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Probably, there is no such person who would not like perfume. Several centuries ago it consisted of natural components and was accessible only to a certain stratum of society. Some fragrances were created over the years, and only the rich could afford to buy them. With the development of science, synthetic compositions displace all naturalness, which has a positive effect on price, but not on quality.

Perfume hierarchy

Inexpensive fragrances belonging to the mass market class will not be affected by unique exquisite notes and special firmness, and you can buy them in any transition. Class is higher considered luxury perfume, sold in specialized stores, but the creators of the perfume, following the latest fashion trends, produce fragrances that do not have a special originality. Often, customers find on the shelves of "Rive Gauche" and "L'Etoile" equally smelling novelties that adjust to the taste of a million or female audience.

The selective (niche) perfumery stands apart, which, on the contrary, emphasizes the individuality of the spirit carrier, often possesses phenomenal firmness, but is produced by limited, not mass editions. Behind each eminent brand there is one author who does not indulge modern currents, but, on the contrary, creates unusual compositions, trusting the flight of his imagination.

Exclusive fragrances

Selective perfumes are often called "fragrances are not for everyone", because many natural ingredients can, as they say, "frighten" the uninitiated in the exotic world of niche perfume. The bottles of this segment are produced either in the simplest version (for example, Serge Lutens) or become amazing works of art (like the Swedish brand Agonist).

Most fragrances are not divided into male or female. Selective perfumers produce unisex smells, revealing a complex range of shades individually on the skin of their wearer. Often the full disclosure of notes depends on the season and the type of skin - cold or hot. Contrary to popular belief, selective perfumes are not always expensive, many brands do not differ in price from the average segment. In fairness, however, it is worth saying that the cost of some fragrances is sometimes just off scale.

Colorful and expressive perfumes Montale

For those who are just beginning to get acquainted with interesting and unusual perfumes, be sure to look at the flavors of Montale. The French brand was founded by Pierre Montale, who for some time lived in the East and not only absorbed this unique fragrant color, but also embodied it in his expressive works. Master created exclusive perfumes for Arab princes and princesses, using a mixture of a variety of oils.

Therefore, many of his creations are often confused with Arabian attars - traditional oriental perfumery. The brand does not release its flavors in the usual glass bottles. All the selective spirits, the photos of which are presented here, are poured into aluminum bottles that look very original. Only such a package protects the perfume composition from sunlight.

Unique Series

Do you want to try bright and persistent flavors that will emphasize the individuality and give a deep floral, explosive fruit or soft wood plume? Then your choice is the selective spirits "Montal", reviews of which mark one more unusual feature of this perfume line. The fact is that in many of his compositions the author uses olive oil, expressively smelling and possessing unique properties for attracting the opposite sex.

Oriental craftsmen have long known the ancient recipes, in which this expensive component is used, and store them as the apple of their eye. The oil obtained from the roots of the moss tree is mined in a secret way, and Montal, having learned the secret, embodies it in practice, presenting its fragrances with an unusual sound for Europeans, which many consider the top of perfume art. The names of selective spirits seem to emphasize their belonging to the aristocratic elite - Royal Aoud ("Royal Ud"), Aoud Queen Roses ("Ud the royal rose"). This inexpensive brand, combining the mystery of the East and the solidity of the West, gradually won the hearts of Russian perfumery "gourmets."

Amouage: luxury in the bottle

From Pierre Montal, let's move on to the real Arabian perfumery, considered one of the most expensive by using natural ingredients and having a long history. Elegant perfume compositions, reminiscent of incense, surprise with magic bouquets and phenomenal firmness. Arab selective perfumes are always popular, and the famous Amouage brand creates truly luxurious fragrances, the price of which is not available to everyone. We can say that they are on the pedestal of samples of oriental perfumery with the ingredients of the highest quality.

This is the national treasure of Oman, the tradition of Arab perfume, spirits out of time. It is known that perfumers in their saturated aromas used about 120 natural ingredients collected from around the world.

Amouage Gold for men

Selective male perfume from the perfume house Amouage transfer their owner to the East. They give an opportunity to feel, at least, an Arab sheikh who owns a harem, which consists of graceful seducers. The famous scent of Gold ("Gold") is filled with incense burned smoke, gently enveloping, like a tender cocoon.

The intertwining notes of a soft iris and a solemn myrrh warm as a strong embrace, and the mystical scent of patchouli, closely associated with the warmth of the golden amber and manly cedar, is generously supplemented with animal civet. The man, shrouded in a bright train of this delightful masterpiece, attracts the fair sex at some subconscious level.

The Magic of Spirits Shaik

Selective perfume Shaik - another Arab brand, creating enchanting compositions according to ancient recipes of ancient perfumers. Manually poured into bottles of fantastic beauty, fragrances combine mild femininity and dangerous sexuality. The creator of spirits does not answer the question about the constituent components of colorful creations, but experts called the natural essences contained in each perfume the secret that gives saturation and depth of sound.

But not every raw material becomes an exotic scent, which in time only adds admirers, because the whole thing is in the magical hands of an Arab master who embodies his most refined fantasies in perfume compositions, balancing on the brink of imagination and reality. Exclusive selective spirits, whose high cost is compensated by the luxury of the eastern fairy tale and a multifaceted, iridescent scent of aroma, touching the skin, begin a live game.

Find for personalities

Selective perfume - this is an unusual magic potion, exuding a layer-opening amazing smell. Fundamentally different from the flooded market of identical compositions that are not filled with originality and vivid play, they will become a real find for everyone who loves an unusual perfume that allows to stand out from the general crowd.

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