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Benefits to widows of WWII participants

According to the Federal Law "On Veterans," the widow of the disabled and the deceased or dead
Participants of the Second World War may apply for the following benefits:

- preferential pensions, corresponding to the current legislation;

- service in medical institutions, as well as special participation in state programs for providing free medical care;

- provision of housing for widows, as well as members of families of participants, veterans of active hostilities and persons with disabilities who need to improve living conditions.

Benefits to the widows of WWII participants for the provision of housing are provided in the event that the registration was made before 1 February 2005. Citizens who registered after this deadline must be provided with housing in accordance with the requirements of the existing housing legislation. The provision of housing in this case is made only if the citizen is recognized as poor, and only in the manner of social hiring.

- payment of 50% of utility payments within the limits set by the local government. Utilities include
Water supply and sanitation, electricity, heating, gas supply,
Removal of solid and other household waste and others. The above benefits
Are provided in money equivalent from 11.01.2009.

In addition, the benefits of the widows of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War include the reception primarily in homes and boarding schools for elderly citizens and disabled people, in social service centers, as well as taking out of turn to provide social assistance at home. Benefits of widows of the Second World War mean receiving a monetary compensation in the amount of 830 rubles per month. According to Article 6, paragraph 1 of the Law "On Social State Assistance" provides for widows of participants
WWII in the form of obtaining a certain set of social services. The package of services includes
Provision of medical prescriptions by a doctor, provision of permits
On resort and sanatorium treatment in the presence of indications for treatment, as well as free travel on a suburban railway.

However, it should be noted that benefits are provided to widows who
Did not marry again, and in the event that a participant in the Second World War was recognized in life
Invalid of war or was awarded orders or medals of the USSR for military merits.

In the order established by the government, benefits to widows of participants of the Second World War include the provision of prostheses, with the exception of dental prosthetics. Provision is made for the extraordinary use of the services of communication establishments, the acquisition of a ticket for all types of transport, and services outside the waiting list at consumer services and retailers.

Benefits to the widows of the Great Patriotic War veterans give advantages when entering into garage and housing cooperatives, as well as garden gardening non-profit associations.

Benefits to widows of war veterans at the expense of the federal budget include a set of social security services and a monthly cash payment. For their receipt, you need to contact the offices of the residence of the Pension Fund. When receiving benefits for payment of utility bills and accommodation, you should apply to the Social Security Administration and the Housing and Communal Services Organization at your place of residence. The benefits include supplies of solid fuels, subject to the availability of stove heating, and domestic propane in cylinders, including transportation costs for their

To clarify the measures for social assistance and support in each specific region at the expense of the local regional budget, one should apply at the place of residence or registration with the Social Security Administration. The local budget also provides monthly compensation payments, the amount of which varies depending on the region.

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