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Gazfond (NPF): Feedback on profitability

Find a non-state pension fund, which could be entrusted with its own pension savings, is now extremely difficult. Moreover, the competition in this area in organizations is simply huge. And to attract customers, very often, many simply deceive visitors. What is "Gazfond" (APF) really like? Feedback about this organization from customers and employees - that's what will help determine.

Maybe this should really translate your funded part of the pension? Or, on the contrary, never turn to the services of this company and find its better analog? Immediately make it clear to yourself - there is no single exact opinion. After all, how many people - so many reviews. All conclusions have to be made independently.

What does he do?

True, in reality, this is not such a problem. Evaluating all the pros and cons of the company, everyone can make for themselves this or that inference. So let's start with the activities of the organization. Maybe she will scare you away.

Although, should not. After all, comments about NPF Gazfond (Russia, St. Petersburg and other cities) are left as a place that invites the population to invest and save their funded part of the pension. Of course, with its pluses - it is possible to increase money deposits. And when the time comes, Gazfond will pay you the funds available in your account as a pension. More precisely, only its accumulative part. There is nothing suspicious here. It is quite a normal company that offers the services that the population needs. This is not Vedeno-Ojatsky monastery, not a fraudulent organization. So, you can trust her. So many customers believe.

As an employer?

What kind of reviews does Gazfond receive? Sometimes, according to some opinions of employees, it is possible to say with certainty how good the firm is. As for Gazfond, the situation is very ambiguous.

Why? The thing is that most employees adhere to a neutral position with regard to our organization today. But at the same time, the cadres and job seekers highlight some of the company's shortcomings. Yes, she also has advantages, but some of them seem not so significant.

Among the advantages are stable earnings, as well as working conditions. You will work in comfortable offices. A more or less stable schedule also takes place. And Gazfond is not a fraudulent company. It really exists and offers real vacancies for employment. But this, perhaps, the pros end.

Gazfond (NPF) reviews do not earn the best due to the fact that all employees are forced to transfer the funded part of the pension to this corporation. And even there are threats of dismissal. That is, the company operates by all the truths and crooks, honest methods of influencing employees and not very much. This worries - why bona fide firm, which is popular, in general to force someone to contribute? Suspicious, and only!


Nevertheless, this is not a reason to refuse to "communicate" with this firm. APF "Gazfond" customer reviews earns a variety. And you can not say for sure whether you should trust him or not.

In any case, a huge role is played by the so-called rating of pension funds. It identifies all such organizations, taking into account the level of customer confidence, job stability, and popularity among visitors. And Gazfond is in the top five. It follows that we are dealing with a truly stable corporation.

By the way, it has the highest level of trust - A ++. In any case, this is indicated by statistics. Therefore, it should be assumed that the pension fund is trustworthy. At least a minimum. It's not some kind of small office that no one knows about, but a really large and well-known organization.


Collects and multiplies JSC NPF "Gazfond" pension savings. Reviews about this organization are left to customers, as already said, ambiguous. Yes, according to statistics, the level of the trust of the population is high. Moreover, the company is among the five best NPF of Russia. But on this important points do not end.

What else should I pay attention to? On what NPF "Gazfond" reviews about the profitability of the fund receives. This is an important point. It is not enough to keep your pension savings. Funds offer more and increase them. So, profitability plays a huge role for the rating of the company.

Not very high figures are offered in this corporation. The thing is that the average yield of Gazfond reaches 4.17%. Not very much, but this is more than many similar companies can offer. Therefore, "Gazfond" (NPF) reviews receive as a fund, which really helps, albeit slightly, but to increase pension savings.

Surprises from the company

A special attention is required by membership in the company. It causes most of all perplexities and indignations from the clients. Why? All because of what you can suddenly discover for yourself - your accumulative part of the pension is already in the "Gazfond", even though you did not go there personally. How so it turns out?

"Gazfond" concludes transactions with different employers, as a result of which all employees of the company become depositors. Their personal presence, as well as consent, are not needed. Thus, unsuspecting citizens of the accumulative part of the pension are kept in Gazfond. During verification, this information pops up. To refuse membership, the fund itself resolves without problems, but your employer is unlikely to agree. This is the picture that practice shows.


But if you decide to become a depositor yourself, you will not find any problems, negativity or negative sides. Moreover, NPF Gazfond's customer reviews get positive for their terms, which it offers to all visitors.

The contract is made taking into account and indicating all the rules of the arising relations. In addition, you are given the opportunity at any time on a personal application to change the pension fund for some other. It turns out that customers are not burdened with anything. They can choose freely where to keep pension savings. And this, of course, pleases. In any case, at the very beginning of membership.

Harsh reality

Only in practice it turns out a different picture. She repels many of the fund. How are things really with the Gazfond? Not in the best way. After all, despite the proposed terms of cooperation, nothing special you do not get. Is that an additional headache. That's what some customers say.

Where does this claim come from? All this is due to the fact that in fact, "Gazfond" will not allow you to quietly change the fund for storing pension contributions. To achieve its own, you will have to write a statement on money transfer several times. You can say that you need to achieve justice with "a fight."

It also turns out that Gazfond often has problems with payments of pension savings, which are already on the account. Sometimes people wait for their money for 2-3 months. This is normal for this non-government pension fund. And not only for Gazfond, but also for other similar corporations. Delays in payments are repulsive, but they are present everywhere in Russia.

Laurels of Glory

Only now "Gazfond" (NPF) reviews earn mostly positive. Where do they come from, if in fact the company does not have many advantages? And the population tends to warn more about negative aspects than about positive ones.

Everything is extremely simple - the praise to the pension fund is bought. People paid positive feedback, which could attract new customers. This is a normal phenomenon that has long been used by all organizations - both scammers and bona fide firms.

Should I trust Gazfond? It's up to you. In any case, it is not worthwhile to trust the opinions pointing to the ideal position of the fund in the market of services. Yes, this is a company that will not be closed, it is unlikely to go bankrupt. Therefore, she deserves a minimum of trust.

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