How to choose wallpaper wallpaper: types, properties, instructions for use

After the decoration for walls or ceiling is selected, the moment for the most important acquisition comes. This is wallpaper paste, which is designed for certain types of materials. The abundance of assortment on the shelves of building stores does not simplify the choice, and even the seller's advice will not always save you from a mistake. Very often you can face the fact that unqualified staff simply begins to offer the most expensive types of glue that are completely unsuitable for the chosen wallpaper.

In order to protect yourself from these unpleasant consequences and useless waste of money, you need to learn to understand all the subtleties of adhesives yourself.

Types of wallpaper glue

The question of how to pick up the glue for the purchased wallpaper, every refurbished person was asked. Particular difficulties this choice will not cause, however, it is necessary to know a few subtleties. First of all, you need to learn to understand the types. So, glue wallpaper is:

  • Universal - suitable for all types;
  • For heavy wallpaper.
  • For light types of wallpaper;
  • For nonwoven and glass walls.

Each of these species differs in special compositions, level of stickiness and consistency. Also it is worth noting that some types of wallpaper are not greased with glue, for their installation it is sufficient to apply the mixture directly to the surface of walls or ceiling. For example, it's non-woven. They are thick enough and practically do not let in air, and this can lead to the fact that a large amount of glue just does not dry up.

Important properties of wallpaper glue

Any glue wallpaper (the price starts from 50 rubles.) Should meet the following qualities:

  • Just applied to both the wallpaper and the wall;
  • Do not form lumps;
  • Do not leave stains;
  • Do not contain harmful compounds;
  • Do not interact with paint;
  • Quickly and easily divorced.

First of all, it is worth remembering that there are different wallpaper (non-woven, paper, vinyl, etc.), to work with them you must follow a certain technology and use a special adhesive. Usually the grade of the recommended adhesive is indicated on the basic finishing material. But blindly following these instructions is not necessary, so you can choose the best option yourself.

Universal adhesive

Almost all brands produce universal wallpaper paste. As a rule, regardless of the name, the composition of such species is almost the same. It is suitable for any of the heaviness and width of the wallpaper. Chemical and synthetic additives enhance the adhesiveness of the adhesive. And this can lead to the complexity of the subsequent dismantling. For example, if it was decided to cover the surface with paper or fleece wallpaper, which is planned to be changed no later than in 5 years, then there may be difficulties in removing them. Together with the finishing material, it is possible to remove the ground layer, which will lead to significant defects and, as a result, additional financial costs.

Adhesive for wallpaper: differences in consistency

Among the rich assortment of adhesive material, there are various modifications: some formulations are sold in the form of a powder mixture, and others - of liquid concentrate. Let's consider each of them separately.

  • Dry wallpaper paste (price within 50-200 rubles per pack) is a powder mixture, sometimes it is in the form of small granules. To dissolve it, ordinary cold water is used. Dosages are indicated in the instructions. It is worth noting that they must be observed exactly. The swelling time is 5-10 minutes, and after 20 minutes the glue reaches the maximum stickiness level. These types are used for mounting wallpaper on paper, fabric or non-woven basis. Suitable for almost any surface: both concrete and plaster, except for metal. Also there is one important point: the heavier the wallpaper, the thicker the glue. Such types include vinyl, textile, acrylic, cork.
  • A novelty was liquid adhesive concentrate. It is suitable for different types of wallpaper. But, despite its name, it should also be planted in water, for this it is enough 1-2 minutes. Liquid adhesive for vinyl wallpaper in tubes is suitable especially for gluing joints and places, which are hard to reach with a roller or brush.

Important nuance

When choosing a glue, it is not enough just to check compatibility with the type of wallpaper, it is also necessary to pay attention to the climatic conditions in the room where the gluing of surfaces will be carried out. For example, if the humidity level is high enough, it is recommended to purchase waterproof types. Such a wallpaper paste will allow not to worry for a long time about the external condition of the surfaces. You can use it in the kitchen, in the bathroom and other rooms.

Glue "CMC"

Universal adhesive "CMC" is ideal for all types of wallpaper on paper basis. It refers to the budget group of goods. It is a powder mixture. Carboxymethylcellulose adhesive is obtained by processing wood pulp. It can be used in any living quarters. It is environmentally friendly, since the sodium salt and wood pulp, which is the basis of this glue, is absolutely non-toxic.

A snow-white or slightly creamy friable powder turns into a glutinous composition within two hours from the moment of dilution with water. The finished glue is stored in the container under the lid for a week. This information is specified in the instructions. According to the manufacturer's description, the glue "CMC" is suitable for gluing all types of cloths, paper wallpapers are especially good.

However, as practice shows, the concentration of carboxymethylcellulose in it is not sufficient for 100% confidence that vinyl or other heavy finishing materials will not depart from the walls in the first 5 years after the repair is completed.

But light simple paper wallpaper CMC pins to the walls for many years, evenly distributed over the surface and guaranteeing its lifespan for 10-15 years.

Universal wallpaper paste TUTKAL

The country-producer of this type of glue is Turkey. Its composition is similar to the basis of "CMC", but cellulose is not wood, but cotton. According to the instructions, you can use it for all types of wallpapers. This is the best wallpaper paste in the line of inexpensive options.

It is very easy to brew it: the powder is carefully poured into the previously prepared water with constant stirring. Dosage is different: a standard pack is enough for 5-10 liters of the finished mixture. The maximum stickiness reaches 20 minutes later. SMS TUTKAL optimally fits to wallpaper on paper basis.

Quelyd universal

Quelyd is glued with a French company. This brand has proven itself in the market of building products. It is a chip-like mass, which consists of starch and cellulose additives, except for them, there are fungicidal and bactericidal additives. Thanks to them, the glue can be used in conditions of high humidity.

The preparation method is identical to the above-described embodiments. This adhesive for vinyl wallpaper fits best. The glued surfaces for 10 years will have the original appearance.


Metylan brand glue belongs to premium products. Its quality significantly affects the cost. The basis of this adhesive was modified starch esters plus antifungal additives. A range of products for different types of wallpaper is produced, as well as a universal version.

Kleo adhesive

One of the most popular materials is the adhesive "Cleo". Produced by his company Ascott Deco Rus. Its range is diverse. Here there are ordinary dry species and liquid, ready for immediate use. The latter costs about 3 thousand rubles.

To dilute the powdered glue "Cleo" is elementary: just type the indicated amount in the instruction of water and pour in the mixture, thoroughly mixing. After 15 minutes you can start to wallpaper. The peculiarity of the products of this trademark is the addition of a special dye, which after drying becomes colorless.

Adhesive for wallpaper: special types

Heavy types of wallpaper, especially on non-woven base, require the use of special glue. It is for such paintings that manufacturers have developed products of a narrower direction. As a rule, there are such kinds in each trade mark. Consider them in the example of Quelyd:

  • "Express" perfectly glues paper wallpapers and light vinyl.
  • "Super-express" for simple and textile.
  • "Special vinyl" is used for vinyl and textile types of wallpaper.
  • "Special-flizelin" is used for gluing of non-woven fabrics.

The choice of a certain type of glue should be done depending on the type of wallpaper to be purchased. It is not worth saving on it, hoping for luck and the "universal abilities" of the composition.

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