The fragrance of Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia: reviews

Own style in everything is a very important aspect for a modern girl. To date, we are offered a huge selection of all sorts of aromas, each of which in its own way is pleased and surprising. Their successful plexus can emphasize important details of the image, make it bright and complete. You can choose your own unique style and rise above the crowd with the help of specially selected collections of fragrances, in particular, with the help of perfumes from "Gucci" - "Bai Gucci Gardenia".

How to decide on the style

Each fashion house chooses for itself a certain direction. So, for example, for "Nina Ricci" it is romanticism and tenderness, "Versace" is more directed to Italy with her passionate impulses. To convey emotions, perfumers take fruit and flowers as a basis to show tenderness, uses Calabrian lemon and yellow mandarin, sensuality is expressed through the bright aromas of roses, orchids and lotus. As for the collection "Gucci Gardenia", there is clearly a certain restraint, neighboring with luxury. All the flavors of this brand are distinguished by a certain severity, their own unique style, they captivate, enchant and make their owner to themselves correspond.

The history of the birth of perfume

The famous fashion house had many ups and downs. His perfume page Gucci was discovered by the release of a man's perfume, after which pairs of publications followed. Positions firm strengthened, but its furore did not produce the proper flavor. As a result, there was a long break in the release of perfume, which lasted almost twenty years. Since 1995, a new stage of the company's development has begun, which elevates it to a pedestal of perfumery glory. A special trademark was created, and a large number of original women's fragrances were produced, the cost of which is impressive.


A new chapter in the history of creating fragrances began with the famous floral ornament. I remember the extraordinary beauty of the packaging pattern of the fragrance from Gucci. "Bai Gucci Gardenia" continues to fascinate their fans. And it all started in Milan in 1966. Then the prince of Monaco, walking with his princess Grace Kelly around the city, looked into the company's corporate boutique. He invited his chosen one to choose a gift here, a small accessory to an already purchased handbag, and she stopped her attention on the scarf. Gucci decided that such an important guest does not deserve a regular item from his store, and ordered her a scarf from the famous illustrator of those times. The result surpassed all expectations. Now each owner of a box with expensive spirits can admire it.

An updated floral symphony

In the spring of 2012, the trading house decided to surprise and pamper its fans with the release of the collection of magnificent spring flavors Flora Bai Gucci Gardenia. Connoisseurs call her truly royal. The creative director of the trading house took it very seriously to create a new collection. In her design, she must embody the various and often changing women's moods. In total, five fragrances in this line are "Glorious Mandarin", "Generous Violet", "Magnificent Gardenia", "Gracious Tuberose" and "Glamorous Magnolia". All of them represent a floral composition, which was decorated with the legendary scarf "Gucci", created specifically for the Princess of Monaco.

The face of the collection was the famous model - Abby Lee Kershaw, which turned into a real sorceress in advertising pictures. Also the company has been thought up smart evening toilets, each of which separately was a symbol of one of the listed aromas.

They turned out so different, but all in their own captivating. This fashion-house collection became a prototype of that wonderful ornament with a rich history. As in the ornament there are many different colors, so the collection included as many as five magic fragrances, each of which reflects the true mood and character of its possessor. But the most successful among them was the Gucci Gardenia, about which many compliments have been written.

Description of the fragrance

Professional Swiss perfumers and the "Gucci" trading house, as a result of a long and painstaking collaboration, presented the world with a new perfume - "Gucci Garda Flora". He refers to the class of flowers and is incredibly popular nowadays. In each chord of its sounding its unique style is felt, the smell is gentle and pleasant. The top notes of toilet water are revealed by the sweetness of pears and red berries, in which it is impossible not to fall in love. Next comes the amazing aroma of the frangipari flower (flumeria), which is complemented by the now adored gardenia - fresh, clean, incredibly fragrant. The base of the aroma is burnt sugar and patchouli. This perfume turns your head, makes you forget about problems and reminds you of spring.

Sensations after use

Most girls clearly know what they want, and go to a perfume shop specifically to get the perfume of Gucci Gardenia. Now, after such a highly advertised company, they are bought even without preliminary testing, knowing in advance that the fragrance will really please and fill the soul in the spring.

Especially vivid impressions of its owners, he is now, in the still cold period, when you want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea and just enjoy the peace and quiet. To pass all the emotions on the first acquaintance with the Flora Bai Gucci Gardenia aroma is rather difficult, but in general they are only positive.

Reviews of girls

The very first sensations from the fragrance are the deafening sweetness of ripe red currant berries, a bit of sourness and the addition of large pieces of brown sugar that feels good, bright, lays right on the berries and marvelously combines with them. When the berry cocktail starts to get bored, an exciting gardenia comes into play. Due to its refinement, the fragrance becomes tender, exciting, the spring is clearly felt in the air, and the soul is filled with joy. The notes sound iridescent, they can not get tired, but on each girl they reveal themselves in their own way.

