Types of wallpaper and the principles of their choice

In the Soviet period of our country's development, the wallpaper was one - paper. They were most often purchased, especially without hesitation, on the principle of "take what is." Now the choice of material for creating an interesting interior of the apartment is a very responsible and problematic business. Numerous types of wallpapers in the shops of finishing goods surprise with a variety of colors and patterns, texture, quality. This decor should be successfully combined with the furniture of the apartment for at least several years. And here even more acute before the buyer is the question of what kinds of wallpaper to choose. Therefore, we will provide you with a theoretical acquaintance with this universal finishing material.

Types of wallpaper for the kitchen

In this room you need practical wallpaper that can be washed from time to time or at least wiped from soiling with a damp cloth. The best for the kitchen will be thick vinyl, silkscreen (a kind of vinyl) or an option for staining. Vinyl wallpaper, consisting of a layer of strong paper or non-woven fabric (non-woven mineral fibers and cellulose), coated with a polyvinyl chloride film, are durable, and therefore durable, easy to clean, non-toxic, perfectly mask the wall defects.

Paper for the kitchen are not suitable: they are easily contaminated and quickly impregnated with kitchen odors.

Types of wallpaper for the hall

Let's start with the traditional - paper. Their advantages: they are relatively cheap, easy to operate, environmentally friendly (under such walls the walls "breathe"), can be used in any living accommodation, increase sound absorption, vary in color and structure, easily remove from walls if necessary. They can be simplex (single-layered) and duplex (in two layers). The latter are more durable. Another plus - modern paper wallpaper does not require pre-gluing walls with newspapers, as it was practiced before. Disadvantages: low strength, which can manifest itself in the process of pasting, fragility, inability to mask significant wall defects.

Wall-papers - on a paper basis the color image is put - are popular because of decorative. The price depends on the quality. Are able to create an optical effect of increasing space.

Silk-screen wallpapers are especially attractive. They are based on paper, top - vinyl with silk or artificial threads. Very decorative - using them, you can find yourself in the atmosphere of the royal hall, if, of course, the furniture matches the style. The decor does not fade and is as moisture resistant as possible. Special types of vinyl wallpaper - velor (soft and velvet face), textile - have an exclusive appearance due to the use of fabrics. They can satisfy high modern design requirements, but these products are expensive.

Flizelinovye - vinyl based on nonwoven. They are diverse in texture and design - they number more than a hundred species. Easy to use - glue is applied to the walls. Under them, fine surface defects are well hidden.

In the above article, only the most popular types of wallpaper are listed.

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