, click the "Get code" button. Everything, the main part of the registration is completed, then carefully follow all the instructions of the site.

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