Most of the reviews say that "Gucci Gardenia" produces more sweets in winter, and in summer it is revealed very gently. Young spirits owners note that they are beautifully plaited. In this product receives a lot of compliments. Women note the high persistence of the fragrance, within six to eight hours, and also declare that they will necessarily go to the store for a new vial when the previous one ends.

Reviews of ladies

Elegant, delicate, rich - this is how women characterize the perfume Gucci Flower Gardenia. Reviews here are not so admired as in young girls, they are more reserved and indicate that the ladies approached the choice of this fragrance consciously. And most importantly, for many, he has become the only favorite for several years. Some representatives of the weaker sex point out that the first purchase was random: a bright box with a pretty ornament attracts the eye so much that it's difficult to pass it, I want to buy it for my perfume collection, and then I'll appreciate it.

Some women admit that they have far more than one bottle of perfume. Buying the first and appreciating it, they buy small miniatures for handbags and medium volume bubbles for their daughters. By the way, some of them recommend in the summer time to use not water, but the lotion "Gucci Gardenia", which also offers the manufacturer. He reveals more smoothly, and receives compliments from men no less.

What men say

Most women talk about how the fragrance of Gucci Gardia Floral liked their second half. Moreover, many of them after a thorough questioning themselves get it for their chosen ones. Men in their reviews are brief, but they describe the fragrance as a gentle, pleasant, evocative desire to embrace its owner and make her a pleasant compliment.

The appearance of the box

Perfume "Gucci Flora Gardenia" are not cheap, and you need to carefully treat their purchase, more precisely to inspect the appearance of the package and the bottle itself. First, consider the box. It is decorated with a bright ornament of flowers and characteristic inscriptions with the name of perfume. If it is sealed in polyethylene, study it. It should be of good quality and pleasantly rustle under your fingers. The cardboard itself, from which the box is made, of real spirits will be dense, not deformed. You can apply to the site of the company "Gucci" for comments on this matter. Often they provide addresses of shops where it is possible to buy a high-quality perfume.


Glass bubble "Gucci Flora Gardenia" should be of high quality, without any flaws. On the bottle itself, there should be no defects in the form of crumbling paint, scuffs, uneven pattern. The cover is heavy enough and heavy, tightly closed, so that you can take it and hold a bubble in the air, and the tube from the atomizer is almost invisible. Important point: Shake the bottle in your hands. If you have really expensive quality toilet water, the bubbles in it will dissolve slowly because of its dense composition. In a cheap falsification they will quickly disappear.

The color of the water itself should not be too bright, it can also be viewed on the manufacturer's photo site, and those who use this water constantly will find it even easier to identify a fake. Consider that perfumery and toilet water of one series of release differ in concentration, and accordingly, in color saturation.

Let's estimate the fragrance

Only good quality perfumes of Gucci Gardenia will open correctly. Photo on the manufacturer's website, by the way, does not always match the presented samples in the store. They are often updated, limited versions of fragrances are produced. Therefore, we focus exclusively on your sense of smell. This perfume opens gradually. First for 15-20 minutes its upper chords sound, then very smoothly they are replaced by "heart", which lasts about two hours and turns into a train. If possible, apply perfumed water to your skin and leave the store, make a leisurely walk around the city and then, after careful analysis, go back and make a purchase.

Action when buying "Gucci Garda Flora"

Feedback from experienced customers already indicates to us a number of mistakes that they made, without trying on and not appreciating the fragrance correctly:

  • To buy it is worth to go only to a good proven brand store. Small unknown boutiques often sin that for their own profit they conclude deals with dishonest suppliers.
  • Carefully inspect the packaging, sealing the seams on the film, the quality of the box.
  • It is best to take a photo box and a home in accordance with the information on the company's website to verify the correctness of bar codes and other notations.
  • Applying the fragrance on the tester, of course, is convenient, but on it it will never open as it is on the skin. Therefore, we use only our own wrists to test the perfume.
  • After buying it is best to unpack the box with the perfume "Gucci Gardenia" right on the counter. Description of the appearance of the bottle will help determine its authenticity and immediately report the presence of defects.
  • The liquid inside the bubble should not contain a precipitate. This manufacturer never fills the bottle to the brim. Here there are certain rules: if the bottle has hangers, the perfumed water is added exactly to them, if the bottle is round, then the space between the liquid and the cap should be 4% of its total volume.
  • Click on the spray gun. By the way, with freshly unpacked spirits, it can not work right away. Make sure it's the same smell as in the test tester.

Opinions about this fragrance are many, they are all different, but in one they converge precisely - perfume is incredibly feminine, persistent, airy, pleasant nose and not at all annoying. A charming scent that everyone needs to buy and try. Now it is offered to customers in bottles of 30, 50 and 100 ml. The price for them varies from four to eight and a half thousand rubles.

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